Black screen after Apple logo. Loads into macOS after 4 minutes

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Jun 6, 2022
Z490 Aorus Elite AC
i9 10850k

I've recently installed a MSI 6800XT GPU into my hackintosh. I've updated OpenCore and all the Kext files along with the config file. Everything working fine on Catalina with my old GPU (AMD 580). Proceeded to install Big Sur to 11.6.6, once again all working. Installed the 6800XT and I've come into an issue where it will boot into Big Sur but between the Apple Logo dispearing and macOS loading there's 4 minutes of black screen. Obviously this isn't ideal and I didn't have this issue with the AMD 580 GPU.

I've followed the OpenCore Dortania guide. All I could really see is to use the agdpmod=pikera boot args

BIOS is setup to how the guide explains.

I've been searching around and couldn't find anything that fixed this issue.

My specs are:
Z490 Aorus Elite AC
Intel Core i9 10850k
MSI 6800XT

I've attached my EFI as well


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Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 14.13.54.png

You should only use one HFSPlus driver ( I see HfsPlus.efi is disabled in the config.plist ).

All of your OpenCore files should be from the same version, yours have mismatches :

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 14.16.42.png
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I've made sure everything has been replaced with the latest OpenCore and I've deleted HfsPlus.efi as I didn't need it and was disabled in the config. Still getting the same issue unfortunately
Difficult to diagnose with so little information.

Maybe it's a kext, try disabling all but these and see if there is any difference :

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 14.53.18.png
That sounds like Trim delay.

Are you using multiple SSD drives with Trim enabled?

I have run into a black screen with progress bar at the point the desktop would otherwise appear when a drive that Trim stalls is installed as secondary drive.

If an additional drive requires integrity checking (fsck), this might also cause a several minute delay late in startup.
Okay so looks like I found the issue. I disabled any Kext that weren't neccesary for boot, no 4 minute wait. The AirportBrcmFixup.kext seems to be the issue. So now it's just looking into getting the WiFi/Bluetooth BCM94331CD card working.
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