1. huemae

    Black screen after reinstall bootloader

    Hello guys. So sorry for my enlish but i have some troubles. For first i decided to install update for mac os x 10.9.3 and install NVIDIA alternate Web Drivers. After reboot i lose my sound and decided to reinstall Chameleon bootloader 2.2snv r2378 with fix to my soundcard. I restarted my PC and...
  2. AcceleratedCode


    Hi there! I just removed OSX Mavericks from my SSD and installed Windows 7 pro there. I have a 1TB HDD disk which I use for storage and a 128GB SSD reserved for windows 7 pro. I want to keep Windows 7 on the SSD and install Mavericks on a partition on the HDD (200GB) and keep the remaining...
  3. Jesserson

    Chimera vs. Chameleon Boot Loader themes

    Quick question, I was wondering if a boot loader theme that works for chameleon 2 would work with the latest version of chimera. I found the coolest looking theme: and want to be able to run it on my...
  4. nicksilverstein

    There should be and option for choosing a resolution in MultiBeast.

    There should be and option for choosing a resolution in MultiBeast. There is an option to select 1920x1080 in MultiBeast. There should be other resolutions. I have to run MultiBeast then I have to run Chameleon 2.2.pkg to set my resolution. It would be nice to set it in MultiBeast instead of...
  5. bballspartan08

    ebios read error z87x-ud5h

    seeing how to resolve this, i think from reading other forums that it is due to the card reader i installed that might not be compatible with osx here is my build. Z87x-UD5H 8GB Ram (Probably going to upgrade to 16gb soon) i5 4670K (not overclocked) 120gb Kingston Hyperx ssd (also have...
  6. Koalaman

    [GUIDE] How to Generate a Haswell-Era Smbios for Chimera/Chameleon

    Hello all, After having to do this myself I figured I'd write a guide for documentation. Note: This is not for clover users. Required: A Working Mac/Hackintosh (Doesn't have to be the computer you're trying to install OS X on) A working or planned install of either chimera or chameleon...
  7. majusss

    Chameleon Startup Problems | iMessage & Settings doesn't work | AMD R9 280X

    Specs: 4670K Intel i5 GA-Z87MX-D3H AMD R9 280X Single Samsung EVO Latest OS X (10.9.2) and latest Chameleon (77) ---------------------------- So here is my Problem: I installed Chameleon to the EFI Partition correctly, but when I delete the "boot" file on my Root Volume I get into the...
  8. Beckershoff

    Change Chameleon Boot order within Windows

    I often use my computer remotely for several reasons, not only OSX but also Windows 7/8.1. For this I start my pc with help of WOL and afterwards use a VLC/Splashtop connection to take the computer over once its booted. Sadly I am missing one (for me) important option; only in OSX I am able...
  9. statsman007

    ATI HD7700 and Chameleon / Chimera Garbled

    Hello, All: Just need to point out that I foundbootloaders, Chameleon and Chimera, of ALL versions failed to work ATI HD 7700. Garbled text, regardless of NO Gui, NO delay, default OS X boot partition, the bootloader does not work with HD7700. Clover Bootloader worked on the first time...
  10. 29satnam

    #Help Mavericks 10.9.1 Reboots after loading kexts.

    Mavericks 10.9.1 Reboots after loading kexts but Windows 8.1 boots fine, used chameleon and chimera. Help me fixing Mavericks's boot please.
  11. n30phyt3

    Problem with installing Chameleon [IOBluetoothHCIController]

    Problem with installing Chimera (MultiBeast) [IOBluetoothHCIController] Hi all :) I have Mavericks on my laptop, installed with the UniBeast-USB and I can boot from my UniBeast-USB with flags "GraphicsEnabled=Yes" If I try to install Chimera with MultiBeast I have after reboot this...
  12. o19MediaGroup

    Chimera and Revodrive

    Hey guys, Been scouring the web and the forums for an answer and can't seem to find one. I have a x58 chipset with 990x that doesn't have SATA 6 Ports and the cheapo sata 6 raid controllers aren't giving me the speed I need for my Mushkin Chronos Deluxe. For some reason, even on PCIE 2...
  13. piter2619

    can't boot without unibeast usb stick

    Hello all, i've successfully installed Mavericks via unibeast installation, then ran multibeast and bootloader at all!!! All information concerning my sandy bridge laptop is written on my profile; here's what I've done so far: 0) gpt (guid) partitioned my hdd throught disk...
  14. R0gerBlack

    Install bootloader

    Hi, I installed ML on a partition of my PC, seen that I have 3 OSes (Windows 7, Ubuntu 13.10 and ML), I want to have a bootloader that can load these OSes. I tried Chameleon on my USB, but it detects just Windows and OSX. (Note: After attempting, and after getting installation of OSX...
  15. sirkru

    Really need help with ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3

    Hello guys! Very bad know English, so I will be brief. I'm install 10.9 of MAS, clean os on my HDD. Did it simply - connected HDD to Mac Mini over USB. Then the fun began! I do not know whether all Motherboards have such problems, but with my mb I can not do anything and need help. Install...
  16. zoz33

    Install Mavericks on SD Card

    I have managed to install OS X on an SD Card and my laptop (HP EliteBook Folio 9470m) supports boot from SD card, the problem is that chameleon/chimera never show the SD card partition as an option to boot from. Is it a limitation of Chameleon/Chimera or is there something that can be done? Thanks
  17. MaxShepley

    Clover bootloader major (I think) problem - please help!

    Right so I'll run through the story quickly - I upgraded my Mountain Lion Hackintosh to Mavericks the other day and watched Bob Roche's video on how to fix iMessage. He said in there that you should try the Clover bootloader. I did install the bootloader and restarted my computer but on...
  18. bmoag

    This might solve some users multi- boot problems

    I do not know why this worked but it may help others. I had a stable multi-boot machine with Mountain Lion and Windows 7 sharing an SSD and Win 8 on a second SSD. A Win 8 update trashed the Win 8 install (who would have thought?) and lacking a recent image of the drive (my bad) I had to...
  19. JakeThePeg

    MacPro 1,1 Dual Boot OSX 10.7.5 & WIN 7; boot into 64-bit kernel

    I'm a noob at tinkering with Mac OSX hardware, and I'm in need of some advice/assistance: The video card in my Mac Pro 1,1 (2006, 2x2.66gHz Xeon quad-cores - total 8x cores, 10 GB RAM, 2TB HDDs) was recently upgraded to a PC-based Sapphire Radeon HD6570 1GB. It's been plug and-play, and I've...
  20. javizs

    installing ML in GA-X79-UD3

    Hi! ​I´m trying to install mountain lion on my Gygabyte GA-X79-UD3. I don´t have optical reader on my pc, so i need to do with bootable USB. I follow the guide with unibeast but it give me an error and i can't make the bootable usb (I have mountain lion in aplications folder and the usb...