mac os

  1. Avicii1234

    Hackintosh MacOS Sierra Boot Problem

    Hey Guys, After prepearing my MacOS Sierra Installation Drive with the Installer and Clover, I tried to boot it. After selecting the Drive in Clover, I seleced the Verbose (-v) Mode to boot. The PC starts booting and "freezed" at this screen. (Picture below) Is there something I can do to fix...
  2. Torsten

    No error but just reboot

    hey there, After putting a High Sierra on my 32gb Flash drive and hopping it onto my PC (intel i7 7800X, NVIDIA GTX 1070) in -v Mode i can‘t see any errors ... Best Regards
  3. Christuss

    Alt and Shift don't work on Hackintosh

    I managed to install Mac Os High Sierra on my pc, but there is a problem with my keyboard. The left 'Ctrl' acts like 'shift' and Left/Right Alt, Left/Right Shift and right ctrl keys do not work! It seems like the keys are not even registered by the computer... I have tried all of the 'keyboard...
  4. Zuma2006

    macOS High Sierra Installer rebooting before finished

    Hi everyone! I recently built a pc and wanted to install Mac os on it. I followed the steps and got to the screen that asks you what drive You want to install Mac os high sierra on. I selected my drive that I formatted earlier. It then proceeded to install. It then got about 1/4 of the way...
  5. kkf

    What Hardware require for run Mac Os ?

    Hello Friends, What Hardware require for run mac OS with fully compatible hardware like sound, graphics etc. Just like a clone MAC OS. Thanks.. Deal On Gaming Laptops Free Stuff
  6. Rocco97

    Is it possible to install mac os high sierra and windows 10 on two different ssd?

    My question is very clear indeed I wanted to know if it was possible in a computer to install two ssd one with mac os high sierra and one with windows 10 is at the start choose which one to start. If you can you can link me a guide on how to do it. Thank you
  7. AndKapiris

    Screen flashes Apple logo then reboots Mavericks

    Hello, I made a mavericks unibeast flash drive but when i insert into my pc and boot from it the apple logo just flashes and then reboots. I am aware of the post here: however it...
  8. Rikcon

    High Sierra installer crash

    Hello everyone! I'm new to hackintosh world so this may be really easy to fix, but I don't know how. I created a USB drive with installer using a guide from this website. USB drive boots to installer. I format my whole SSD and proceed with my install (agree with terms, e.t.c.). But, when...
  9. iMacintoshPlus1

    [NEED HELP] Alienware 17 R3 stuck on boot not loading or prohibitive sign

    I followed the High Sierra guide step by step for installing macOS on my Alienware 17 R3, yet I can't seem to get to the installation screen. I attempted this before almost a year ago with macOS Sierra and got the same result. Any suggestions on how to get my Hackintosh working? USB: 16 GB with...
  10. Alex65789

    Lenovo G500-OS X 10.12.6

    Hi, I installed Siera on Lenovo G500 (i3-3110m, 4gb RAM, Intel HD4000, HD8570 RIP). After installation, I ran into the keyboard problem. Caps lock was not turned on with one click and the system did not react to the key combination for the screenshots. Installed the version 456 and the touchpad...
  11. samcrow

    [SUCCESS] GIGABYTE GA-H270N-WIFI and macOS Sierra 10.12.06

    Hello! This is my third build after a long break. I checked a number of guides but could not really find one that worked 100% for my specific hardware and level of expertise. What I am attempting here is a simple to follow guide requiring minimum effort and time. I was finally successful with...
  12. Tejasva

    Hello guys please tell me can I install Mac OS Sierra or High Sierra on my specs?

    Motherboard: Asus H61M-CS CPU : Intel Pentium g2030 Graphics : Intel HD Graphics, No external graphic card guys please let me know if I can install mac os sierra on my pc or not? and if I can install then how can I proceed
  13. lilquezzi

    Trying to install Sierra, but running into issues...

    [Account has been deleted]
  14. jake21987

    High Sierra Hackintosh Build

    Hello! This is my first time building a Hackintosh, I'm trying to build a budget computer that can run smoothly, with little to no issues. Please let me know if my build will work, or if you have any experience with any of these parts! Thanks! Here's my build! Motherboard (Link...
  15. JaymanHD

    OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Installation fails.

    Hello, I am trying to set up a hackintosh machine on my custom built pc using iBoot 1.0.1 and a snow leopard installation disc (10.6.3). I have followed the Snow leopard installation guide by (tonymacx86)... But have not been able to boot into the OSX installation. So far I am able to get into...
  16. Dougal

    Multibooting OS 10.10.5 & OS 10.13.02

    Hi, this is my first time posting on the forum; i hope it's in the right place. I have a setup running Yosemete, installed using the unibeast guide and the posts on the forums. All of which were appreciated greatly, as i am not so technically minded. I would not change it except for this...
  17. RyanKluff

    Using Windows to install drivers

    Hello all, I just finished building my first hackintosh and the only thing left that I have to do is install my thunderbolt card driver. I have a gigabyte z370xp SLI mobo, i7 8700k, one samsung ssd, and the gc alpine ridge thunderbolt 3 card. I need to install the driver for the thunderbolt...
  18. YupWeWin

    Intel HD4400 on OS 10.12.6

    So for the past week or so ive been trying to figure out how to get Intel HD 4400 iGPU working with 10.12. I installed all the kexts and edited the Boot.plist (Im using clover) and I still cant use more than 7mb of vram. I tried every trick in the book. System: Intel Core i3 [email protected] Asus...
  19. gelomon

    [solved] Bluetooth issues

    Hello all, Currently I am on High Sierra. My bluetooth was working good but sometimes, after sleep it is not functional. Another issue I am facing are stutters when using a bluetooth speaker/headset and sometimes the connection drop when listening to audio but when transferring files, it is not...
  20. djcompu

    Intel HD 530 with dual screen

    Hi, I had a little problem with my graphics card, nothing I tell you. The problem is that I have double monitor and when I boot the two screens come the same content but when it is going to boot I only get content in the by hdmi in the dvi does not go. I have Msi gaming m3 z170 motherboard...