mac os

  1. mkslainc

    List of compatible OS's.....and lots ofadvice!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, this is my first time here and my first time trying to install a MAC OS on my Windows Laptop. Along with the details below, I also have two Intel SSD 520 series (480GB). Based on my current configuration and the HDD and SDD's I have my questions are as followed: (Thanks in advance...
  2. manemalhar786

    Problem In Booting SL IN PC.

    I have 4gb ram,2gb gtx 610 grpahics. Can anyone just tell me settings of h61m-s1[gigabyte] of hpet,sata & other.. For booting sl in interl core i3
  3. manemalhar786

    Need Help For Booting Mac Os In Pc

    I Have 4 gb & 2 gb gtx 610 grpahics. My Motherboard Is H61M-S1 [GIGABYTE] .I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO CHANGE THE BIOS. CAN ANY ONE HELP
  4. shekar

    Mac os

    HI, I am a new user for this forum. Before that I have a Samsung Laptop with model number NP300E5C-AOCIN with Intel i3 -2328M CPU @ 2.20 Ghz 6 GB - DDR 3 Ram 500 GB HDD SATA Intel HD Graphics - 3000 DVD Writer 15.6" Display - 1366x786 resolution support I am a fan of Mac OS, but at this...
  5. daggerintheskull

    want to know if my new laptop is compatible with mac os

    i got a new acer aspire v3-772g laptop. if there is anyother info required i can provide.
  6. ecstasy

    HP envy dv6 7202tx is it compatible?

    I have searched the web and found out about other envy dv6 model not exactly the one I own. I have a envy dv6 7202tx. The hardware specifications can be found so is my hardware compatible to run a Mac OS?
  7. Ruzude

    noob needs help

    So basically I'll explain everything going on, I have ga-h87n wifi mobo with i5 4570, 8gb ram and 500 w power supply, I'm trying to install Mac OS mountain lion with unibeast, it mounts it perfectly to my usb but won't let me install on harddrive because harddrive is master boot so instead...
  8. PEG10

    Can I get Mac to run on my current build

    Component Compatibility For Mountain Lion Hi My current build is -Intel Core i5 3470 -8GB DDR3 RAM -ASRock B75M-DGS R2.0 -NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 -Hitachi Deskstar 250GB 7200 rpm HDD currently I am running windows but i was wondering if these parts would be compatible with mountain Lion
  9. nitesh6

    which mac os can i install?

    I want to make a dual boot of windows 7 and mac.The intention of mac is to develop iphone applications. Which mac os can i install? My system details are: Processor: Intel pentium E2180 dual cpu at 2.00ghz Instruction: MMX,SSE(1,2,3,3s),EM64T Mainboard: Gigabyte technology Model:G31M-S2L...