1. wushuangrong

    need help to enable my fn key on my keyboard

    Hello, I have installed Mojave on my laptop and everything works fine, except that some keys on the keyboard do not work as intended, such as the Fn key. This is a Japanese keyboard layout. Is there a guide to tackle this problem. Thanks!
  2. THearne3

    Need to lock/disable keyboard on 2 in 1 laptop

    Can anyone suggest a way to disable only the keyboard? I'd like to be able to take advantage of the touchscreen on my laptop in 'tablet' form, but with no errant keyboard entry. I currently use the app KeyboardCleanTool, but this also makes the virtual (Accessibility) keyboard unusable. At...
  3. andonis1616

    Asus G751JT No keyboard, trackpad, audio or On-Board Network LAN

    So I managed to install MacOs Mojave and successfully installed Graphics Drivers and the Network was working until it didn't and don't know why. Also even though my wifi card is not supported and is a intel dual with bluetooth the bluetooth works.Does anybody know what to do to at least get the...
  4. jeffbox

    [Solved] Keyboard problem

    This problem only happens on mac, it works fine on Windows. The problem is that when I press two keys at the same time, A and E for example, it types AAEA and it should be AE. It like, repeats the previous character or something. It's really annoying because I have to type carefully, letter by...
  5. atomicamp

    Logitech Keyboard K750 Mac version, doubles up on keystroke of first character entered in login pass

    I have a weird minor issue that I'm trying to pan out. I'm not sure if its my keyboard, my mobo, my BIOS, or my hack in general. But every time I boot from Clover, upon entering the macOS login screen, when typing my password, the first letter of my password always prints twice. If I erase the...
  6. Nmogv2

    General questions about Mojave on the ASUS F510UA

    Hi, so ive really started to play around with installing Mojave on my laptop (asus f510ua), and i was able to have it all set up and boot into the os, but i couldnt get the trackpad or the keyboard to work, nor could i get the wifi card to work, which is all i really need so that I can start...
  7. hnieuw

    [solved] Keyboard disconnects randomly

    For a long time my keyboard worked perfectly, but recently (I can't remember when) an odd error occurred. After a while my keyboard randomly stops working, sometimes even from the start. It sometimes does this with a continuous input from a key, even though it doesn't got stuck physically. After...
  8. MeMacOSX

    Keyboard print double on Fujitsu P920 E90+ OSx Sierra

    Hi. I finally setup OSX Sierra on my Fujitsu P920 90+ and all works well. GPU, Audio, Network and SSD (Trim). But there is one problem. The Keyboard print sometimes letters doble or tripple. I install USBInjectAll kext and try some other hints from the net, but nothing will eelp. In keyboard...
  9. JeffersonGmz


    My keyboard and trackpad do not work on my laptop hp elitebook 9470m with Mojave 10.14 as I do to make it work.
  10. cyberdogg

    Lenovo x220 ThinkPad (i5-2520) with FileVault

    There is a well known guide to Hackintoshing and installing High Sierra on the x220 by McDonnellTech. The only problem is that it doesn't allow for FileVault encryption of the hard disk. And for many encryption is a must. The problem is revealed after following the guide and then encrypting...
  11. jkkmcppants

    Mojave Install Issues

    I successfully installed Mojave yesterday, and now i have a few issues, first and most importantly, my corsair keyboard and mouse no longer work, i tried adding usbinjectall kexts to my kext folder, and doing that now allows my mouse to move the cursor, but it still will not interact with...
  12. jkkmcppants

    keyboard and mouse on mojave

    Hi, i updated to mojave yesterday, and it seems to be running mostly fine, except for a few things, my corsair keyboard and mouse no longer work at all, i tried adding the usbinjectall kext to my kexts folder, and that made the mouse move the cursor, but would not allow it to click or activate...
  13. Samuel10


    Hi guys i'm new here got a Dell vostro 15 3000 series Motherboard: Dell 02CHRG / A00 INTEL CORE I5-7200U KABY LAKE INTEL HD GRAPHICS 620 DDR4-2400 1200 MHZ RAM 16 GB TOTAL (X2 8GB) (UPGRADE) SSD SAMSUNG (UPGRADE) SSD DERVO X1 PRO (UPGRADE) I'm here to ask you some help with my first...
  14. sorginetxe

    Help: mouse and keyboard stop working just before login and screen goes black

    Hello Yesterday, while I was working in lightroom, the screen suddenly went into a random pattern of grey and pink vertical lines. I rebooted and, after the apple symbol, instead of login screen I get a black screen, and the keyboard and mouse also stop working. The system was perfectly...
  15. cowcowpod

    [Help] Brightness keys don't "work" (DELL)

    Hi! So I've got this old dell N5050 that I've gotten mostly to work - brightness slider is present and working in SysPrefs, however upon pressing FN+F4/5 aka brightness keys, the HUD shows up, and the brightness either stays the same or increases. System details: macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Dell...
  16. infopz

    Commad Key doesn't work

    Hi guys, I installed a clean version of High Sierra, all work fine, except for the command key. If I click it alone or in combination with another key, it appears as no clicked and it writes the other key pressed (if I click cmd+V, it writes v). I'm using a fnatic Rush keyboard, I tried with...
  17. koriwi

    [solved] Remap special dedicated "Print"-Key that disables touchpad in macOS

    Hi Guys. My second post, ever. Now 5 years later I have my work laptop (X1 Carbon 6th) almost perfectly working. I'm a big lurker and gathered all my information from the internet. Thanks internet people and special thanks to RehabMan! I'm a developer and not so bad in troubleshooting my own...
  18. tyler2727

    No mouse or keyboard during install

    I've created my USB boot drive using Unibeast, installed USBInjectAll.kext and XHCI-300-series-injector.kext, when I boot into the installer it appears to load correctly but I have no mouse and keyboard. I've ensured everything is plugged into USB 2.0 and tried multiple ports. Mouse and...
  19. MJMF5

    Keyboard not working on cloned drive

    I can't seem to figure out why my keyboard works just fine on my production Hackintosh but not on my clone. If I try to login to my cloned drive the mouse works just fine but not my keyboard. Any ideas? My clone is running on a WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard...
  20. spigandromeda

    VoodooPS2 no debug output

    Hi, I am currently configuring the VoodooPS2 controller from RehabMan for my laptop keyboard. Some keys are switched and other stuff. First I want to find the corresponding ps2-codes. To do so I installed the recent debug VoodooPS2 kext to /S/L/E (including the deamon and the plist for launch)...