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  1. kubusikan

    << Solved >> App store download only with SIP disabled?

    Hi, the other day i decided to switch from clover to opencore which worked out quite ok. But i have one issue on which i lost several hours figuring out what is going on. When booting using opencore i am no longer able to download apps from the App Store. When i click on the small cloud/arrow...
  2. flynnwinch

    Unable to download apps from Mac App Store after update to Big Sur & Clover r5123

    I know that clover r5123 and Big Sur are both in beta, but I was hoping someone here may have some pointers as to how to fix this. Specifically, when I try to download an app or an update from the App Store, the button to download/update for the app in question turns into the circle with a...
  3. dots1323

    Can't Download Apps from Mojave App Store

    Hello internet, I could really use some help! I just finished installing Mojave 10.14.6 on my hackintosh, but every time I try to download something from the Apple Store I just get a spinning circle that turns back into the cloud/get button after a while. Here is everything I've tried so far...
  4. towerdefense

    Mojave 10.14.6 won't verify billing info in app store for purchases

    Hello everyone! Recent success on Mojave with my current build. Getting great FPS in games and fast boot. No issues really other than this. I'm stuck in a weird loop trying to make a purchase in the app store. I click "Buy App", then enter my username and password. It loads to my "Account...
  5. np112983

    Please help, huge Catalina install fail, stuck with snow leopard now

    Ok, so I had Mojave running, everything worked perfectly. I decided to upgrade to Catalina. I got it working for the most part, except graphics, but during the process of trying to fudge the graphics to work just for display purposes(I have no need for acceleration) I messed something up and...
  6. brunopassoni

    Can't download apps from App Store

    Hey guys I'm new in this forum (first post), but I have experience with Hackintosh builds. I've tried every single solution I found in the forum, but none of them solved my problem. My system version: macOS 10.13.6 (17G11023) I have a new hackintosh up and running. Everything works 100%, but...
  7. CAPTBobJ

    Update to Catalina from Mojave - App Store causes Hard Freeze

    Updated my very stable Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H/i5-4690K Hack running the latest Mojave (10.14.6) to Catalina (10.15.3) today using the "Update Directly to macOS Catalina" instructions. I'd say it took about 45 minutes to do the upgrade. After it started up into Catalina I had a couple of...
  8. Falkon88

    Weird App Store problem - "Use the Purchased page to try again"

    I just installed High Sierra on a new SSD (on an already working Hackintosh with HS) and I can log into everything (messages, iCloud, App Store, etc.) without any problems. But when looking at my "Purchased" list in the App Store, every button says "INSTALL" instead of "DOWNLOAD" (except for...
  9. neilj

    [SUCCESS] Catalina 10.15 on Asus Z390A Prime, i5 Coffee Lake 9400F, NVMe 250Gb

    Fresh install of catalina through usb clover on: Asus Z390A Prime motherboard, i5 coffee lake 9400F (no integrated graphics), NVMe Kingston 250 Gb storage. Wifi through Intel Ethernet Mausi: ethernet cable LAN connection on TPLink Router in Bridged Mode/WISP mode (forwarding wifi connection...
  10. riverLethe

    Opening App Store freezes Catalina

    I finally got Catalina up and running on my Thinkcentre m93p and I only have a couple issues. Opening the App Store causes the system to freeze, requiring a force reset. I read a forum thread regarding a similar problem on Mojave and I can confirm that Lilu and Whatevergreen are installed and...
  11. AlexF98

    How safe is it to link your Apple ID to a Hackintosh?

    I have a lot of Apple products. That being both hardware, but perhaps more prominently, software. In particular, software purchased through the iOS and Mac App Stores, some of which cost a small fortune to buy. I'm currently looking at building a Hackintosh for the first time. Following the...
  12. mohalisad

    Mojave App Store Not Working

    I updated to Mojave everything except graphic and App Store works fine. For graphic I know I have to wait until Nvidia releases a new driver. But for App Store I couldn't solve the problem . In 10.13.6 App Store worked fine but in this version when I try to download something free it says App...
  13. God4Play

    [Solved] Help about downloading High Sierra from Apple App Store

    Hi everyone, I'm currently try to install an hackintosh on my PC, but I've got a problem during downloading the setup from App Store. Infact, when I try to do this, it will download me a file of 15mb, and not of 5.2GB as wrote. If someone can help me, please reply to this post. Thank you for all.
  14. superpantoufle

    [Solved] Fresh 10.13.6 install - can't open some apps downloaded from the App Store

    Hi, I'm in the process of tuning my fresh installation of 10.13.6 on a new build. Most of it work as expected, but some apps downloaded from the App Store won't open. 1Password 7 is the first one I'm stuck with. It downloaded fine. I opened it, and it keeps quickly flashing a progress bar that...
  15. ilovmacX

    App Store Update Page Not Loading

    Hi guys :) after updating to 10.3.4 yesterday I opened App Store to see if any updates are available and it was Xcode. Today when I click update button the page remain white nothing shows. Other pages works fine except the Update. I have removed ~/Library/Catch foler tried sudo softwareupdate...
  16. ericvangs14

    Snow Leopard - Computer Could Not Be Verified - Upgrade

    Hello all. I've been on Snow Leopard for many years now. Never upgraded. Now I have to. I want to update to HS. I reformatted the SL drive and fresh install last night. Updated to 10.6.8. Tried to dl Lion from App Store but get, Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact...
  17. xddfgdafg

    App Store acting strange

    So I got my hackintosh to fully work with High Sierra (12.13) and I did the update everything is working flawlessly audio was working. But strangely enough the app store just gets stuck but other apple features work like iMessage and facetime so i know its not the SMBIOS and ive even tried...
  18. bmc746

    At a lost

    New member to this community and Macs. fairly competent IT guy. Cannot find any place in the "app store" to "download" high sierra. There are options to Copy link / open / but nothing to save/download Mac Im running off of already has High Sierra and working apple ID account for the App...
  19. Squarq

    [HELP] Can't get app store and brightness to work!

    APP Store Error Whenever I try to install an app through the app store, i get this error: I've tried to install NullEthernet.kext, but it doesn't seem to work at all. I think that's because my laptop doesn't have an ethernet port. I'm also using USB Wifi (D-Link DWA-131). I've also tried...
  20. Sniki

    Apple releases iTunes 12.6.3 with built-in App Store.

    Hey guys, Apple just quietly released iTunes 12.6.3 which does bring back the App Store, which many of us were sad to see that feature go. Here is the article that i find on Macrumors: