1. themoon7

    Radeon HD7850 + 3440x1440 display = black screen after boot, only when on DisplayPort

    Radeon HD7850 + 3440x1440 display = black screen after boot, only when on DisplayPort. Personalities wont help... I have Yosemite, booted with multibeast. My current rig is: Radeon 7850 + Dell U3415W (3440 x 1440). When I connect monitor with DisplayPort, bios loading is fine, but I get black...
  2. matsko

    Resolution Problem

    He guys, i find no way out, hope you can help me.:banghead: I have the ASUS PB278Q Monitor with 2560x1440. When i plug in the HDMI in Windows i get the resolution, also on my Macbook Pro Retina, but when i plug in the Hackintosh i get only 1600x900. When i plug in the Displayport i get the full...
  3. Cladouros

    LG 34UC97 + GTX 760: Laggy mouse and display port not working. Is the GPU responsible?

    Hi, I've just bought a new monitor for my build, the LG 34UC97. My build consists of: ASRock H87M i5-4440 (3.1 GHz) GTX 760 2 Go 2x8 Go DDR3 1600 MHz CL9 10.10.4 Right now, I can't figure out how to make the monitor work over DisplayPort, so I'm using HDMI for 3440 x 1440 @ 30Hz. It's not...
  4. r2tincan

    Use MacBook Pro as 2nd display

    Hi guys I'm trying to get this to work and I'm having a pretty tough time. Apparently you can connect two real macs via thunderbolt or you can use an imac with a miniDP connector and enable the macbook or imac as a 2nd monitor. I tried connecting via thunderbolt, but my computer isn't...
  5. ilcasa91

    Sapphire R9 280 + U28D590 on Yosemite

    Hi everyone! I've just replaced my old GT610 with a great Sapphire R9 280 (, outputting to a Samsung u28d590 via Displayport 1.2. It almost worked OOB, I just had to modify the EFI partition in order to avoid...
  6. ilcasa91

    4K advice on Mavericks

    Hi everyone! I searched on the forum but I couldn't find an answer to my problem (and to be honest I'm not very expert in hackintoshes, I just built mine), I hope someone will be able to help me! Let's go: I run Mavericks 10.9.5 and I can't upgrade to Yosemite (I've already done that, then I...
  7. tmx86xmt

    Displayport not working on GTX960

    I'm running 10.10.3 with nvidia web driver versioned 346.01.02f02. My card is vega GTX960. I found a problem that for this card cdmi output is fine but displayport is not working. does anyone encounter the same problem and does anyone know a solution for this? Thanks
  8. Ponker

    [27" screen - 2560*1440] Problem with Displayport on GTX 750 Ti FTW

    Hi guys, just made a fresh Yosemite hackintosh. Graphics : GTX 750 Ti FTW ACX - 2Go (1 DisplayPort - 1 HDMI - 1 DVI) CPU : i5 4460 Motherboard : GA-Z97-D3H Srceen : Benq GW2765 (27" - 2560*1440) I have successfully installed Yosemite, installed NVidia CUDA and Web Drivers along with my...
  9. zearth

    Display port issue on start up login (not displaying)

    Hi guys, I would like to know if there is a fix on OS X start up boot. I'm using OS X Yosemite, nvidia GTX 760, Dell U2413. the scenario is, when I'm using the DVI connection with my Monitor OS X boot fine. but when I reboot/startup using displayport... it is not continuing to go to OS X...
  10. kevpatts

    HDMI out to Displayport monitor not working (Z87-HD3)

    Hey all, I have a Gigabyte Z87-HD3 using onboard graphics from my i7 4770k. I was using 2 monitors for ages with HDMI and DVI working fine. I recently upgraded my monitors to Dell U2414M monitors that don't have a HDMI in, so I got a HDMI to Displayport cable. I'm using the same outputs from...
  11. startupsound

    Upgrading an old GA-X58A-UD3R with a dual Displayport card

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my GA-X58A-UD3R, rev.2, FF, OSX 10.8.5 with a new graphics card for two monitors. As I want to cover long cable distances and DVI is somewhat limited to 10m I'm looking for a card with dual Displayport connectivity. As I don't game or do graphics work the card...
  12. oli.mathieu

    Displayport blocks complete shut down

    Hello I've got a GA-Z87MX-D3H mother board with an core i7 4790 OS : Maverick One of my display is plug via Displayport, When I shut down OS X , the OS is really shutting down, the displays turn black , and the energy saving mode, but the mother board won't shut down. If I unplug the...
  13. 2MuchPerspectif

    Please recommend a GPU for 2560x1080 over DP or Mini DP (Displayport, Graphics Card)

    Hi all, I'm a total novice at building computers, but through the help of this excellent site and its forum I now have a dual boot Win 7 and Yosemite Hackintosh that basically works. (No sound on OS X yet, but I will get round to fixing that soonish and I use an external audio interface and...
  14. damian0815

    4k 60Hz tip

    In case anyone else is struggling with getting 4k @60hz over DisplayPort, there's an important step that's often not clearly spelt out: Make sure your SCREEN is set to DisplayPort 1.2 <- this is in the physical screen's configuration, not anywhere in OSX. I wish someone had told me this before...
  15. tozo

    Displayport no signal after wake from sleep

    Hi, I found a handful posts with the same problem, but no solution posted anywhere. My new monitor works great on the Displayport with a 4k resolution if coming from power-down, the resolution is recognized (audio not working yet, but I know there is a thread about HDMI audio I need to go...
  16. oigarrison

    Memory Allocation Error

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, might be better under graphics? Anyway, when I try to boot my stable system with just the displayport connected I get an error saying "memory allocation error!" Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I've attached a picture to...
  17. beefcake23

    Need Help!! GA-Z87X-UD7-TH, i7-4770K, CustoMac Pro

    I am new to computer building, Have built it complete. I am going to use the onboard graphics card for now. When I turn the system on my MB runs like it should (i think) but i get no video out on the HDMI or Display Ports connections. any Advice as to why? does the MB Disc need to be...
  18. ayocam

    Post install display issue Maximus V Gene with AMD 7970

    Hello, Thank you all in advance and I'm sorry if the answer is somewhere else, I have been unable to find it but I did get this working just fine on my own before. I recently blew away my entire system and installed Win 8, and Mavericks. I used unibeast and multibeast. Before, I followed the...
  19. paxtn

    Boot Problem when using DisplayPort

    Hallo everyone! I built a custom Mac after the byers guide with some changes. The most information should be in my profile. I have installed and configured Mavericks (10.9.2) on my SSD without any problems. After this I installed Windows 7 on the HDD without problems. For all...
  20. grimmwerks

    Radeon 5000 (yes, few years old) and multi-monitor support OR new card?

    Hey all - I built a customac pro sometime in 2010/2011 with what was pretty hefty components at the time (funny how a few years makes all the difference in the world). I've got the Radeon 5000 -- I've been running with 2 DVIs just fine, have a couple of passive DisplayPort adapters and thought...