1. flynnwinch

    Unable to download apps from Mac App Store after update to Big Sur & Clover r5123

    I know that clover r5123 and Big Sur are both in beta, but I was hoping someone here may have some pointers as to how to fix this. Specifically, when I try to download an app or an update from the App Store, the button to download/update for the app in question turns into the circle with a...
  2. np112983

    Please help, huge Catalina install fail, stuck with snow leopard now

    Ok, so I had Mojave running, everything worked perfectly. I decided to upgrade to Catalina. I got it working for the most part, except graphics, but during the process of trying to fudge the graphics to work just for display purposes(I have no need for acceleration) I messed something up and...
  3. umangloria

    Help Needed: AppleUSBEthernetHost.kext - Kext with invalid signature

    I recently updated my system to 10.15.4 and I am not able to share internet to iPhone and on debugging I found that while performing sudo kextcache -i / I am getting this output: KernelCache ID: 915773D8B263C28F9636D89108245906 Kext with invalid signature (-67050) allowed: <OSKext...
  4. tmac

    "Install macOS Mojave" 10.14.1 no longer available now that 10.14.2 is out?

    I am sorry if this is a noob question, I have been researching all day with no luck. I am trying to complete STEP 1 which is downloading Mojave 10.14.1 for UniBeast. I can only find the Mojave 10.14.1 UPDATE which when downloaded adds a "macOSUpd10.14.1.dmg" in my downloads folder. I know...
  5. SpooderPutato

    Cannot download MacOS Mojave from Store

    At the very beginning, it was fine. But download got interrupted by whatever reason and downloaded size went deducted by around 2gb. After that, after fully downloaded, it just doesn't work. I uninstalled and redownloaded, but every time I redownload I get the 17-something mb file and it doesn't...
  6. FrankLehnen

    Network speed, MacOS vs. Windows

    Hi all, I just have a quick question concerning the network speed I can achieve on my Hackintosh. My ISP provider offers a fairly stunning downstream of 500Mbit and upstream of 250Mbit. Under Windows 10 I usually get VERY near those speeds, testing with Ookla's Speedtest. (around 490 down and...
  7. inarush

    macOS Mojave officially released!

    Downloadable via App Store at Now, let the Hackintosh tests begin! Hopefully Nvidia will release a Mojave-compatible web driver soon.
  8. God4Play

    [Solved] Help about downloading High Sierra from Apple App Store

    Hi everyone, I'm currently try to install an hackintosh on my PC, but I've got a problem during downloading the setup from App Store. Infact, when I try to do this, it will download me a file of 15mb, and not of 5.2GB as wrote. If someone can help me, please reply to this post. Thank you for all.
  9. nikigreen

    Can Spotify Music be downloaded?

    I have a free trial of Spotify for several weeks, and I want to download it. But whatever I tried, I failed to do so. Can Anyone tell me about the specific ways on how to download it? Or it can't be downloaded?
  10. bmc746

    At a lost

    New member to this community and Macs. fairly competent IT guy. Cannot find any place in the "app store" to "download" high sierra. There are options to Copy link / open / but nothing to save/download Mac Im running off of already has High Sierra and working apple ID account for the App...
  11. walaw

    Forced to "install high sierra" - can´t download full installer for USB-install?

    I tried to download High Sierra via AppStore on my old build to create a fresh USB-Install-stick for my new build - but what I get is a window, where I have to press "Continue" (to set up the installation of macOS High Sierra) and then "Agree to the terms" and select the Harddrive where I want...
  12. fufulord

    macOS 10.12 Sierra Installer has been removed from the App Store.

    Where do I download it now?
  13. lu7ifer

    Unable to download any apps from the App Store

    Hello! Installed is a fresh copy of Snow Leopard updated to 10.6.8. Multibeast was installed, too (EasyBeast and Network) PC starts fine. Mobo: GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 CPU : i7 2600 (non k) GPU : Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC The first problem was I could not login into my AppStore account. That...
  14. Sanchayan

    Unable to download Sierra from Mac App Store

    Hello, I have a hackintosh which I created using a different guide. So I wanted to download the .app file from the app store and install it using the guides here. However, whenever I click download from the mac App Store, it simply goes to the launchpad and shows waiting for the past 1.5 hours...
  15. JCMunsonII

    What if you can't download Sierra?

    Greetings! The current iMac I have, an '08 24" duo-core, OSX 10.11.6, has hardware that is too old for Sierra, so I can't download it. Is it possible to clone the current setup to a newer nifty hackintosh and then update to Sierra, or am I stuck and will need to buy a new Mac anyway? Thanks! Jon
  16. Spencer7220

    Can't download the installer

    I can't download the installer for macOS Sierra on my genuine Mac, so I can't really create a Unibeast bootable drive to use on other computers. I get the error shown below when I try to download it from the Mac App Store. Is there any way to get around this or download it from Apple another way?
  17. iosonofigo

    WiFi/Ethernet slow on El Capitan, fast on Windows

    Hello, I'm running this build for months and it's perfect, everything works fine. The only issue I have is that internet (upload speed in particular) is running incredibly slow. Here are my specs: - CPU: Intel i7 5820K 3.3 GHz - MOBO: Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 - Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980Ti -...
  18. wildwillow


    Hi raphhyv23. Only legal way is through the Mac App Store. I guess you mean UniBeast failed. Take a look over this post and see if you can get a log of the failure UniBeast 6 Troubleshooting Notes |
  19. peti940319

    El Capitan download

    Hi, In the past, I made an El Capitan installer USB. That was the first release of the El Capitan. I try to make a new installer, but when I try to download El Capitan from the App Store, it stuck at 1,1-1,2 Gb. It goes on really slow speed. I try it with another apple account, but the problem...
  20. mr-prez

    BCM9352 (AW-123H) Downloading Issues

    First, I'd like to thank everyone, especially Rehabman, for their contributions here! I've used Rehabman's hotpatch guide to get wifi working on my Elitebook 840 G1. Bluetooth and wifi (BCM9352 via the AW-123H) work normally for the most part, however whenever I download something over WiFi...