1. digital.discuss

    GTX 980 and displayport under Sierra possible?

    I have Customac 2015-03 with the Samsung S22C650D 22" display connected via DVI. I updated to Sierra and Clover some weeks ago. Recently I got a GTX 980 and have updated successfully to 10.12.3 and installed the latest Nvidia Web Drivers prior to inserting the card. I tried to see if I could get...
  2. lilaundgelb

    [Solved]Displayport with integrated graphics

    I am having trouble getting my DisplayPort connection to work with my monitor. The DVI output works, but I'm trying to connect a second monitor via the DisplayPort connector. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P. It has a built-in DisplayPort connector. The graphics are Intel HD4000...
  3. breadistheguy

    Alienware 13 R3 HDMI/DisplayPort Video Output - 2nd Monitor Possible?

    PROBLEM: External monitors are not working on DisplayPort or HDMI. I understand this may be impossible because the ports (HDMI / DP) may be directly connected to the GTX1060. I have a two adapters on order (TB3 to HDMI and TB3 to DisplayPort) to try the TB3/USB-C ports to see if they can...
  4. Nick1

    4K Monitor Displayport intel NUC

    Edit: Deleted
  5. Albs

    HD530, Z170X Gaming 5 EU, Displayport not working

    Hello everybody, after many attempts I managed to get the acceleration working with InjectIntel 0x19120000, and fixing the right resolution for the display (an UHDTV 6500 series by Samsung) with the core display fix. Sadly I'm unable to get signal from the DisplayPort. The port itself is working...
  6. dkidd92

    Could I use an Apple Cinema Display with my hackintosh?

    Ok guys, I've been thinking about buying an apple cinema display to use with my hackintosh. I don't mean the Thunderbolt display, I mean the one that just uses the mini display port. If I were to buy a mini-display to display port adapter would it work? Does anyone have any experience in this...
  7. yangbao111

    Solving gtx 950 with displayport black screen problem

    I bought the gtx 950 for my LG 34um95 monitor which requires displayport to get 60 hz refresh rate. When I try to install OS X 10.11.6 on my H170N-wifi MB, the screen is BLACK!!! Because I was building a Hackintosh in a powermac G5 mod, my instinct is there something wrong with my mod. Finally I...
  8. mresch3950

    Multiple Monitors on GTX 960

    Hi! I am planning to do a i7-6700K build on a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH with 32 GB of RAM, an M.2 SSD and my existing GTX 960. At the moment i use this card in a Windows machine with three monitors (1 DP, 1 HDMI, 1 DVI). Will i run into problems connecting TWO Dell U2515H when building an...
  9. tingham

    Anyone have an Nvidia 970 with Displayport Working?

    I'm new to the community, thanks for having me. I recently set up a build using an old graphics card I had on hand, the 970. I have a Mini-Displayport KVM from IOGear that I use to route my existing MPBs and Windows workstation. I'd like to be able to connect my new "Mac" to my existing setup...
  10. albertodlh

    Can I get 4K@60Hz out of HD530 on a mobo with integrated displayport?

    I have been using a 750Ti + the nvidia web drivers to get 4K @ 60Hz, but I'm planning on upgrading my hack to a Skylake and would like NOT to have a dedicated graphics card this time. I don't really play games or do heavy video work and I'd like my hack to be as small as possible. Has any of you...
  11. alive.dew

    Does Apple support Display Port ?

    I'm using El Capitan on my HP Probook 6460b. I want to use display mirroring feature through the Display Port as Apple doesn't support VGA port and my laptop doesn't have HDMI port. Does Apple support Display Port ? Or can I use Display Port to HDMI converter for display mirroring ?
  12. dashingncool

    How to get DisplayPort 1.2 working with Sierra

    I finally got everything working on my Asus Z170 Premium. Including airplay! There is one last problem though. I have Nvidia GTX960 and two Samsung 4K@60 hz monitors. If I boot with Display port setting 1.2 in the monitor settings, the system boots up but I get a black screen on both the...
  13. iNeed-Downloads

    No Audio Devices

    Problem My monitor has built in speakers, so when I connect the GPU to it, it also gets the sound working. This worked without a problem when I was using Linux ( Mint 18 ), but El Capitan can't find any audio devices. I'm using a display port to connect my monitor. Specs CPU: i5-6500 MOBO: ASUS...
  14. Nielsgiet

    [SOLVED] Multiple monitors with 1440 resolution at DP

    Hello users, I have a beautiful Hackintosh with help of this website. But now I want a very simpel trick, my two Dell's (U2515H) working on full resolution (1440). The graphic card I use: Asus GeForce GTX 970 - Strix DirectCU II OC - 4GB GDDR5 (1x DP and 1x HDMI) Both monitors working...
  15. azakir

    monitor help

    good day all, i have finally attempted my first ever successful install of el capitan on my windows pc. After sorting out the nvidia display issue i have one small issue left. i Currently have 3 monitors connected to my gtx 980 but only 2 are functioning. i have 2 27" samsung hdmi only...
  16. jardako

    Lenovo W541, docking station, Displayport

    Hi, I have Lenovo W541 with a docking station. I've managed to install El Capitan, it look fine, but the external monitors do not work (on no port). I need Displayports working. The graphics is Intel 4600. CPU is 4810mq. Tried to search and apply different approaches, but without success. Can...
  17. biff.tannen

    Using an Apple Thunderbolt Display with my CustoMac

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if I can use my ThunderBolt Display with a CustoMac. Perhaps some of you have already some experience with this, or maybe you are more certain than I am in how the technology works with these devices. On an authentic Mac, I just connect the ThunderBolt Display to...
  18. Azial

    Black screen during boot with Display Port

    Hi, I followed the main installation guide to setup my system. Everything worked good so far with my old Monitor, which had DVI. Now I have a new Monitor which can only be connected via DisplayPort, HDMI/MHL and Mini-DisplayPort. Using the HDMI cable, I can see everything like with the old...
  19. segwayne

    4k TV as third monitor for my 970 card?

    Hi, I've got a newly finished CustomMac Pro (pretty much matching the build guide). Right now, I've got two ASUS MX27AQ monitors (1440p) attached via DisplayPort cables to my Gigabyte NVIDIA 970 card, and I finally got them running at 2560x1440 resolution. It's GLORIOUS... My question is...
  20. francismh

    MSI GTX 970 Nvidia web driver 346.03.03F02 on 10.11.1 DisplayPort no signal after boot

    Hi, I am using a MSI GTX 970 in my hackintosh (14.2 profile). I connected a Dell 2515H to said graphics card via displayport. The problem that I am facing is that post boot (when you are prompted for your username/password), the screen just turns off, there does not seem to be a signal on the...