How to make Mac keyboard "fn" button recognized on Windows

Jan 29, 2022
Mortar B560M
i5 11400
UHG 730
Hi guys,

Yesterday I spent tons of time trying to figure out, how can I restore "fn" button functionality on Windows 11.
Short intro - it's not boot camp install. I have purchased the PC because needed muuuch more perfromance for my tasks which my MBP 2015 can't afford.
I also have Mac MLA22B keyboard and don't wish to change it, because it's perfect. The problem I met that "fn" button can't be recognized at all.
I tried different approaches but nothing worked - the button just doesn't have a proper driver because PowerToys app don't see it at all.

I found the topic on this forum where it was discussed and somehow peaople made it work. However it's outdated and seems doesn't work anymore. I have installed AppleKeyboardInstalled using command promt > BootCamp.msi. Now I see bootcamp icon in my tray and also there is a Keyboard layout with (Apple) at the end. But again - "fn" still doesn't work.

Tell me please, is that possible at all? That's really big issue for me.

P.S. seems the issue relates to Magic Keyboard Gen2 only... Need to find the proper driver somewhere
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