1. veggiedev

    WIFI card for thinkpad x1 carbon hackintosh

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a wifi-bluetooth card for my gen 2 x1 carbon, and I have seen a wifi-bluetooth card from a 13 inch 2013 macbook pro, which seems to be a fit for the m.2 in my device. Would that work out of the box? Thank you
  2. TheQuickSaveGamer

    How can I get my G2020 and my GTX 650 running?

    Hello, I've recently bought a ASUS P8H61-M LE with a Intel G2020 processor and a nVidia GeForce GTX 650. I really wanted to get High Sierra running on that system but everything I've tried from plists, to kexts, to bootflags didn't really worked. I used UniBeast to create my USB installer most...
  3. lemmecheckdat

    Buying first Macbook

    I’m a student and I was considering buying Macbook for a long time. I have a really powerful PC for gaming and demanding tasks but I need a laptop because I spend more time away from home. My first option was new Macbook Pro 13 (without touchbar, I don’t really find it useful and it costs alot...
  4. makkieduo

    [closed] Intel High Definition Audio not working with yosemite installation

    Hi, I have a macbook running yosemite OS but the Audio chip is not recognised, hence, the audio control isn't working. I have attempted Clover and Voodoo but these didn't work also, is there an audio driver that works well with yosemite, say a .dmg file. I would appreciate contribution from...
  5. wajdideutscher

    MacOS High Sierra is EXCELLENT for Hackintosh rather than Macintosh

    I've read few tweets of people say they have returned their Macbooks to Apple after Updating to High Sierra because it was the worst thing they EVER Done to their computers along side with lots of bugs.. How ever I feel Like my Laptop (Hackintosh) with High Sierra is actually more Quicker and...
  6. sessionpeschen

    Original firmware for MacBook 6,1 needed

    Hi folks, I messed up my wifes MacBook by installing a MBP EFI update. After restart it did not recognize USB, trackpad and keyboard (Sierra booted); they are recognized fine in the boot loader screen or when having El Capitan installed. As Apple did never release a firmware update for that...
  7. ProgrammingMachine

    OS X El Capitan on MacBook 4,1 (early 2008)

    Background (unnecessary info): My friend gave me an early 2008 MacBook to help get me through last semester. I just bought a new Inspiron 7000 so I've decided to try installing a newer version of OS X on the unsupported Mac since I no longer depend on it for schooling purposes. MacBook 4,1 has a...
  8. xmimox

    FCPX extreme bad results - ATI driver issue?

    Hello Hackintosh Community, one year ago I bought an macbook 2015 (for traveling). Sometimes I also work with final cut pro x and my problem was that the macbook don't have enough power to handle complex projects. (1,2Ghz Intel Core M - 500GB - Intel 5300 Graphics). Thats why I decided to take...
  9. neednewpc123

    Trying to save my Macbook Pro hard drive! Any help is appreciated!

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H170-Gaming 3 CPU: Core i5-6400 Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti RAM: Crucial 16GB kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2133 My mid-2010 Macbook Pro's logic board kicked the bucket a month ago, so when I found out that nothing could be done to save it, I decided to build a...
  10. ellissitzky

    Does the MacBook 12" inch Take a Big Performance Hit Running Sierra?

    Hey guys, I think this is my first non hackintosh related question on this forum. I own the first series of MacBook 12"s fully-loaded and on El Capitan which serves me well as a super portable low performance machine for on the go. Can anyone give me any insight onto whether or not my machine...
  11. Meessen

    Lenovo B5400 Macbook build

    Can somebody give me a list how I can prepare a new Mac Boot USB stick and how I can install it? Thank you very much! I tried a lot!
  12. Katy007

    Macbook Air Login Page Reverts to a background I had months ago

    Hey everyone! I have had this problem for a little while, and I have no clue how it happened or what to do! Any help would be appreciated. Whenever I shut my computer down the login page background is an old background I had (and have since changed). When I type my password in the font (the...
  13. confuseddog111

    Egpu issue with rMacbook Pro 2015

    I just got an Aitikio Thunder 2 expansion chassis and I hooked up my GTX 750 with a PSU. I can get my external monitor working and the system information recognized that the 750 is there. The only problem is that under "About this mac" the internal graphics are showing for both displays. When I...
  14. Brendan_rol

    Nooby with a dell dimension c521 and late 2006 MacBook looking to make a budget Yosemite hackintosh

    So, I'm new to this hackintosh thing and wanna jump on board. I have an old stock Dell C521 that I'm hoping to use the case, power supply, ram sticks and whatever general bits I can. Can I morph parts of my MacBook laptop?? (Late 2006 stuck on lion or snow leopard I believe) From what I...
  15. realdealthill

    Can't boot OS X on Mac

    i installed snow leopard on my hdd using iboot on my pc..But when I put that HDD in my MBP, I only get the apple logo and 3beep... Despite what I've read about the 3 beep ram issue. I put an original Mac HDD in it and it booted fine How do I get the HDD to boot in my MBP? Tried on MBP::USB...
  16. MrFSXguyHD

    Installation of El Capitan

    Soon I am going to be installing El Capitan on my Hackintosh. I am using a macbook to get El Capitan. Do you have to install El Capitan on the Macbook and then use Unibeast to create the bootable USB or do you just have to download it. I downloaded the 6GB El Capitan Installer from the app...
  17. Harley

    Macbook 2,1

    Hi, So recently I got a 2007 MacBook and I would like to run El Capitan on it but obviously its unsupported. I figured the best way to go would be Hackintosh but I don't know how to do it on a Real Mac and tried other options that haven't worked (SFOTT). Would somebody be able to help me...
  18. simitii

    Help About Mac OS X

    I have a 5 years old packard bell tm81 notebook which includes amd n930 processor. I usually use linux and the notebook is enough for me for now but nowadays I am thinking about learning ios programing so i need to have mac os x(it should be 10.10.5 or newer because of xcode 7.2) on my computer...
  19. zillk

    Using a hard drive from a Macbook as boot drive

    If I buy all the compatible hardware to build a Hackintosh, and I use my hard drive from my dead Macbook, will I need to find any kexts, or drivers to run it properly. This is my first time attempting to build a Hackintosh, so any further help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  20. s2000tim

    Bluetooth only works when SMBIOS is set as Macbook Pro

    I hope this is the correct section, because this is not really an hardware issue. As the title says, I have a problem with Bluetooth when SMBIOS is not set as Macbook Pro via Clover Configurator. Usually there is a Bluetooth Symbol in System Preferences, but when I set my SMBIOS to iMac or...