Sierra can't boot, no video signal, system stuck

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Nov 8, 2016
Asus Z97I-PLUS
R9 390X
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Hi everyone :)

I'm new to this forum so I hope that I'm publishing my post in the correct section :)

I am trying to run Mac OS Sierra latest version (10.12.1) on my custom pc. My goal is to run also Windows on the same SSD (500gb Samsung 850 Evo), making a dual boot installation of both the systems. I started by following the guide you suggest on your site so I created a usb 3.0 key, using Unibeast set in Uefi Boot Mode, without choosing any graphics configuration (in order to possibly use it on multiple systems). After the key was done, I applied the recommended Bios settings, except for the I/O Serial port and the XHCI Handoff, which I wasn't able to find on my Asus Bios. Afterwards, I started installing Sierra by creating and formatting my SSD according to your guide, except the fact that I also have splitted my SSD in half, making a Windows Partition (using MS-DOS FAT f.s.) for my Windows 10 installation. After doing this, I installed Sierra on the proper partition of my SSD. The setup was completed without any problems, in approximately 10 minutes.

So, here's the problem... by exiting the setup, Mac requests to reboot and, according to your guide, after this, I have to boot again using the usb key and complete the setup, so again I choose external boot.

When I choose it, the Apple logo appears, including the progress bar, but unfortunately it doesn't load at all, my monitor stops working saying no signal detected (I think that this is caused by my AMD R9 390x video card)and the whole system hangs waiting for something to happen ??? I have tried to modify and inject ATI on the Clover configuration (by putting the flag and going back and selecting the usb drive from which to boot) but still getting the same problem...

I have searched on your forum about the R9 390X problem: there are many post but none of them clearly explains how to fix the no signal issue after boot.

Pls I request your precious help :( I'm stuck at this point and I can't do anything :(

Thank you guys.
Have a nice day!
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Up :( Really no one can help me? :( Please
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