intel graphics

  1. guiabreuuuuu

    macOS Catalina Intel Graphics Problem

    I'm a beginner at Hackintosh so basically I picked an EFI, with almost the same configs as my ASUS vivo book X510UA, and put into my EFI Partition. I'm able to boot and almost everything looks fine, except for some issues and the worst one is some graphic bugs like: Missing transparency on...
  2. mrmeister

    What is the most automated Nvidia/Intel setup?

    I've been out of the Hackintosh game for a while, trying to get by, but it's just not the same. Now that I'm working from home, I don't get to do the bulk of my work on my office Mac every day, and I'm really starting to feel it. My current setup is an 8700k with a 1080Ti. This powers a 34"...
  3. DOGER92

    problem graphic card

    Hi guys, I'm new to the world of Hackintosh. I write in this section because I have a problem with the graphics card of my laptop. As far as I understand from the web, it is not possible to use a dedicated graphics card on a laptop. So I'm trying to use the integrated processor one. The problem...
  4. teshn

    Dual Monitor - Intel Onboard Graphics with Mojave 10.14.6 (18G103)

    Hi there, I swapped from HighSierra to Mojave. Everything went somewhat smooth except my second monitor. With High Sierra I had no problems with my second monitor, but in Mojave it looks like the first attachment (took the photo with my handy). This monitor is connected via Onboard DVI, the...
  5. applehacker321

    Asus UX305FA Distorted Graphics on Install Screen

    When booting into Mac OS Catalina Installer from USB, I can clearly see the Clover / Verbose Boot Process. However after the Installer starts, I get distorted graphics which can be seen in the attached image. I haven't been able to find much information to fix such issues, I have attached my...
  6. threequartersearth

    Mojave Installer Stuck at 12 Minutes Remaining

    I'm at three days of working on this build, and I'm currently stuck at the "About 12 minutes remaining message" in the Mojave installer. Once it gets to this point, the progress bar does not move, even if I leave it for an hour. I've attached the installer log. Booting into the installer...
  7. dizeke

    How do I get higher refresh rate on Intel UHD 630?

    I have the following specs: Intel i7 8700k Asrock Z370 Gaming K6 16GB 3600Mhz RAM Everything is working correctly and fine (audio, ethernet). My only problem is my screen is tinted pink and I'm stuck with 50/60hz on my monitor when it should be able to produce at least 120hz via HDMI on my...
  8. spliter13

    It's worth to get i5-9400F?

    Hey! Right now I'm starting to gather parts for my Hackintosh, but I'm having dilemma with processor. I'm from Poland, so I'll put prices in my currency and approx. in dollars. So, i3-8100 is around 500 zł (that's ~130$), i5-9400F is 720 zł (~188$) and i5-8400 is 899 zł (~234$). It's worth, to...
  9. notalexd3v

    Can't enable Intel GPU (UHD 630)

    Hi everyone! Some days ago, I tried for the first time ever my Hackintosh. Everything works (pretty) fine, but I still can't enable the integrated GPU of my i3 8100 processor (that's causing some glitches and other annoying stuff). I've already googled and almost all the tutorials have missing...
  10. bjgo

    [Great Build] mini HTPC: ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac - i5-8400 - UHD 630 Graphics - Mojave

    bjgo's Build: i5-8400 - Asrock Z370M-ITX/ac - UHD 630 Components Intel Core i5-8400 Processor Noctua NH-L9I CPU Cooler (300-2500 RPM, 4pin, TDP 65W, 15-24dB, Al+Cu...
  11. End3rPower50

    How to install MacOS Mojave on my Hp 15-ay034nl

    Hi, I Would like to install MacOS Mojave on my hp's notebook, can you help me please? This is my PC: -Intel core i7 6500U 2,50Ghz Skylake -Ram 12gb ddr4 2133MHz -Intel hd graphics 520 & AMD radeon r7 m340 -Ethernet Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller -Bluetooth and Wifi Broadcom 43412 (I know...
  12. BenedictBurns

    Intel Graphics glitching on High Sierra/i7 8700k/ Z370XP SLI

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping for someone with more knowledge than I can ever hope to obtain that will read this and think "argh what an idiot, he just needs to change this one setting". Basically, I've installed High Sierra successfully on my M.2 SSD, connected to a Gigabyte Z370XP SLI mobo and i7...
  13. Warmach1ne

    Cannot use double displays on HD 630

    I have my regular monitor connected, which works fine, on the VGA port of my motherboard (no GPU). However, when I try to plug in my second monitor on the HDMI port, the first one just goes dead, no matter what I do. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. lpashtet

    Intel HD 630 low brightness

    Friends, I have a problem with the brightness of the laptop display. When installing and operating the brightness of the display is supposedly 80%, but not 100%. This problem is repeated on Linux systems and even on Windows (without the driver installed on the graphics card). Is there any...
  15. lakyman

    High Sierra Desktop Intel HD 4000 Issue

    hi, I'm an old hackintosh user and until now i've pretty much know how to fix my issues by reading the amazing guides and all of you guys in the forum ! Now the time to ask for your help cause i'm stucked and i can't find a way to fix it ! I've freshly installed mac osx 10.13.5 on my...
  16. jmelle2

    [Solved] Intel Graphics trouble after updating to High Sierra

    Hi all, I updated to High Sierra today after getting some Nvidia errors with the latest version of Sierra. My setup: intel i7-7700k mobo: Asus Prime Z270 Dual monitor setup: 1 monitor GTX1060 1 monitor KBL intel hd 630. After updated the display connected to the GPU was working correctly...
  17. MeloMilo

    Desktop Bucks

    Hi I build a Hackintosh with I5 7600k GA-H270M-DS3H Intel Graphics 600 So when I build the PC I can’t youse the full Resolution so I install a patch (I think it was Framebutter) and it works a few months but than after a Softwerupdate ( It wasn’t the first update I made) the Desktop bugs (not...
  18. MeloMilo

    Graphic driver Intel HD 630

    Hello Guys I add/make this: So the intern Graphic has now only 31MB and the Driver dir 6**and 5** didnt help... Have someone any Idea? Thanks for Helping!!!
  19. Ratio

    hd4400 horizontal lines high sierra

    Hi! I am actually running high sierra in legacy because is the solution I read in the forums for garbled graphics. If I run osx in uefi mode I get a garbled screen UNTIL i put the laptop to sleep ( closing the lid ) and I wake it up again. From that moment on everything works fine. So what if we...
  20. MeloMilo

    HD 630 Intel didn‘t work well

    Hi, i builed my first Hackintosh and every thing go well only the Graphic isn‘t well hab you any resolution ? (The Grafic has 1536 mb) but the display resolution. has to be 4k or FHD