1. heystswede

    How to connect my Dell monitor (DisplayPort) to my new mac pro (Thunderbolt 2)?

    Hello guys. I know this is a very lame question and I don't want to make a case out of this... I just want to connect my Dell u2211h DisplayPort (NOT MINI) to the new mac pro (Thunderbolt 2 output). I've also read the FAQ at apple but is not helpful at all. So, let's get to the point: Do I...
  2. benneq

    HDMI _and_ DisplayPort Audio with HD4600 and ALC892?

    Hey guys. I've got my Hackintosh up and running so far. Installation on my Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H was pretty straight forward, I've got a DSDT Patch. There's just one little issue: I installed MultiBeast 6.1.0 (same with 6.0.1) ALC 892 Drivers. Now onBoard Sound works and also DisplayPort sound...
  3. Sylvio84

    Haswell Mini ITX Motherboard with DisplayPort ?

    Please Help : Haswell Mini ITX Motherboard with DisplayPort ? Hi, I look for a motherboard with maximum OSX 10.8.5 (or 10.9) native compatibility (easy to install / maximum hardware support) having these requirements : - haswell support / 1150 socket - mini-ITX format - Displayport (for high...
  4. Dar10bernardi

    ATI HD5870 No Display Port

    Can anyone tell me why the DisplayPort does not work on 10.8.4? I am hooking up a Matrox Triple Head2Go on the DisplayPort but for some reason the multiple display is not detected. The 2 DVI ports and HDMI port all work but cannot get anything out of the DisplayPort. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sylvio84

    Mini ITX Motherboard with displayport and 16Gb ram ?

    Hi, I look for a motherboard with maximum OSX native compatibility having these requirements : - mini-ITX format (for Streacom F1C case) - Displayport (for high res monitor : 2560x1440px) - 16Gb RAM minimum Thanks a lot for your advices !
  6. zokotel24

    10.8.4 updated but no display port anymore

    Hello everyone. I have had my "slugnets video" build for quite some time and have recently updated to 10.8.4. I installed the audio after and then the display port stopped working on restart. I now run off dvi but would like to resolve the issue as the dp cables is much tidier. Any help would...
  7. degofedal

    GA-Z77X-UP5 Thunderbolt ports to tight for Mini Displayport connector

    Hi, I have two 23" Cinema displays i wan't to connect to my Hackintosh. One is connect to the DVI port and i was planning on connecting the other via the Mini Displayport to DVI adapter i use with my Macbook Air. Only problem is that both Thunderbolt ports on the motherboard are extremely...
  8. cybernite777

    DisplayPort for GeForce GT 330?

    I have everything fully functional for my build aside from the DisplayPort on my GeForce GT 330 (Not GeForce GT 330m). I have DVI working just fine, but not the DisplayPort. When I plug in my TV into the DisplayPort my computer monitor fades to gray (So it clearly recognizes the new input) but...
  9. jimb77

    Entry Level DisplayPort GFX Card

    Hi, I am looking for an entry level card that will give me a displayport out for my Apple Cinema Display. It needs to be compatible with the Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI I am using for my ITX build, and be a known Hackintosh friendly card as this is my first build. Could anyone recommend anything? Best...
  10. killacam7478

    GPU Recommendation Needed - Adding GPU to Working Hackintosh Running ML

    Hi Everyone, Needed some help with a graphics card...I already built my rig and it works almost flawlessly. I plan to use Aperture and Photoshop, and I was told that having a GPU would help with loading and editing photos. I'm currently running Intel HD 4000 graphics. Background: i5 3570k...
  11. killacam7478

    Intel HD 4000 - Works with HDMI But Not Displayport

    Hi Everyone, After my first build, I got Intel HD 4000 on-board graphics to work by injecting a string into my org.chameleon.boot.plst file, and also changing that file to say "GraphicsEnabler=No." It worked using an HDMI > HDMI cable from my Gigabyte Z77X mobo to my Samsung P2770FH monitor...
  12. vfioravante

    Help with DisplayPort - Dual displays

    Hi! I have a Nvidia Quadro 600, almost successfully installed in the Mountain Lion 10.8.2. The only thing left to work perfectly, is the dual monitors. When I installed Natit, I can reach the login screen, then the screen goes blank. I think it's a problem on the output video card...
  13. jorams

    Planning: GA Q77M-D2H, HD4000, i7-3770, 2560x1440 Resolution

    Hello everyone. I am planning to build a i7 macx86 with relatively new components, so I did not find full information on all the parts. My potential setup is as follows: Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Q77M-D2H because it has a display port output capable of 2560x1600 CPU: Intel i7-3770 IvyBridge...