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  1. TomJeanes

    Updating via Mac App store

    Hi all, Is it possible to update to Yosemite via the Mac App store, or do I have to reinstall from scratch? Thanks, Tom.
  2. Sabbiato

    App Store issue

    Hello, Whenever I try to log in to app store in order to download some apps. I get this message: Your device or computer couldn't be verified. Please contact support. Everything in Yosemite runs smoothly but the App Store. Please help me out. Thank you
  3. stevensun1982

    Yosemite on GA-Z77X-UD5H - mostly success, with some glitches

    Hope this thread can provide some useful information for other people looking to install Yosemite on similar hardware. And please let me know if you know possible solutions to the glitches below, I'll test them and post update in this thread. Appreciate your help! My build: GA-Z77X-UD5H |...
  4. jimihat

    Tried to update via App Store - bad idea! Z77X-UD5H

    :oops: Bad times...any help greatfully recieved. ok, so I tried to update via the App Store Update rather than do a fresh install. I had only just installed Mavericks fairly recently and haven't done much on the Mac since so haven't bithered to back up. I downloaded the update, it worked its...
  5. emiellr

    Can't login to iCloud, App Store, iMessage and Facetime

    Hi all, I installed mountain lion a few days ago, and i finally got it (almost) running with no trouble, except for the app store and such. I have tried some methods like removing chameleon boot.plist, removing NetworkInterfaces.plist, checking if en0 was set to that... said short: could...
  6. sunnyimran

    Mavericks download stuck at 'installing 9 mins left..'

    So far I have been running Mavericks 10.9.4 on my system. With the release of 10.9.5 I preferred to re-download whole mavericks instead of just the combo update. This will be helpful if I clean install mavericks as it would not require installing combo update separately. Also it will take less...
  7. Aliashari

    App store problem

    Hi I'm using 10.9 in my Acer 5741. It cannot login to Mac App Store and this error appears: "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." How's it?
  8. bodich

    Can't get access to App Store

    I trying to download any app from App Store and getting this error: "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." What I should to do to get access? Thank you!
  9. pabloesco

    Update , iMessage, App Store, iCloud

    update to 10.9.3 just change the replace sound kext, everything works well. Using Clover. iMessage, App Store, iCloud big problem. Need to mention , not working in 10.9.0. this are the errors i get. try to boot with USB clover, and activate luck. try to change re-change passwd luck...
  10. gman45

    iCloud and App Store fix on WiFi

    Hi there, I know how to fix the network to fix the internet on icloud and the app store but I don't know how on WiFi. I am currently only using wifi. If anyone knows a solution to this, PLEASE HELP!
  11. igielskv

    App Store Error on ASUS UX31A with Mavericks 10.9.2 and Clover Bootloader

    Hello guys, I have problem with "Your device or computer could not be verified..." message when trying to login to App Store. Software Updates works, I get message only for purchased staff when login is required. That's sad cause I'd like to make things like iPhoto work, iCloud (which is the...
  12. rkwallace

    App Store - Cannot logon (Clover Install)

    First of all let me admit, I'm a noob with this clover install, but willing to research and learn. I've been at it for days trying to fix 2 issues. I cannot logon to the APP Store and although my system has bluetooth in the settings it doesn't see my devices (I cannot pair them). I'm using...
  13. sliddjur

    Cannot download Mavericks - asks for unkown's users password?

    I had some problems logging in on app store, but I solved it through some guides on the net. When I log in and try to download it asks for a password for the user "GROWINGNEEDS@GMAIL.COM". I am not, and I have never heard of that address. I don't know know why the app...
  14. pcmarques

    Layman's guide to access Mac App Store with NullEthernet.kext

    So, after a terrible thunderstorm my built-in network adapter died. Since I had an Apple USB Ethernet adapter (which I used with my MacBook Air), I've just plugged it back and got internet running again. BUUUUTTT, App Store wasn't working anymore. I've read a lot of solutions online, tried most...
  15. mistamolla

    Couple of Questions " Mac App Store problems - Cannot install anyhting

    Hi guys, Just finished a succesful install on my hacktintosh : -Intel i7 2600-K -Asrock z68 Pro3 -8GB Corsair Enhance -Vortex OCZ SSD -Onboard Intel HD3000 I've installed 10.9 and the model number MultiBeast gave me is a Mac Pro 3.1 Early 2008. Problems : -Whenever I try and...
  16. smashedtomatos

    iCloud/iMessage/App Store on 10.9 Movericks

    I've been searching forum after forum and I can't seem to find a working solution to get the Mac only services to work such as iCloud. Some solutions work for some people but for others it crashes their whole OS. I am not wired. I am using a TP-Link TL-WDN4800 card to wirelessly go on the...
  17. mattmc

    Missing ethernet interface on GA-Z87M-D3H

    Hi all. I seem to have stumbled across a problem that I just can't fix, so I'm hoping one of you bright sparks on this forum may be able to offer me some advice! I saw the dreaded "Unknown error occurred" when trying to login to the App store a few days ago, and Google quickly suggested that...
  18. pencakharimau

    Apple ID does not work in Mavericks

    I have a dual boot system with Snow Leopard, and a successful installation of Mavericks, but my Apple ID does not work in Mavericks. (still works in Snow Leopard) "An unknown error has occurred." I tried changing the password, but it makes no difference. Any ideas?
  19. cusinndzl

    Can't update apps through App Store

    I updated to OS X 10.9 (the GM) a while back since I'm a developer, and everything worked fine. As of today I am no longer able to see any of the app updates under the update tab. I can still download/install/manually update apps by finding them from within the app store. I just can't use...
  20. bulletproof

    HOW TO: Resolve the "An unknown error has occurred" in the App Store and Resolve Issues with iCloud,

    HOW TO: Resolve the "An unknown error has occurred" in the App Store and Resolve Issues with iCloud, FaceTime, & iMessage Because of the number of people who have been having trouble signing into Apple Applications, like the App Store, after upgrading Mountain Lion to 10.8.x (10.8.5), I decided...