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  1. MaHicken

    ASRock x79 Extreme6 with Ethernet PCIe Card help

    I'm new to the whole hackintosh scene so sorry for any ignorance on my part. I have a new hackintosh build running on 10.8.5. I have everything working on my board with the exception of the built in Ethernet. I am using a WiFi card that works fine so that's not the problem. I need it to...
  2. joshb44231

    Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Mac App Store/etc, not working

    I have a Hackintosh with a PCI-E Ethernet card, Corer 2 Duo E 4300 1.8 GHZ, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT graphics and a 945GCT-HM (Livermore) motherboard, and I can't seem to get the App Store, iMessage, or any similar features to work. I have tried changing my serials to point to Apple's Self-serve...
  3. meta11icwo1f

    How do Updates work with a mackintosh? What can I and can't I install without causing issues?

    Hi, I just built my Hackintosh PC. I love it, and as of right now everything works perfect! My question is, as far as using the app store to update my computer, what can I and can't I update without causing kernel panics for example. Can I do Mac OSX security updates, or just updates for...
  4. npm1

    accidently installed update

    Long story short. how do i reverse the update i made to a perfectly working 10.8.3. MY Story. I went to the app store clicked on the updates and chose the 10.8.4 update, a prompt came up asking for a restart, but I accidentally clicked on restart :banghead: then suddenly a box came up with the...
  5. DerpyH0ovez

    Mac os x 10.8 from a recovery disk?

    This is the first time I've done a hackintosh build, and I have made a powerful computer that can easily run Mac OS X. About 4 months ago, I bought a Mac Pro for work purposes, and it came with Mac OX 10.8. My macbook I had previously was upgraded to 10.7, so I have that as a purchase in the App...
  6. ollyboly

    Other ways to get Legit Mountain Lion (iMac too old to download from App Store)

    Hi all, First post and newbie here :) Built my first custom build which i plan to have as a hackintosh running Linux in a VM. I currently have an old iMac G5 from late 2006 i think and i'm trying to get Mountain Lion so i can create the bootable USB etc etc HOWEVER my mac is so old that i get...
  7. v_jian

    My HDD is unmount I guess, any help?

    Hi Actually I was setting up a Fusion Drive (SSD 60GB +HDD 1TB) and in the middle of operation there was some error such az not finding my HDD etc. so I didn't try more. now the SSD is out and seems my HDD is locked or unmounted. the result is I can not resize partition or do anything in...
  8. rich1940

    Sno Leo on GA-Z77-UD3H w i3-3225, mostly

    Updated on 3-9-2013 Thanks to the big guns on the site for creating the iBoot-Ivy-Bridge bootloader for running Snow Leopard on Ivy Bridge components -- have to have that. Used the iBoot-Ivy-Bridge CD (can this go on a USB flash? How?). Here's how it went: Good things -- • Didn't have the...
  9. coolblue8

    App store not working? (Unknown error has occurred) 10.8.2

    I recently completed my hackintosh :D and everything as far as parts work (except for audio, but I bought a USB audio instead which is native). I want to use the hackintosh for video editing on iMovie, but the problem is, the app store won't let me log in! I log in with everything correct, and...
  10. appleiscool

    10.8.x 4x30s App Store "An unknown error has occurred"

    [SOLVED] 10.8.x 4x30s App Store "An unknown error has occurred" Just tried to sign into the app store on my pro book but i get the above issue. Has anyone esle using probook hackintoshes got this same issue? UPDATE: MAKE SURE ETHERNET KEXT IS ALSO INSTALLED, even if you dont use ethernet lan.
  11. JoeyT82

    Dell N7010, Ati 5470 1gb, i5, srs premium sound, Mountain Lion

    I have a dell N7010, I had some problems getting everything working in ML just like I did in SL. But I finally got everything working even App Store, iMessage, and iCloud. I'm gonna try to explain how I had to go about getting everything working, took me 3 days to figure everything out with lots...
  12. majikfraug

    GA-Z68P-DS3 F9 10.6.8 build, SD cards will not mount with multi card reader -Help!

    So this has been extremely frustrating. I just had to ditch a GA-X58A-UD3R build that I've been using for almost two years (mobo burned out) and I have my new build up and running... almost. Installed and updated to 10.6.8 and audio, video, network work fine, sleep doesn't work (USB freezes on...
  13. tombosch

    Only able to boot with -x flag after App Store fix

    After updating to 10.8.2. my App Store/iMessage won't open. I fixed it to paste the Ethernet hex to boot.plist but now I only be able to boot with -x. My boot.plist: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"...
  14. tigerking9

    (PROBLEMS SOLVED) AMD 6870 | Z68XP UD3 | TL-WDN4800 | working app store & Icloud | Mouse lag | Worki

    I had a lot of problem but I fixed them all myself. I didn't had a lot of support on this forum so I thought I'll help others with these problems. THE PROBLEMS ____________ *1) If you have the wifi card TL-WDN4800 you must first take it out the hackintosh and later if everything is...
  15. Ofidian

    ~Beginning builder: tricking my App Store, tricking my Mac

    I wish to take the first step and download the Mountain Lion installer from the App Store. I have an older MacBook, version MacBook4,1. When I try to buy the Mountain Lion installer in the App Store, it returns the warning "We could not complete your purchase. OS X Mountain Lion is not...
  16. Nilselino

    Mountain Lion App Store and icloud login problem

    Hello, I've recently installed Mountain Lion. Now I can not log into the App Store and icloud. If I try to login in the app store, I always get an unknown error. With icloud is always: You were not logged with icloud because of a communications problem. What can I do? I've been several times to...
  17. cats2play

    can't login in to the app store?

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem. I just installed a fresh snow leopard 10.6.8 OS on a hard drive. It is up and running. But everytime I try to login into the app store I get "an unknown error" message. I'am able to log into itunes and purchase a song but not the app store. I'm trying to get to my...
  18. lbsimmon

    "An unknown error has occurred" when logging in to App Store

    Hi Guys - I noticed today that when trying to login to the app store to obtain any new apps I am getting the error "An unknown error has occurred". Note I have used Mountain Lion from day one without the app store. The issue has just started. Doing some searched on the apple support I...
  19. solbergw

    iCloud, App Store, FaceTime, Messages - Unable to Authenticate

    Since upgrade to Mountain Lion I am unable to sign into Apple applications. They were working flawlessly with SL and Lion. Applications have the following errors. iCloud Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with iCloud. Try signing again. App Store An unknown error...
  20. JeanPrado

    KP when booting from USB

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook white and I actually bought Mountain Lion on the App Store, and did the Unibeast method to get ML in the USB. When I erase my Macintosh HD disk on hackintosh, install it from scratch, and boot from the USB, I get a Kernel Panic. The -v boot is attached. Thank you!