Buying first Macbook

Which one is the best?

  • Macbook Pro 13 (without touchbar)

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  • Macbook Pro 13 Retina 2015

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  • Macbook Pro 15 Retina 2013

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Jun 20, 2017
I’m a student and I was considering buying Macbook for a long time. I have a really powerful PC for gaming and demanding tasks but I need a laptop because I spend more time away from home. My first option was new Macbook Pro 13 (without touchbar, I don’t really find it useful and it costs alot more. With this new 8th gen intel upgrade they seem like really good option, but I don’t have that large budget), second option is used Macbook Pro 13 2015 or Macbook Pro 15 2012/2013 (depends on what is available). Any help, opinion, though would be appreciated. If you have used all three, could you write which one you found is the best. Thanks
Nov 23, 2017
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My recommendation "Do not buy any of these models".

Because? Well let's go, you want a model to use for a long time, but you know that these models are too expensive, you're just a student and already have a pretty good desktop, analyzing all this my suggestion is that you buy a mid Macbook Pro 2012.

The reason? Well, this is the last model that accepts a swap in storage, can put an SSD, you can also increase the RAM to 16GB and also you can take the CD / DVD player and put in place a HDD, or an SSD, that It depends on what you want.

You will have a macbook that will last for a long time since you will not use it for heavy work, besides you can save money to later acquire a macbook pro of the year.