mac os

  1. pkerry12

    Intel 750 U.2 NVMe SSD speed issues

    Hi All, I have a Asus ROG Maximus VIII Impact motherboard and it comes with a U.2 NVMe port so I decided to get a Intel 750 400gb U.2 SSD. So I first tested it with windows on the computer and speeds test gave me 2400MBps Read and about 900 to 1200MBps write speeds I then installed mac OS...
  2. dunakov86

    Compatibility my Lenovo G780

    Hey. My laptop has the following characteristics. Intel core i 7 3632QM Graphic Intrel 4000 + GF 635 m Wi-fi : Broadcom 802.11n Lan: Qualcomm AR8162/8166/8168 Pci-e ethernet controller How many problems would be the installation of MAC?
  3. mk78510

    Installation problem mac os sierra

    i have a bootable usb of mac os sierra (clover) when i try to install from the clover boot page i got this photo first two options for usb and other 4 are legacy windows harddrive when i click on first option "boot mac os x from install mac os sierra " then this thing comes sorry for...
  4. ryandcordova

    Unable to install Mac OS Sierra

    Help ... Please help. I would really like to get MacOS Sierra running on my ASUS laptop. I used the verbose flag to see the hang-up on the installer when trying to boot off of the USB drive and I have attached a picture of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I posted this in the Sierra...
  5. ryandcordova

    Unable to boot and install Mac OS Sierra from USB drive.

    Help ... Please help. I would really like to get MacOS Sierra running on my ASUS laptop. I used the verbose flag to see the hang-up on the installer when trying to boot off of the USB drive and I have attached a picture of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I posted this in the...
  6. Zak

    recovering form a time machine backup into Hackintosh

    Dear all, I had a Macbook pro, untill last week when somebody stole it from me in the campus... lucky for me I had a external hard drive back up at home, now with the black friday coming up I will build a hackintosh as i can't afford another macbook pro right now (they even increased the...
  7. Jaxalor

    PC with Mac OS X Sierra + Windows 10 + Ubuntu + (eventually Windows 7)

    Hello guys ! I came here to ask you to solve my problem, sorry if I'm not on the good forum. I would like to know if it was possible to do triple or more boots on a PC. And in which order should I install these OS ? ( Mac OS/Win10/Win7/Ubuntu) Thank you for your answers ! Have a nice day !
  8. Gabry1609

    Sierra can't boot, no video signal, system stuck

    Hi everyone :) I'm new to this forum so I hope that I'm publishing my post in the correct section :) I am trying to run Mac OS Sierra latest version (10.12.1) on my custom pc. My goal is to run also Windows on the same SSD (500gb Samsung 850 Evo), making a dual boot installation of both the...
  9. manchar

    Light Blue screen After Sierra Installation

    Hi, I have just managed to install Mac OS Sierra on my Hackintosh pc using clover. But. unfortunatelly, when trying to boot into OS it shows up a light blue screen without a cursor or something. After trying to boot with safe mode, a prohibition symbol appears and the boot fails. Thank you in...
  10. Blizzard720

    Dell Inspiron 1018 Mac OS Sierra

    i bought Mac OS Sierra from Amazon. How do i go about using it to make a Hack book?
  11. Blizzard720

    Hack Book (Dell Inspiron 1018)

    i bought Mac OS Sierra from Amazon. How would i go about making my Dell into a Hackbook?
  12. szymi888

    [solved] Direct update clover failed HP probook 6460b

    Hello all, I've done the update with the guide posted on the forum, but when my probook reboot i don't have install osx option in clover anymore. The problem is when i run osx as normally i get this error: Any help ?
  13. dtlaon

    my first Hackintosh build

    my first Hachintosh build hey guys i'm new to this forum and to the Hachintosh building i wanna ask you if the parts that i want to buy are okay for a good Hachintosh Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 LGA1151 Intel Core I5 6600 3.3Ghz 6MB Cache s1151 Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz CL10...
  14. jaccovdwijgaart

    URGENT HELP NEEDED! After Unibeast my PC restarts, Please HELP

    Hi all, i had this older pc around and wanted to build a hackintosh, so i have followed the steps and made a bootable usb using my MacBook and tested the drive on another pc (on that pc it works fine) but on the pc i am intended to use this happend: pc on boot screen unibeast enter on the USB...
  15. md4eid

    Dual boot windows 10 & yosemite

    I have a HP 242 G1 Business classic Laptop. 4 GB ram 1 GB nvidia graphics card 165 gb Free space in HDD I'm running windows 10 on it. And I wanna use mac os also. which mac os will be better for me? and how can I install both os in my laptop? Model: HP 242 G1 Notebook PC BIOS: InsydeH2O Version...
  16. walterf25

    Installing Mac os on HP Pavillion DV7 6c00

    Hello all, i'm new to this forums, and i'm in need of installing either Snow Leopard or Mavericks in my HP Pavillion dv7 latop. I did this years ago on an older laptop i had but i can't remember it being this difficult. My system is running windows 7, a Core i7 quad processor i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz...
  17. mrmillerboy

    Will this desktop run mac os?

    Hi, Before buying i would like to know whether this desktop configuration would run yosemite well? Thanks,
  18. daniellx

    Help! :( Intel I7 5960X + GA X99 UD4 + ZOTAC GF GTX980

    Hi Hackintosh fans! Is there any pro out there to tell me and teach me if my build can install any Mac os? I have tired many times following below youtube link, but it just struck at installation screen with bar not moving. Current build: Intel I7...
  19. mkslainc

    List of compatible OS's.....and lots ofadvice!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, this is my first time here and my first time trying to install a MAC OS on my Windows Laptop. Along with the details below, I also have two Intel SSD 520 series (480GB). Based on my current configuration and the HDD and SDD's I have my questions are as followed: (Thanks in advance...
  20. manemalhar786

    Problem In Booting SL IN PC.

    I have 4gb ram,2gb gtx 610 grpahics. Can anyone just tell me settings of h61m-s1[gigabyte] of hpet,sata & other.. For booting sl in interl core i3