1. Apevia21

    keyboard shift ctrl win and alt not working in os x

    hi everyone, i just bought a new keyboard for my hackintosh which is dual booted with windows 7. in windows my keyboard works perfectly as expected, but in os x mavericks the tab, shift, windows, and alt key do no work at all and the ctrl key works a shift. everything else seems fine. is this...
  2. zhucezhuanmen

    Logitech G11 Keyboard doesn't work in Mavericks

    My Logitech G11 keyboard doesn't work properly after install Mavericks. Actually it doesn't work in Unibeast as well, only few 'G' keys works. I have tried install USB 3.0 - Universal and ps/2 keyboard from multibeast, but it still doesn't work. My build configuration: GA-Z87X-UD3H i7-4770k...
  3. drakoon

    ps2 keyboard problem

    Hello, RehabMan! I'm new to this forum, I can not find topics to write about the problem, so I am here you are very good drivers for improved ps2 touchpad (synaptics) and keyboard, but with your driver on my laptop samsung R580-JS02KZ brightness keys do not work (Fn + Up, Fn + Down) you have...
  4. thebizon

    Unibeast & Mavericks don't recognize keyboard

    I have 2 keyboards(connected to ps2 slot) that work on both win/kubuntu on the PC I'm installing the OS X Mavericks to. It works in Chimera bootloader/UEFI BIOS too But, when I open my bootable USB for Mavericks installation, keyboard fails to work. Same, after I installed Mavericks to my SSD...
  5. MikkoLapiz

    IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter. Not working in Chamaleon.

    Hello. I bought this bluetooth a month ago, I have the Magic Trackpad and the Bluetooth Keyboard, they work great on OS X but I can't use them on Chamaelon, so I am unable to choose between HDD's. It's very frustrating. Is there a way to make them work in Chamaleon? My motherboard is...
  6. yonyz

    Mouse + Keyboard not working during installation

    Hi, I made a Unibeast USB for 10.9 and I am able to boot the installer using no DSDT and by typing npci=0x3000. Once I get to the installer, the mouse and keyboard (both are USB connected) do not work. I have a 1156 chipset motherboard and I tried using Legacy USB and it didn't help. If I...
  7. Informer123

    No Mouse or Keyboard after 10.8.5 Combo Update

    Today, October 20th 2013, I installed the 10.8.5 combo update from 10.8.0. This combo update apparently already has the supplemental update. Before restarting i ran Multi-beast 5.5.3 to install the ALC877/888b "Current" audio drivers. I then allowed the combo updater to restart my computer. It...
  8. 5elementsproduction

    New build with ga-x79s-up5-wifi but no access to the bios with ps2 keyboard

    I build a custom socket pro 2011 with the configuration of september but I have a problem when I want to access to the bios or any other option because nothing happens. On my screen I have the home screen of gigabyte but impossible to choose F9, F12, end or delete... When the computer start I...
  9. MagicTom

    USB Windows keyboard mapping

    Hi, I've recently built my first hackintosh, and have been using an older Apple wired keyboard since then. Today, I got my Sharkoon Skiller gaming keyboard in the mail. It works fine on Windows 7, but I'm having a lot of issues on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It seems as if the keys are mapped...
  10. Ruzude

    Keyboard question

    Just fresh installed windows 7 and want to switch to a Bluetooth keyboard, are there any keyboard that use Bluetooth 4.0?
  11. marktj

    Acer 5742-374G50Mnkk - ps2 keyboard no working after sleep

    Hello guys! I am a new entry :) As per title, I have got this laptop (specs below) which has almost everything working but after sleep I can't type the password because the internal keyboard doesn't work. Also I would like to patch my dsdt to make it perfect, is there any way to check if all...
  12. BSOD

    Postinstallation problems in my ProBook 4540

    Hi people I´ve already installed Mountain Lion on my 4540 Laptop with ProBook 6.1.2. I´ve got several problems... - Keyboard doesn´t match special characters as @, ´ç . I´ve tried to configure the keyboard in system but doesn´t work either. - Screen blinks a lot with images and videos. I´ve...
  13. hannahstaceynah

    Mouse and keyboard not working

    I have set up a Hackintosh which is running 10.6.3 and when I restart after running unibeast; or if I reboot after setting up without unibeast, the mouse and keyboard play up. The mouse moves but won't click anywhere. So I can't do anything and the keyboard doesn't do anything either. I changed...
  14. obscurity

    ML install, no mouse/keyboard on first boot

    doing a fresh install of ML. got it successfully installed. (keyboard and mouse worked for that) but when I goto first boot, I get to the screen where you select your country, and I no longer have any mouse/keyboard. tried USB and PS2 keyboards. nothing works. I know the system isn't...
  15. wowzakid123

    GA-X79S-UP5 not recognising keyboard at BIOS

    Motherboard not recognising keyboard at BIOS Recently have been building my hackintosh with: GA-X79S-UP5 motherboard and GTX670 gigabyte graphics card. We've connected to the samsung monitor and the have got to the post screen. However the keyboard is not recognised and we cannot proceed. We...
  16. mschmitt23

    Bluetooth Apple wireless keyboard in Chameleon - almost there!

    Following tips and guides from around tonymac, especially in the forum post linked below, I've managed to get my wireless Apple bluetooth keyboard working in Chameleon (to select Windows, OS X, or Linux at boot) but *only after a restart*. On a start-up after a shut down, Chameleon does not...
  17. pcmarques

    UP also sends F6: Apple Aluminum Keyboard Problem

    Hello guys, I have an Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, which recently began misbehaving. It is attached via USB to my Hackintosh. If I press the up arrow key, F6 is activated as well. The Keyboard Viewer shows that I am pressing both the Up and the F6 key when I press only the Up key...
  18. nemoryoliver

    Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard - How to? SysInfo says on Bluetooth "No information found."

    I don't have a bluetooth driver maybe because when I open System Information this is what I get "No information found." I really can't find a driver or kext for this keyboard. My adapter is already plugged in. Please can anyone help me what should I do? Thank you guys.
  19. lakai777

    Please Help! Keyboard & Mouse don't work after boot screen

    The support I've received has been phenomenal thus far so I'm hoping someone will be able to help out again. After placing the Hackintosh to sleep, the computer came back on without being prompted, except now the mouse and keyboard won't work. The computer isn't "frozen" either as I can see the...