1. spigandromeda

    Mechanics of keyboard kexts

    Hi, I have some problems to understand the mechanics of the keyboard driver. As far as I know there are two ways the laptop could use the keyboard: ACPI and PS2? Is that correct or is it always a combination of both? The VoodooPS2 Kext from RehabMan is used to make a PS2 connected keyboard...
  2. 0Mathew0

    Intel HD4600 flickering (but active)

    Hello ! I've a problem with my Asus G550JK (Intel HD4600 and GTX 850M). I've installed Mac OS 10.12 Sierra with Unibeast and complete it with multibeast. PC configuration: I7-4710HQ / IntelHD4600 & GTX 850M / 8Go RAM / WIFI KEY My screen flicker when I log into my session. But when I go into...
  3. Jer3780

    Installed High Sierra on thinkpad T410s

    I got it installed and mostly working. I have 2 main issues so far. The first is that The sound doesnt work. The second is that the graphics have some issues. There is a lot of flickering when logging in and I get a flickering white box under the cursor when I move it. I do have a 3rd issue. The...
  4. d4vinder

    [SUCCESS] HP Z600 High Sierra Installation Guide

    EDIT: See post below for a fully detailed installation guide of High Sierra on a Z600.
  5. prototypeDCB

    Can't determine EC query methods(T470)

    I have been able to get the display brightness slider on System Preferences/Display with the help of this post: Now, I'm trying to fix the display brightness keys with the help of this...
  6. sebyc

    ASUS ROG GL553VD keyboard not working.

    Hello everyone, I installed Sierra on my Asus laptop and the keyboard was working until I ran Multibeast. I can use keyboards connected through USB but my primary keyboard from the laptop is not working. Please help.
  7. the_gael

    Apple key stickers for laptop keyboard

    Does anyone know where I can buy stickers to go on the ctrl fn Windows and alt keys of my HP Elitebook - ones that show the Apple fn ctrl alt cmd key symbols? Or do I just have to make ones?
  8. viinnnzzz

    Can`t move my mouse or KB

    Hy There I just installed Hackintosh High Sierra. Everything worked fine, but when I install the MultiBeast ,restart with clover and get to the login, I can`t move my mouse or use my Keyboard. What can I do? Thanks for your attention
  9. VictorJacquemont

    Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad on High Sierra

    Hello everyone, First a gigantic thank you for this site and all the efforts that have been put into its development, I have now realised an old dream and feel very grateful towards everyone in this community! Everything is now working in an apparently very stable way! There is still one thing...
  10. nikg

    ASUS VivoBook K501UQ-DM050T Keyboard backlight

    I have the mentioned laptop, everything is fixed (except for wifi, i use a dongle, since the computer is under warranty). The only missing thing is the keyboard backlight. I tried with AsusNBFnKeys.kext without success. I can control the keyboard backlight in linux. I saw a similar post for a...
  11. MadGear77

    [Solved] Unable to use Keyboard & Mouse (X99-High Sierra)

    My specs is as follows: i7-5820k Asus X99 Strix Mobo ASUS GTX 980ti I'm unable to use the keyboard and mouse when i go to the lock screen. Does anyone have the same problem ? and how did you rectify it. I'm using the latest version of High Sierra 10.13 and please tell me the values and how to...
  12. immortal1hun

    USB Mouse working, but keyboard is not

    Hi, I installed High Sierra on my PC using Unibeast, based on this guide. I complete the installation, I did the first boot. My mouse is working (USB 3.0, on the motherboard), but my keyboard (USB 3.0, on the motherboard too) is not. I can't type text in the computer account create form, so I...
  13. dastle

    Help! Mouse and keyboard stutter/not working

    Hi there! I am completely new to Hackintosh, and I've installed it following all the guides on this webpage. Whilst everything seems to be working fine, my mouse seems to stutter accross the screen! It happened , even on the installer , but I thought it might have been due to using a USB, but...
  14. dwideschrude

    Apple Keyboard with Windows 10 - Best AutoHotKey Boot Camp Script

    Hello all! Like many of you, I've been a Mac user for many years and whenever I use Windows I always want the keyboard shortcuts to be the same - especially if I'm using an Apple Keyboard designed for macOS. If you're dual booting your Hackintosh with Windows I think you'll find this especially...
  15. sdfgsdfg

    Return-key on bluetooth-keyboards doesn't work

    On Bluetooth-Keyboards, my return-key does not work at all. I have tested 2 different keyboards and 3 different bluetooth cards/sticks This happens in Clover, my BIOS, and MacOS. In Windows is works perfectly fine. motherboard: ASRock z77 Pro 4 bluetooth cards: FV-T919, BCM94360CD Keyboards...
  16. daniten

    Can't connect to my keyboard during boot

    Hi everyone, First time Hackintosh builder here. I built my system based on the CustomMac Pro a few days ago, just with a stronger GPU (GeForce 1080 8GB G1). System is working great so far. Better than I expected.. still need to fix a few things but the first thing I'm trying to fix is the...
  17. Gobol

    How to remap Fn+up/down to PageUp/PageDown ?

    Hi! I've found that key combination extremely useful for coding - it is default keyboard functions for Asus UX305CA that I've also hacked. I belive there's many options, but I'd prefer DSDT hotpatch approach if available :D (I'm using hotpatch approach to DSDT) Got hack Probook 450G2, 10.11.6...
  18. szilipeter


    Hey! I finally installed sierra on my notebook (asus x550c) and installed the VoodooPS2Controller.kext for the keyboard and the trackpad. Both of them are functioning, but that the trackpad is detected as mouse and not as trackpad. How can I resolve this? Thanks
  19. wesselkeijer

    USB ports not working (not in BIOS nor OS)

    Hey guys, I recently built my first hackintosh, and am experiencing some problems. My first MB, an Asus Prime B250M-A, was working fine until at some point it stopped recognizing all USB devices. Booting it results in an American Megatrends screen saying NO Keyboard Detected. This went on and...
  20. erikuelo

    Trouble with mechanical keyboard

    Hi, I just instaled macOS Sierra but my gskill ripjaws mk780 mechanical keyboard is crazy: when y press "d", it press the "k", when i press "6" it press "supr" if i put a wireless keyboard works fine but i want to fix the problem to use the mechanical keyboard can you help me please?