intel graphics

  1. Ratio

    hd4400 horizontal lines high sierra

    Hi! I am actually running high sierra in legacy because is the solution I read in the forums for garbled graphics. If I run osx in uefi mode I get a garbled screen UNTIL i put the laptop to sleep ( closing the lid ) and I wake it up again. From that moment on everything works fine. So what if we...
  2. MeloMilo

    HD 630 Intel didn‘t work well

    Hi, i builed my first Hackintosh and every thing go well only the Graphic isn‘t well hab you any resolution ? (The Grafic has 1536 mb) but the display resolution. has to be 4k or FHD
  3. MeloMilo

    I can't get a 4k resolution with Intel hd 630

    Hi guys, i build my first hackintosh, and all works very good, only the Graphic isn't very good. The resolution has to be 4k but it under FHD(full hd)... can any one solve this problem ? My Hardware: -mobo: GAH270M-DS3H -prozessor: Intel i5 7600k -graphic: Intel hd 630 -memory: Ballistic Sport...
  4. Gaffalover

    HD 530 resolution and acceleration issue on GA-H170N-WIFI

    Hey guys, thank you for dropping by. Currently I have a working Sierra installation, done with the guides [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI and [Update] Sierra 12.1 - Skylake GA-H170N-WIFI / HD530. Im using a Nvidia GT730 to get 2560x1440 resolution and sleep on my system, wich was...
  5. SonnyRR

    Kaby Lake ATX build (possibly w/o dedicated GPU)

    Hello, I want to build my first hackintosh machine. In the last 6 months I've gone through various possible configurations but I've been financially set back several times, so I never got around to building it. It will not be my first hackintosh, but it is the first machine built purposely for...
  6. heyyoumen

    New Sierra build 6700K, Worked, won't boot now

    Hi All, I just finished my 2nd build, for a friend of mine. the build is Z170X-UD3, i7 6700K, 16GB RAM, Intel HD530 Graphics. Sierra installed no problem at first, then I tried to install Multibeast once, with audio drivers, network, USB3 etc. and reboot, still fine. But Audio wasn't working...
  7. ankursp

    Intel HD630 on 10.12.6 - Blank screen after Clover boot

    Hi, I need help with HD630 acceleration. I have installed 10.12.6 on my primary machine which has following config: ROG STRIX Z270E GAMING | i7 7700K Set IGPU primary and multi monitor Disabled adn IGPU mem set to 64mb Installation was successful, after that using kext util instaleld kext as...
  8. RandyBoBandy

    Intel HD 530 Graphics

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently posting this on my new Hackintosh! Just about everything works that I've tried so far other than the internal graphics. The screen keeps tearing and ripping and is just unpleasant in general. Since i have the i5 6600k it should be Intel HD 530 graphics but the...
  9. dibe0001

    Imovie doesn't startup! And glitches on screen!

    Hi guys! I've just finished my installation of Mac OS Sierra ! I got it from my MacBook Pro. I used Multibeast and now I wanted to see if Imovie works because I have to use it for a film I'm going to make! Imovie says "Your graphics configuration is not supported! This graphics configuration...
  10. Sanchayan

    Intel Graphics 5500 Sierra no kext loaded

    Hello, I earlier had a kernel panic when trying to install Mac OSX Sierra. In the config.plist I had put the minStolenSIze patch. Even then, it didn;t work. And I cannot change dmvt since my bios is locked. So, as explained in this post, I cannot change dmvt ...
  11. rcc622

    Only 7MB on Graphics

    Hi, I just build my CustoMac and Hardly Install all The drivers but when i go to about this mac it says: Intel HD Graphics 7000 MB. I haven't install any graphics card yet. I am using a MotherB Gigabyte Z170x-UD3 (It says that have 512MB of VRAM integrated) and Core i5 Quad core 3.3 6ht...
  12. Cedric01

    [Solved] Update 10.12.5, Initialize Graphic Firmware failed

    I updated from 10.12.3 to 10.12.5 and have this problem so I unchecked Inject Intel but I still have the same problem :/ What do I have to do now? :crazy: PS: I missed to install the kexts before the update :banghead:
  13. rakibtg

    [Solved] Screen flickering and dual monitor issue on Mac Sierra (10.12.4)

    Hi there, this is my first attempt to create a hackintosh and seems everything is working ( Thanks to tonymacx86 ) I am using Mac Sierra (10.12.4) Sound, internet are working fine but I am struggeling with the graphic issue. My motherboard is Gigabyte B85M-D3H-A with no additional graphic card...
  14. romsfreak

    [solved] Iris 550 Issues

    Hi! Unfortunately MacOS Sierra shows 7MB as video memory of the Intel Iris Graphics 550 (and I also get slow animations and sometimes flickering. I've always patched minStolenSize because Bios default DVMT-prealloc is set to 32mb and I can't change. Also Intel is injected, ig-platform-id set to...
  15. Phoxxel

    I need help if macOS Sierra can run in my laptop

    I know, it's a laptop. But it's not under powered. It's powerful than the Late 2009 iMac that supports Sierra, and... just get to the point already! But I don't know if it can run macOS Here's some specs to share CPU: Intel(R) Dual Core i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz Motherboard: HP 80D9 64.36 -...
  16. Westechy

    Monitor and Power

    hi, i finally got my successful build done and installed to a point where no network or glitches at the menu bar. Problem 1: the one problem i havent been able to fix is i can only use one monitor and i would prefer to have two. i have confirmed that the two monitors im hooking up to the...
  17. friso237

    Installing Sierra on Clevo Laptop model P650RP6-G

    Hello everyone, I'm not new to hackintoshing as I built a lot of desktop workstation from 2012 to now, but I don't consider myself enough expert to figure out certain here I am I accepted the challenge and I would like to put Sierra on my new notebook Clevo P650RP6-G but I need the...
  18. bhollehday

    Stuck on Apple - trying to boot with Intel HD 4600 graphics

    Im having trouble switching back to onboard graphics on my setup. It keeps sticking on the apple everytime it boots. It would boot fine when i was on Nvidia drivers with 750 Ti card. I cant get it to boot off intel graphics for the life of me. I get same results when booting in safe mode -x...
  19. Pimenttuga

    i5 4670k + Asus z87-plus + Intel graphics

    Hello every one This is my first post on this forum and i hope i could have some help and support on this journey of mine! YES! im building a hackintosh... actually, im converting my 3 year old pc into a hackintosh for my father and as a result, i will be able to buy for myself a i7 skylake and...
  20. sithinjatyler

    HDMI works intermittently HD 5500 Graphics

    So my problem is as such: the HDMI port on my HP Pavilion 15-r210dx with HD 5500 Graphics works only sometimes, (always works so far when I boot into safe mode) and other times it just straight up doesn't see the monitor at all. I usually just restart a few times until it works again and then...