1. darkcloud8

    MSI GL65 9SD - OC - Sonoma 14.1

    MSI GL65 9SD Specs 15.6" 1920 x 1080 IPS, 120hz Intel Core i7 9750H 2600 Mhz Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 GTX 1660 Ti with 6GB GDDR6 (won't work of course) 16GB DDR4 (2x memory banks, 64GB maximum) 1 TB, M.2, PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe 1.4) Samsung SSD 980 Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz / Realtek...
  2. daniel.f.santos7

    [MSI GF75-Thin-10SCSR] - Intel WiFi and Bluetooth stop working on macOS Sonoma

    Hi Everyone, I've an MSI Laptop that was working perfectly with macOS Ventura before upgrading to macOS Sonoma. At this stage, I don't have WiFi, Bluetooth and somehow, my 2TB HDD stop beeing displayed as well. I already try some ways to have it working but with no success. The Intel WiFi...
  3. ImSomeOtherGuy

    I have tried everything I can think of and USB 3.0 doesn't work

    Hi everyone! I am currently getting Big Sur to run on an MSI h410i Pro Wifi build. Everything has been put together and I quickly was able to get everything working, except USB 3.0. This didn't really surprise me since I hadn't made a USB map up until that point, so I quickly installed Windows...
  4. shaneg

    Black screen after Apple logo. Loads into macOS after 4 minutes

    Hey, I've recently installed a MSI 6800XT GPU into my hackintosh. I've updated OpenCore and all the Kext files along with the config file. Everything working fine on Catalina with my old GPU (AMD 580). Proceeded to install Big Sur to 11.6.6, once again all working. Installed the 6800XT and I've...
  5. dafenbro

    << Solved >> Big Sur Remote management Eli Lilly and Company + SMBIOS DENIED

    after i'm successfully installed the hackintosh, i was directed to setup the initial configuration.. after i'm connecting to wifi, and choosing language suddenly this prompt "Remote management Eli Lilly and Company" came up, and cannot be skipped. i don't know how to skip it. i tried to log in...
  6. darkcloud8

    << Solved >> MSI GL65 9SD - OC - Monterey 12.3

    MSI GL65 9SD Specs 15.6" 1920 x 1080 IPS, 120hz Intel Core i7 9750H 2600 Mhz Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 GTX 1660 Ti with 6GB GDDR6 (won't work of course) 16GB DDR4 (2x memory banks, 64GB maximum) 1 TB, M.2, PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe 1.4) Samsung SSD 980 Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz /...
  7. Dot500

    Hackintosh Monterey MSI Z87-G45 Gaming + 4770K 2022

    Hello, Recently I’ve been using 2015 MB Pro and I’m really happy how everything there works there (I was only using Win OS). I found out that I have some spare parts laying around and why I shouldn’t use them for hackintosh. My goal is to build something which will allow me to web browser only...
  8. Hack12

    Help! Why is it not working? MSI H510-A Pro, i5 10400f, GTX 1080

    Hi. I want to install Catalina High Sierra on my PC. - MSI H510-A Pro - i5 10400f - GTX 1080 (DisplayPort) I successfully installed clover on my usb stick. But when I try to install it I'm stuck at the Apple Logo. I will post the -v screenshot as soon as possible. 4 years ago I did a...
  9. Str4

    Wifi bluetooth problem AX201 - MSI Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI - INTEL I9 10850K

    Hello guys I need help, I installed using OpenCore 0.7.5 MacOs Monterey here is my config: Processor : Intel Core i9 10850K @ 3.60GHz Comet Lake 14nm Motherboard : MSI MPG-Z490-GAMING-CARBON-WIFI RAM : 32,0 Go Corsair Graphic :Intel UHD Graphics 630 Stockage : 465GB Western Digital WDC (For...
  10. terpa540

    Compatibility and installation hackintosh on MSI

    Hello to the whole community. To introduce myself, I can only say that I have been working with hackintosh equipment for some time but without understanding the different ways of installation and their compatibility, from what I can say I am a newbie. By necessity, I am trying to install on my...
  11. Aries08

    << Solved >> PC won’t boot anymore

    i5 9400F - 1060 6GB - 16 GB ram 8x2 - High Sierra 10.13.6 - MSI B365M Pro-Vh Yesterday I was playing guitar on macOS and everything was fine as always, then system started being SO slow (I use an SSD) so I decided to turn it off and on again Now PC crashes when I try to boot any os End of...
  12. CLFAS

    [SOLVED] MSI GE72 OpenCore Boot Entry Not Found on M.2 SSD in BIOS

    SOLUTION (using bcfg tool in OpenShell for some reason was not adding the entry. The following fixed the issue, but it may have just been the final step which was needed): Reflashed the BIOS then reconfigured to the same settings as stated below. Reset NVRAM via USB OpenCore (same as attached...
  13. realbabilu

    << Solved >> Msi GF63 9RCX Problem HotPatch GPRW PARSEOP_integer error DSDT result

    Hi Everyone Lately I reinstall the Mojave on this computer. very light thin fast but cheap its i7-9750H CannonLake 300 with Intel I2C, Intel XHC, Realtek8111 Net, IntelAC Wifi. All working great. Sleep, Shutdown, wake, Brightness, KeyFN...
  14. cyberdogg

    Recommended GPU for GA-Z77X-UD5H, and GPU/CPU for Asus Prime Z490-A

    Hello! So I have an old hackintosh with a GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard for which I want to upgrade the graphics card... and separately I'm planning my own first hackintosh build with an Asus Prime Z490-A. I want to put both on Big Sur. I have never bought a GPU before, my old hackintosh was built...
  15. snikk

    10.15.6 - Freeze's

    Hello, I am experiencing the occasional freeze up when using my hack and would greatly appreciate any insight into what might be the problem. I have attached generated problem reporting files in hopes that it may contain something useful. Thanks, Snikk
  16. Bavalia.Piyush

    MSI GTX 760 Chip 7mb on Catalina + Realtek ALC1150 issue

    Hi, My build is MSI H87-G43 Gaming motherboard Intel i3 4th Gen Dual Core 16gb Corsair DDR3 (4+4+8) MSI Geforce GTX 760 2gb SSD 1 WD (Already Have High-Sierra) working fine since more than 2 years SSD 2 Kingston (on which Catalina clean install has been done) I don't what went wrong in...
  17. farsounski

    Is msi b250m compat with hackintosh

    hy i want to install el cap 1st then upgrade to catalina is my mobo supported thank u
  18. AllsGamingHD

    HDD Not detected but USB Stick detected

    Hello, I'm on MSI GE73VR 7RF: i7 7700HQ (IGPU: Intel HD30) GTX 1070 I can't connect an external hard drive, they are not recognized in the finder, disk utility or terminal. However, USB flash drives are well recognized. I would like to get help if someone could help me. Thanks
  19. mitrovtsiy

    MSI Z490 Tomahawk + i7-10700k / Catalina 15.5.5 / OpenCore

    Hi. A few days ago I decided to update my hackintosh. I choose i7-10700k and MSI Z490 Tomahawk. After reading a few threads and playing few hours with clover I realize that it's not possible to run 10gen with clover (or I just not figured out how). So I use opencore 0.5.9 as a bootloader. I...
  20. ElGiaf

    macOS can not be installed correctly (reboot loop in the installer)

    Hello I have a problem with the installation of macOS. When I boot from the usb-stick the first time I can partition the hard drive and start the macOS installation but at 70% of the progress bar the pc reboots immediately. in the clover boot menu I can see the following entries (boot macOS...