1. Fortitude

    HDMI/VGA Output Problems - Qosmio X775

    After years of perseverance, macOS runs like a dream on my laptop alongside Windows and Ubuntu. Along the way, one of the biggest nightmares and challenges that I’ve had regarding this laptop is the Fermi GPU. It’s an “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M,” and after a lot of trial and error, I’ve found a...
  2. alikap

    Asus U36SD Cant Wake after Sleep, Cant Shutdown.

    I have U36SD with i5-2410M with VGA UHD3000 and Optimus Nvidia GT520. Installed with Enoch Chameleon. The problem is can't shutdown and can't wake from sleep. NullCPU kext is already removed. Native speedstep via ssdt.aml creator by piker alpha. Note : ACPIDebug.kext installed. RMDT Installed...
  3. jackieboy8

    G5 Chameleon Color, Sweet Dreams mod

    Dear readers, I didn't know if it really matters but I did another G5 build this year and thought you guys might like some pics and vids. Today Ill just post some video's and if you guys like I will also post the build pics. Sorry for the bad quality, will make a new HQ video soon. Reason for...
  4. orfeas

    dual boot questions

    Hello all, FIrst of all, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area as I couldn't figure out where to put it, so let me know if I need to move this elsewhere. I set up my system as a dual-boot years ago (Mac OS 10.6 on one drive and Windows 7 on another) and have been using it without too...
  5. tyjacobsen37

    Customizing Clover

    Hello Community. It has been a few years since my last post (a testament to all the help and success that I have had with my hackintosh so far). This week, I plan on upgrading my system with a new SSD and wish to use Clover as my bootloader. I was wondering if anyone knew of a guide for...
  6. stirfry2112

    980 ti working in Yosemite but not accelerated only 1 monitor

    I just recently upgraded from my old AMD 6870 to a Gigabyte Windforce OC 980 ti. I've been researching on the forums here and thanks to the great posts, I have my new card running. The problem is, it is performing worse than my previous card and the HDMI port is not working. After installing...
  7. hronro

    Can MultiBeast 6.x work with CLOVER ?

    Hi, it seems that MultiBeast 6.x only support chameleon ? I try to install audio driver to my OS X 10.9 via MultiBeast 6.x, but it shows the error "Missing File. There is no '/Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist' file on the target volume.". Can I fix it ? Or can I manually install...
  8. TomMan7531

    Bootloader Question

    Hi, So I have just installed Sierra (not using Unibest) and as of right now I am booting off a clover boot loader built onto the memory stick with the install bits. I have just done a fresh install as when I used Multibeast it broke the system, same happens when using stand alone version of...
  9. da_el

    I lost my EFI partition?

    Hi, this may sound akward but I cant find my EFI partition or my boot.plist anymore. Its been a while since I last put Yosemite to my system. Back then I read some manual here on tonymacx and decided to go for an installation where I seperate my win disc and my mac disc. After that I remember...
  10. unklemac

    (Time Machine) Yosemite -> Sierra ?

    Howdy Hackintosh'ers. I am about to endeavour into the realm of macOS Sierra installation. My PC is running Chameleon Yosemite with Time Machine backup. Would it be possible to use my Time Machine backup on the installation of macOS Sierra ? What I am worried about, is all the Chameleon...
  11. Bbear01

    Mavericks Stuck On Resetting IOCatalogue

    I am using chameleon bootloader, 2gb ram intel core 2 duo intel express chipset graphics and mavericks usb. My mac is stuck on resetting IOCatalogue. Please Help Me
  12. ArthurTW

    Intel HD 4400 64MB only

    Hey guys i've recently installed my first Hackintosh in my ASUS laptop and my Intel HD 4400 got only 64MB VRAM, i tried everything, use Chameleon Wizard,change IDPlataform.Sorry for my bad english, can someone help me
  13. Mohicanspap

    Kernel Panic after Nvidia Driver Installation

    [RESOLVED] I've been successfully running Yosemite 10.10.5 on Chimera/Chameleon for over a year now. Bought a 980 Ti and decided to finally upgrade to Clover boot loader. I installed Nvidia Web drivers with no hassle or errors and now I get a kernel panic. I also tried making a new boot key...
  14. kmanleafs

    Need immediate bootloader(s) help

    Hey everyone So for the past few weeks I have been attempting to install OS X 10.11.5 from Unibeast onto my PC. My PC is an MBR Legacy boot system with a single drive hosting Windows 10, the drive was later partitioned and OS X was installed onto the partition. Everything works...
  15. Sans-Serif

    Small issues with Clover that I'd like help with fixing

    Laptop: Toshiba Satellite S40-B So, I'm currently trying to switch to Clover. I'm having two issues at the moment: ACPIBatteryManager not loading/working properly: In Chameleon, the kext loads properly and battery status works perfectly. But when trying to load in Clover, with the kext in both...
  16. DougDimmadome

    [solved] Major Bootloader Dilemma

    Hello All, I have a completely working Yosemite install on the x401a, everything is working. Except for one thing, Clover. To preface this, this laptop ONLY supports UEFI booting. So that means I cant use Chameleon or Chimera. Hence my problem, the laptop boots perfectly off the Chameleon...
  17. Popyura

    Creating custom injector/dummy kexts

    I've got my build running to a good standard with 10.11.4 - the only thing that doesn't work properly is sleep as I've got an AMD card so having the same issues as most other people! However, there's a few kexts I have to use to get my system fully funtional, including a number that are...
  18. krisna

    two device-properties(efi string) on chameleon

    yes... i know that this has been posted before here... but can anyone make a video tutorial... because i've spent a lot of time working to get my GIGABYTE nVidia GeForce GT730 to work... and i've finaly got it to work using an efi string... but i also want to get the icloud working... can anyone...
  19. sachins1101

    El Capitan USB installer EvOreboot Kernel Panic

    Hi, I am getting es.Osx86.Driver.EvOreboot 1.0.3 panic. The laptop is hdx 16t with yosemite with MBR partition. The installer is on USB and this kernel panic happens. USB is with chameleon bootloader. I tried to find EvOreboot.kext it was not present on the USB drive. EvOreboot.kext was...
  20. boss87

    Bootloader Theme

    Hi! How to modify Chameleon Bootloader(.iso image made from source) Background and logo?