app store

  1. erikras2

    How to buy Mountain Lion from App Store on an old mac?

    Is there a way to buy and download Mountain Lion via my older MacBook Pro when I get No kidding, but I want to download it to create a Unibeast installer. Any ideas? With Lion, you could option-click, I think, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Cheers.
  2. lightmanrt

    App Store hangs

    The app store does not work on either of my Hackintoshes. It shows update in the icon but when I try to access the store the multicolored wheels spins forever. Internet seems fine.
  3. huffyj

    App Store problem

    So I've had success in the past loading SL and then Lion on my hackintosh. When I started everything again from scratch, I encountered several problems. The first was updating to 10.6.8 because of the date issue. (setting the calendar back) My next problem is I'm unable to access the App...
  4. linw

    Update through Unibeast or Mac App Store?

    Hello, I know we can do clean ML installs by using Unibeast and creating a new stick. But what about upgrading your current 10.7 installation? Can I use the App Store installation+Chimera at boot up - or will Unibeast do upgrade installations - or do I have to reinstall the entire OS?