1. krisna

    two device-properties(efi string) on chameleon

    yes... i know that this has been posted before here... but can anyone make a video tutorial... because i've spent a lot of time working to get my GIGABYTE nVidia GeForce GT730 to work... and i've finaly got it to work using an efi string... but i also want to get the icloud working... can anyone...
  2. sachins1101

    El Capitan USB installer EvOreboot Kernel Panic

    Hi, I am getting es.Osx86.Driver.EvOreboot 1.0.3 panic. The laptop is hdx 16t with yosemite with MBR partition. The installer is on USB and this kernel panic happens. USB is with chameleon bootloader. I tried to find EvOreboot.kext it was not present on the USB drive. EvOreboot.kext was...
  3. boss87

    Bootloader Theme

    Hi! How to modify Chameleon Bootloader(.iso image made from source) Background and logo?
  4. dotum

    Gigabyte GA-Q77M-D2H + HD4000 (DVI) + 10.11 (El Capitan) + Enoch (Chameleon) = Fiasco?

    G'day guys, i have a small question, hope to get some help from you. I tried to install El Capitan using motherboard and bootloader described in the post title and almost everything went well except HD4000. No matter what i'am trying, it doesn't work. Lost a lot of time and decided to go back...
  5. craxxx101

    Fujitsu AH530 El Capitan (No-efi)

    At first: sorry for my bad english Hello guys, i'm new :lolno: I know that my Hackintosh Yosemite 10.10 (Fujitsu AH530 i5 Sandybridge HD3000) cant boot with Clover Bootloader because it cant boot from efi-partition. My Yosemite is installed on MBR. Now my question is: how can i install El...
  6. SpeedbirdTurbo

    Moving from Chameleon/Chimera to Clover with a clean install of OS X

    Hi everyone, I have been hackintoshing for a while, with a stable install on my system. However, I feel that something's wrong all the time when I boot (just a gut feeling), and I think the time is ripe for me to move to Clover (which I hear is superior to Chameleon) and do a complete clean...
  7. 3DTOPO

    Clover Equivalent to npci=0x2000 on Chameleon

    I am trying to install El Capitan on an Asus Sabertooth X79 with NVIDIA GTX 760. I believe I used to have to boot with npci=0x2000 when I used Chameleon. How do I boot with that option using Clover or add that to the El Capitan Installer boot flags?
  8. nothingmore

    El Capitan with Chameleon Enoch Bootloader - it works! Use this if Clover fails

    Alright, so i got good news and bad news. Good news for everyone who has trouble with Clover and El Capitan, and bad news for People with old Boards with no DSDT and shutdown problems mostly... The good news is that the Chameleon Enoch Installer by our French friend @insanelymac works...
  9. j0moi

    Adding Boot Flags to org.chameleon.Boot.plist?

    Hey At the moment I always have to type (on the boot screen): nvda_drv=1 kext-dev-mode=1 If I don't, then my whole system stuffs up because of the nVidia Webdriver. So how can I add those boot flags into the boot plist? because it says I'm not allowed to edit, then it makes me a copy and in the...
  10. geumseong97

    error encountered while starting up the couputer, pausing 5 seconds!!! Plz help me

    hey all! I put yosemite ghost in my USB and boot with usb. And when I select Chameleon bootloader and boot, it shows me "Error encountered while starting up the computer pausing 5 seconds." gonna be crazy with it! and when i select clover bootloader, it shows me only blackscreen. I can't...
  11. chanonly123

    SMBIOS not found

    Hello, I have successfully installed yosemite on intel pc with clover usb installer... then I installed Chameleon wizard Bootloader but it says while booting SMBIOS NOT FOUND... but it boots perfectly with clover USB installer drive... i also created a Extra/smbios.plist using chameleon wizard...
  12. kasik96

    Packard Bell TK87 - Hardware compatibility

    Hi all, its almost 3 days of my trying to get fully working hackintosh to Packard Bell Easy Note TK87. Here are some specs: But on website is one mistake, i have 2 graphics. 1, Intel 3m super slow...
  13. Isnyman

    Hard Drive with OS X 10.10 not shown After Installation in Unibeast (Chameleon)

    Got a weird problem. I tested to install Yosemite on the laptop of my mum. After the Installation process finished the Drive on which I installed Yosemite is not shown.. The weird thing is when I build this drive into my other Laptop, the Drive is normally shown. The sad thing is that I can...
  14. rotalume

    Boot to another OS by command

    Hi everyone: I am using Yosemite(10.10.3) on a hackintosh, installed by Unibeast/MultiBeast. I want to boot OSX to Windows(in the same disk, different partition, using chameleon boot loader) by a terminal command, then switch back to OSX(with/without command). The method I found in...
  15. austinsheep

    Unable to boot Yosemite from Chameleon

    I have installed OS X 10.10.4 using Unibeast 5.2.0. When I try to boot my Yosemite partition I receive the error 'missing /mach_kernel'. I am able to boot my Yosemite partition with Unibeast, but I am trying to boot from the hard drive itself. Is it possible this could be from the absence of...
  16. FliccC

    Chameleon: No Fullscreen Resolution but black Frame around the screen.

    Hello, when I boot up my system, Chameleon doesn't display in Fullscreen but instead there is a black frame around the image. - The native resolution of my monitor (aka what I want): 1920x1080 - my graphics card: ZOTAC Geforce GTX 650 ZT-61002-10M - my monitor: Dell U2312HM I entered my...
  17. Zukabak

    Yosemite no longer boots after GTX970 install

    Hi Folks.. You know when you just wished you'd left things alone?.. well that..haha Ok, I had (until this morning) a fully working Customac, using an nVidia GTX760. I've just upgraded to a GTX970(Haswell chip) as apparently these are now fully supported with the new nVidia webdrivers etc. As...
  18. Grafico

    Chameleon 2.0 gets installed by default? "can't find mach_kernel"

    Hello everyone, I've succesfully installed Yosemite on my desktop following the installation guide (with the latest Unibeast). However, this is the issue i'm facing. Even though I've installed the latest Chimera with Multibeast 7.3.0 (I've even tried the standalone version), when I try to boot...
  19. aleeusman

    Yosemite Installation on HP 1000 Notebook PC

    I'm using Chameleon to install Yosemite but I can never make to the installation menu it always gives some errors like Panic cpu0blahblah I'm using Chameleon Bootloader I'm using HP 1000 Notebook PC, Core i3 2370M, 4GB RAM, and GPU is Intel HD Graphics 3000 I've used many bootflags cpus=1...
  20. lance26

    Overwriting Chameleon Bootloader

    I have ASUS K55VD running Windows 8.1 and Yosemite 10.10.2. I have chameleon bootloader installed. What I want is to get the Windows Boot Manager back. Now why do I want to get Windows Boot Manager back? Well here's the deal, I'm an Android and iOS developer and now I'm trying to learn Windows...