1. ckt25

    New MSI BIOS update breaks Hackintosh?

    I have MSI H310M Pro VH motherboard and have been trying to get Hackintosh working on it and so far things have been tricky. Firstly since its an H310 motherboard with only HDMI and VGA to work with, had trouble getting connector patches to work properly (little glitchy still but working on it...
  2. LeTiti

    Crucial P1 NVMe

    Hello! I bought a pc with the Crucial P1 500GB, and I want to know if it will work if I make a partition to install Mac OS on this SSD, or if I need to buy another SSD, like a SATA one. I have the Intel Core i5-8400, with a Sapphire RX570 Nitro+ and 2x8Gb of Corsair Vengence Lpx 2666mhz...
  3. Javichu1000


    Hello, this is my first post, to start sorry for my bad English, I accept suggestions. I successfull install Mac OS Mojave (10.14.2) on my laptop msi. HARDWARE I7-7700HQ 17,3 Screen of 120hz with 5 ms 16 GB of RAM Nvidia 1050 (doesn´t work, disabled by patch) SSD M.2 Crucial 500GB HDD 1 TB...
  4. ablyes


    Hello, I dont see this mother board MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC in the buyer's guide. Is there any problem with this mother board? Can I expect all components to work? Thank you guys for helping me. Lyes
  5. PedroVercesi

    First Hackintosh!!

    First Hackintosh !! today I'v finished my first Hackintosh! I had some problems, I think, with the on board video, since the screen was dyed violet. I'v tried to fix it with the correct driver using MultiBeast and everything followed normally however when I access "About this Mac" the...
  6. jsnow805

    Mojave Install Stuck At Apple Logo, Help Needed. Intel 6700k GTX 1070 MSI Motherboard

    Hi I am having trouble with a fresh install of Mojave. After the clover splash screen only the apple logo is displayed without a progress bar. I have looked for quite some time and have not found any solutions. I took a picture of some text that pops up before clover as well as the output of...
  7. R3CoNn3Ct

    Need Assistance

    Hi All, i need assistance for installation of macOS High Sierra, i've tried every single forum and guide to install it on my pc, but failed to do it. sometimes it stuck on apple logo or sometimes it shows ban image. i can't even reach to installation process. i've done all bios settings for...
  8. modsuperstar

    MSI GL72M-7RDX post install issues

    I have successfully installed High Sierra on my MSI GL72M-7RDX, but I've seemingly stalled out on making progress on a few of the issues. I have some previous experience with Hackintosh builds, but this is the first that's seemingly a bit of a stretch compatibility-wise. I found a thread with a...
  9. Lucas.bernardi

    Is this a good "easy to install MacOS" hardware?

    I'm going to buy a full PC from scratch next month and I'm looking forward to install macOS. However, I'm currently a hackintosh virgin, and, although I followed the "Buyers Guide", I want to be sure that the current hardware I have in mind is actually the best for installing it. I'm going to...
  10. gchamort

    Dialogue around a confusing 10.13 install ("kernel cache" & "allocate runtime area" errs | MSI mb)

    Hello everyone, I sure saw numerous threads about this kind of troubles but none seems to give me the right answers for my case, so I'd like to give a try by myself to see if you can help me think through this. TL;DR : > install process for Mojave via Unibeast 9.0.0 worked perfectly but got...
  11. PaulCrespoC

    GTX 1080 High Sierra configuration?

    Hello, i'm new here and this days i have been trying to install Hackintosh on my new PC, everything goes well at drive and boot install, but when i try to install nvidia web drivers, it shows me an error, and if i still continue trying to install the driver, it says that it was a successful...
  12. nlpneri

    Beginner on Hackintosh

    Need some help i did install mojave on my pc but got an issue with the graphics the screen is flickering most of the time. my pc specs is MSI tomahawk h270 i5 - 7400 8 & 4 gb of ddr4 ballistics ram Asus GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4G Phoenix 4GB DDR5 128BIT Kingston UV500 120GB SSD SATA3
  13. AnDenPrangerMitEuch

    Solved > DisplayPort not working after Mojave Update

    Hi, I upgraded my PC with an MSI RX 580 ARMOR Graphics Card (1xDVI, 2xHDMI, 2x DP) after Nvidia doesn't release a driver. The new Graphics Card worked fine in High Sierra, then I installed the update to Mojave.. Now I have a problem: I have four monitors connected (1 DVI, 2 HDMI and 1 DP) and...
  14. noaml1

    Will My Motherboard support a hackintosh installation? MSI B360A PRO

    Im pretty sure most of my other components are good to go, but does my mother board (MSI B360A PRO) support osx? Any information that might be specific to installing osx on this motherboard would also be much appreciated!
  15. Leo037

    Problem with High Sierra installation MSI Board

    Hi all, If someone can help it will be great ! I have a problem with the installation of High Sierra on a MSI P67A-C45 MotherBoard with i7-2600k The installation freeze on the Apple Logo and no progress bar appears... Any ideas ? Thanks Léo
  16. sen12

    [Solved] Mojave with MSI X99A SLI plus

    Hi! I’m currently running a Sierra install on my system with an MSI X99A SLI Plus, 5820k, 32 gb Kingston 2400 ram, and a 980 ti, but now with the new features in Mojave I decided to upgrade, however this is where my problems start. I tried going off kgp’s guide, but no matter which osxaptiofix...
  17. e12350

    Random Freezes When Plugging Charger Port

    I have a MSI GE62 Apache Pro laptop. Everything has been running great, which no major problems in my computer, all minor (like needing to remap brightness keys) but one problem I have been facing is every once in a while, when I plug my charger, my laptop suddenly freezes. I've been trying to...
  18. e12350

    [Guide] MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro - Mojave 10.14

    Hello. This is a guide on how to install Mojave on an MSI GE62 Apache Pro. Specifications CPU: Intel I7-6700HQ CHIPSET: Intel HM170 MEMORY: 16GB of DDR4 Ram GRAPHICS: Intel Iris 530 + Nvidia GTX 960M (Disabled B/c of Optimus) AUDIO: ALC898 WEBCAM WIFI + BLUETOOTH: Intel Dual Band 3165 (Not...
  19. DakotaRiley97

    MSI GS63- (Intel Core i7-8750H/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060)

    Hello everyone. i have been trying my best to look around the internet to find a decent hackintosh guide for my MSI GS63 Stealth with the current generation Core i7-8750H, 16gb of ram, gtx 1060. its my school machine and i didnt want to spend a crap ton of money on a macbook pro, plus im a pc...
  20. zinRix

    MSI GV72 7RD Gaming Laptop

    Hallo My Laptop for High Sierra Compatible !?... I Need Help for Full Supported Laptop ! MSI GV72 7RD Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2,80Ghz 8GB DDR4 RAM Intel Graphics 630 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050