1. OverTheReminds

    [Sierra][SUCCESS] Couldn't allocate runtime area when first installing?

    Hi everybody! Before exposing my problem I post my configuration: Motherboard: Z270 MSI pro gaming CPU: Intel core i7 7700k RAM: Vengeance LPX 3200MHz, DDR4 8GB (2x4) PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 650W Air cooler: Be quiet! DarkRock 3. Video card: ATI Radeon HD5450 Assembled just yesterday (my first...
  2. Starkka15

    MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro (cpus=1)

    Hello, I have successfully installed Sierra on my MSI Notebook alongside Windows 10. I'm blown away by the fact that I have set my smbios to MacBook 13,3 (and it works) but my computer will not boot without cpus=1. I know this has been an issue for others, and I have tried all the fixes I could...
  3. crkwn

    [GUIDE] Sierra on the MSI Z170A-G43 PLUS / i5 6600K / AMD R9 380

    please report any inconsistencies you have found This system wasn't meant for a hackintosh build but it managed to become one. My Configuration MSI Z170A-G43 PLUS Core i5-6600k @ 4.6GHz 2x HyperX 4 GB DDR4 2133 MHz RAM (8GB) Sapphire NITRO R9 380 4GB LG 4K Monitor OCZ 120GB Western Digital...
  4. Nikkei

    Error install El Capitan 10.11.6

    Hello. I had a problem during the installation 10.11.6 on my PC (MSI X99A SLI PLUS, Intel i7-5820K, ASUS GTX 950) Errors: 1. AllocateRelocBloc(): Can not allocate relocation block (0x1A159 pages below 0x100000000): Not Found 2. Using relic block: yes, hebernate wake: no I understand that a...
  5. minime905

    Sierra freeze at kernel MSI X99 5930k

    I just started to do a clean install of Sierra and everything was running great. Got everything loaded onto a usb and plugged in but everytime it reaches where my kernel is and tells me what kind of mac it is it cuts off and dies. I'm injecting a webdriver for my nvidia g1 980 and it gets here...
  6. ssttaarr

    Guide for MSI Z170A GAMING M3,i5 6600K 3.5GHz Skylake, Sapphire Radeon R7 370 NITRO 4GB

    Hi guys, I'm new on this forum and i've been searching for a guide in order to install hackintosh on the following configuration: Graphics:Sapphire Radeon R7 370 NITRO OC 4GB DDR5 256-bit Lite Mobo:MSI Z170A GAMING M3 CPU:Intel Skylake, Core i5 6600K 3.5GHz box RAM:HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR4...
  7. rafamundez

    [FAILED :(] X99A MSI GAMING PRO CARBON, i7 6950X, GTX 980 Ti, Samsung 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD

    Hey Guys, I have all the parts and PC build up and running smoothly on Windows 10. Going to be hackintoshing it. Looking for tips and tricks that I should be aware of, so far I tried following this guide...
  8. insomnia

    SUCCESS! Sierra 10.12.3 on MSI Z97A

    Hello friends, for now, only few hours from my latest post with problems, I successfully installed latest version of Sierra 10.12.3 on my platform which is: MSI Gaming 6 Z97A CPU i5 4690k 3.5GHz ASUS R9 290 (non-x) Till now things that doesn't works is sleep mod (GPU turns off only) and...
  9. insomnia

    PLEASE HELP!!! El Capitan MSI Z97A - ATi R9 290

    Hello to everyone, I need your help! Main hardware: - MB MSI Gaming 6 Z97A - I4690k i5 3,5GHz - ATi R9 290 - SSD 250Gb (OS X) - HDD 1TB I’m not new at all but my problems are new things with which ones I can’t go on right way again. I had...
  10. MatthewCawley

    MSI GS72 6QE

    Hi Everyone, I'm very new to Hackintosh and having a few issues with my setup (Had issues with sierra so I am currently running El-Capitan 10.11.6). I have got my system installed (currently writing this message using it) but there are a few things that are not working that I was wondering if...
  11. Kineticcz

    "Error loading operating system" on USB boot.

    Hi everyone. I just finished my build and I'm getting the error listed in the title. I fixed all of the relevant motherboard settings for my board and I'm kind of stuck. The only settings I couldn't find were "OS Type" and "XHCI Handoff". I'm not sure if these are important. I also haven't tried...
  12. MarkSprain

    Is an MSI GeForce GTX980 compatible with Sierra

    Hey guys, just a question: Is this Graphics Card ( compatible with Nvidia WebDrivers and MacOS Sierra? I am just unsure about that and wanted to ask you experts for it. Thanks in advance!
  13. Pineapple68

    MSI n760 2gd5 ITX - issues with 10.11 and imac 27"

    I chosen the MSI n760 2gd5 ITX GPU in order to use it in a mini itx build, and to connect easly to the imac 27" using a simple MiniDisplay Port cable (this GPU has 2 miniDisplay port natively). There is a problem, when I...