PC with Mac OS X Sierra + Windows 10 + Ubuntu + (eventually Windows 7)

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Nov 8, 2016
MSI B150M Bazooka
Intel Core i5 6600
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor OC
Hello guys !

I came here to ask you to solve my problem, sorry if I'm not on the good forum.
I would like to know if it was possible to do triple or more boots on a PC.
And in which order should I install these OS ? ( Mac OS/Win10/Win7/Ubuntu)

Thank you for your answers ! Have a nice day !
Best place to post is the Multi-boot Forum
From the way you asked the question, it looks like you want to use Multiple Disks for multi-boot rather than multiple partitions of a single large disk.
A few things to consider when Multi-booting with Clover boot -loader on Multi-disk which I prefer.
  • Use the same Boot mode for all OSes, either all are UEFI or all are Legacy.
  • If the System Board has UEFI ,prefer using that over legacy mode
  • Best to install Windows FIRST, followed by Mac and Linux to prevent Windows affecting the Boot-loader on Mac OS Disk adversely.
  • When Installing Sierra, it is best to DISCONNECT all other disks and just have the USB Installer and the Target HDD for macOS attached to the MoBo.
  • Once macOS Sierra is installed and functioning well on its own without the help of USB Installer, shut down PC and Connect other System disks but MAKE macOS Sierra HDD as the FIRST BOOT DEVICE in the BIOS and select it to boot to open Clover Boot Manager to choose the system you want to launch.
  • Remember Windows 7 and Windows 10 disc usually assume you want to install the system in Legacy mode.
  • In my opinion, creating a USB installer using the freeware "Rufus" and selecting "GPT " partition scheme instead of MBR will assure UEFI Installer. You can use the same Rufus in Windows to create your Linux system USB Installer also
Hope this helps.
Thank you, this will be very helpful ! :D
I was more thinking about making a multiple-boot on a SSD (120Go), is it possible ? (finally only Win10/MacOS/Ubuntu)
If not I have a 1To HDD.

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