1. toconnor90

    Please Tell Me I Can Keep It! Black Macbook.

    Hello there, I have an interesting question that I could not find too much decent info about and want a real answer. I have had the upgraded version of the Black Apple Macbook since late 2008 and it has done me wonders. After nearly 5 years with general maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades my...
  2. jaderok

    MacBook install fail

    In the process of following the guide for installing 10.7; I downloaded 10.7 from the App Store. When installing on my MacBook, I received a flickering screen during restart and only half of the image showed on the screen. I let the install progress because the progress bar was still moving...
  3. UMineiro

    Obtain Mountain Lion from Appstore on Unsupported Macbook

    Hi guys! I had a little bit of a hard time fighting a stubborn kext that refused to allow a network interface to be detected on a GA-H77-DS3H rev 1.0 using the method in this guide...
  4. arutazzaps

    it is possible to migrate existing macBook Lion install to a Hackintosh?

    i have an macbook with installed Lion, now my MB is a little bit obsolete and i'm wondering if it is possible to move the macBook's SSD to the desktop whithout reinstalling Lion? thanks