hd 4000

  1. bher08

    HD 4600 No Kext Loaded. Please Help

    EDIT: Issue was solved, used unibeast to re-install Mavericks and worked right away. thanks Mobo: GA-Z87m-D3H Processor: I7-4770k Ram: Corsair Vengeance LP 2x4 SMBios= Mac Pro 3,1 OS= Mavricks 10.9 Video out = HDMI, i dont think it matters for my problem Computer works great, clocked at...
  2. moddage

    Intel HD graphics 4000 not working, HELP!

    Intel HD graphics 4000 not working, Tried Everything, (yes i searched) HELP! I have an ASUS P8Z77-V LK mobo,i7-3770k CPU with HD 4000. I'm Running Mavericks. Mavericks is updated, latest BIOS from ASUS patched for speedstep. Latest boot loader. This was a functional system with my...
  3. escobol

    GA-Z77X-UD5H - HD 4000 problem with dual monitor

    Hi, I got working mav instalation with "Bootloader and Extra to EFI Partition" from guide http://www.tonymacx86.com/401-install-bootloader-extra-efi-partition.html. Ive needed this partition because of AMD r280x. Now i need to run my hackintosh without r280x (with only hd 4000). With one...
  4. yoyoasakura302

    Will VGA port in MSI b75-g43 works?

    Hi all. First post here. I’m going to buy a combo: + MSI B75-G43 + CPU i3 3325 ( Graphics HD 4000) + RAM GSkill 4GB I have a monitor with only VGA port. I see some topic says that HD4000 can work with VGA port but some says no. I’m so confusing. Can my VGA onboard port works? Thanks...
  5. pacofdeznra

    HD 4000 no signal after logo

    Hi, This is my first post, please be patient :) ABSTRACT Once executed MultiBeast, at startup a BenQ 23'' monitor (V2320H) connected via DVI loses signal after the Apple logo. If I replace it with a Apple Cinema Display 23'' also through DVI (A1082), I can login and the system is working...
  6. ortigosano

    (NEW) (NO SUCCESS – HELP REQUESTED) Build | GA-Z77N-WIFI| i5-3570| 8GB| Intel® HD Graphics 4000

    (NEW) (NO SUCCESS – HELP REQUESTED) Build | GA-Z77N-WIFI| i5-3570| 8GB| Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Hello everybody! Hereby I post the process of my Hackintosh building after install drivers from MultiBeast (where I get stuck.) I guess I did something wrong but I do not know what. If you have...
  7. CzNazzaa

    Can't load Installer in chimera boot loader! Please Help

    Hey this my first ever hackintosh build and the software is driving me crazy.:banghead: CPU- Intel i5 3570K Motherboard- Gigabyte Z77-DS3H Graphics- Intel HD 4000 Ram- 8gb SSD- Sandisk 120gb Extreme So I installed snow leopard but I have to use iBoot all the time as Snowleapord is not...
  8. piyush

    HP Spectre Hackable?

    Hi guys, I'm fairly new to Hackintosh(ing) so I might sound a bit off. I'm currently using a HP Spectre XT 13-2001tu and it is running OSX 10.8 via VMware flawlessly. But I would love to know if it is hackable. Its specs are: 3rd Gen i5-3317u HM76 4GB RAM @1600Mhz HD4000 graphics (no dedicated...
  9. MTB

    Nvidia Quadro 2000

    I am a newbie with a working Hackintosh (see signature) that uses integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics. I recently inherited a Nvidia Quadro 2000 from a friend, but I have been able to find very little info about using it in a Hackintosh. Can anyone tell me [1] if it will work with Mac OS X, and...
  10. benbumben

    Opencl on the HD4000 coming?

    hi, I´m wondering if apple will release OpenCL driver for the HD4000 soon. I know that there is support for OpenCL with windows. Does anybody know if something is happening in the future. Apple shpuld really support this, as they have several macs which only have the HD 4000.
  11. eldipro

    COD 4 doesn't work

    Hi all today I've tried to run cod 4 on my custo mac, but I got black screen. I use the hd 4000 video card, with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, and if I put it to "No" the game doesn't even open...Also YouTube doesn't work really good, please help me thx
  12. greglopes

    Samsung Series 5 Ultra - Successfully Install Mountain Lion, but multibeast failed

    Hello guys, First, let me apologise for any english mistakes that may happen, sorry. I used the unibeast + multibeast guide to get it on my Samsung Series 5 Ultra core i7, and it all went ok, finished instalation successfully. But when i tried to install multibeast, all the ways that you can...
  13. madmanru

    Unknown Graphics HD 4000 Hackintosh

    Where I can find kext on HD 4000? Intel Core i5 3570K BOX GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H DDR3 Corsair 8192Mb CMV8GX3M1A1600C11 1600MHz
  14. jonahback

    HD4000 Graphics Qe/Ci problems. I3-3225 with h77n-wifi motherboard.

    My new Hackintosh is having some problems with hardware acceleration. It recognizes the graphics card in about this mac, as HD4000 with 512 mb. However, some animations are laggy and hd video is extremely slow. I've also gotten a warning in VLC about not having Quartz. Installed using MultiBeast...
  15. LoveYa

    Z77X-UD5H i7 3770, HD 4000 - endless spinning wheel, only safe mode working

    Hello everyone! I am totally new and had never set up a hackintosh before. Till now I've only used "real" Macs but I really needed an upgradeable system... :) That's why I'm trying to built a hackintosh :mrgreen: This is my hardware (upon the recommendation of an article on tonymacx86): -...
  16. highwaykind

    Half black screen won't boot (onboard HD4000)

    This is not turning out to be the smooth installation I had hoped for when I bought the recommended parts from the Guide... Broken motherboard cost me a day, then I had an incompatible installation USB stick, then there was something with my fonts (see other topic), and now this. It worked...
  17. Tecnifighter

    Intel HD 4000 not Displaying Properly

    I've been trying to run OS X Lion on my Lenovo W530 for a while now. I have most things working, but I have not been able to get graphics acceleration working. I just updated to 10.7.5 which has support for Intel HD 4000 graphics, but I have not been able to get it working properly. I tried...
  18. MathiasVH

    Cheapest way to triple monitors?

    Hello! :D I'm almost done with my power mac G5-mod - It's going to be hooked up to a 27" and a 20" Cinema Display. As far as I understand, the HD4000 will be able to drive these two monitors. I'm considering adding a third monitor, though, and therefore I'm wondering what compatible graphics...
  19. jasonbond

    How do you know HD 4000 is enabled

    I want to know if not being able to change resolution means it is not enabled I am only limited to 1080p which is good display but just want to make sure I get full graphics. Thanks
  20. buihuuloc

    VGA for Intel Graphics HD4000

    Anyone try to use VGA on HD4000? I don't know how to patch it. I'm using HP Probook 4540s almost working perfect except wifi Atheros AR9485 and VGA