1. hypothesist

    Yosemite/Win81/Ubuntu Triple boot

    Clover unable to boot Windows Hi, I have a Toshiba e45-b4200 (I am using the correct config.plist (from RehabMan)). First, I created 4 partitions for Macintosh, Windows, Ubuntu and Data using Disk Utility (using this guide with Clover). Then I successfully installed OS X and booted into it...
  2. TripleA

    [Theme] Original with yosemite style

  3. dlennard

    Yosemite will only boot in safe mode after Chameleon install please help

    System: Intel 3.4 ghz i5 Gigabyte Z97N-wifi Samsung SSD 840EVO 120GB (for OS and apps) 1 TB hard drive SATA mounted as /Volumes/HardDrive for local storage 16GB 1600 MHXz DDR3 (2 x 8GB) OS 10.10.1 installed as an update to Mavericks by standard tonymac procedure: BootUSB created by unibeast5...
  4. lingo124

    Kernel Panic with Serial/Parallel Card

    I just installed Yosemite with Chameleon and my system keeps giving me a kernel panic during boot or immediately after booting into the desktop. I removed the serial/parallel card I have installed and now it boots fine. Is there any way to fix this problem because I am dual booting OSX 10.10 and...
  5. Pie

    Is it time for TonyMacx86 to make the transition to Clover?

    So no offense to Chameleon/Chimera, which has served me very well over the past couple of years. But in the wake of new iMessage issues and the amazing development being done over in the Clover community, don't you think it's about time for this site and its software (Unibeast/Multibeast) to...
  6. tanuagg13

    Unable to fix boot0 error

    Hi, I'm a very confused noob that recently installed Yosemite on my U310. So far, I am unable to boot into Yosemite through my hard drive, and I always get the boot0 error. Right now I boot into Yosemite using the Unibeast USB drive I used for installation. I've tried the boot1h fix many...
  7. dannymichel

    How to Fix iMessage on Yosemite with Chameleon

    Has anyone had any luck using chameleon on Yosemite with iMessage working?
  8. psionicsin

    Yosemite x58 ASUS Install Error

    My build info is in my signature below... Installed Yosemite and and using MultiBeast, I reset the computer and waited for it to boot. Well I'm presented with an Apple Logo with a loading type of bar underneath. Once the bar gets under the Apple Logo, the screen displays a white square with a...
  9. M4rc0k

    Boot problem after updating Chameleon

    Hello to all HackFriend! My name is Marco and i'm Italian! :D I'm new in this forum and in the Hackintosh World in general. I donw 3 or 4 installation of Yosemite following your guide in this Forum and finally in the day of Saturday i was be able to use all the function that Mac Os X have...
  10. mowbit

    I mess up

    Hi, I have a Mavericks ProBook with Chameleon, and I just wanted migrate to clover. The thing is that followed the guide of just migrate from chameleon to clover and when I installed the HP Probook Installer Clover Edition the installation finished with a message. It was about the F4 key, and I...
  11. killanov

    How to switch from Chameleon to Clover after install?

    I currently have both OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1 installed on two separate HDD's and am able to boot between both of them with Chameleon. However, I would like to switch over to Clover, but I have no idea how to do this. Can someone give me a description of how to do this, or even just where...
  12. Khadjin

    Chameleon gone after crashing, how to boot now

    Hello there, I want to apologize in advance because I'm not very computer-savy. I did browse the forums and guides carefully to try and get an answer for my problems, but haven't found what I need yet. I'll give you the complete story so you have as much information as possible. (BTW I'm not a...
  13. dragostini

    Arch + Maverick

    Hi all. So first time Hackintosh user here. Just finished setting up my rig in a triple boot system across two drives. Windows 7 on a 120GB SSD OS X Mavericks on a 1tb HDD Partition of about 200GBS. Arch Linux Partitions: - 200 GB / - 5GB Swap (not really needed with 8GB ram...but meh) - 120...
  14. syzzle

    Changing boot priority from Snow Leopard to Windows

    Everything works on my computer. I have Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Windows 7 installed on the same hard drive. Is there a simple and not-causing-new-problems way to change the operating system that is selected in Chameleon by default? Right now if I turn my computer on and do nothing, it will...
  15. lemonboi5

    Can only boot from USB

    So I installed Mavericks with the Guide on here, and installed all the drivers from MultiBeast, everything is working perfect except for the fact that I can only boot from my Installer USB, which has Clover Bootloader... I've tried: Installing Clover BL separately Installing Chameleon BL...
  16. ColourMaker

    Chimera/Chameleon not loading os

    Good Evening everyone, i installed Chameleon on my HDD (and for Testing purposes on an USB Drive). Well everything gone well but now i'm stuck at one point and didn't found an Soulution for now. When I'm about to boot OS X then Chameleon or even Chimera loads the Kexts and then my PC...
  17. theoretician

    Can clover do everything chimera can - like boot to linux using grub1?

    I read lots about the advantages of clover, but is there anything chimera can do that is impossible for clover? I have a specific problem which is getting clover to boot my rather dated linux partition - something chimera can do - but wondered more generally? Thanks to the fantastic guide...
  18. michaeloneill94

    Boot Problems - Hp ProBook 4540s

    I installed Mavericks on my HP Probook 4540s, with this guide: I used the provided probook installer, and installed chameleon. However, when I try and boot without my unibeast usb, I'm told no...
  19. Killionaire

    Nothing is being installed/changed when using Multibeast. Where's everything saving to?

    EDIT: I meant to say "MultiBeast" in the title, instead of "Mavericks". I installed Mavericks (10.9.4) via UniBeast, and I noticed that OS X didn't come with the /Extra/ folder. Within the UniBeast USB, there was one. I simply dragged that to my HDD, so now it's a part of it, Chameleon...
  20. Killionaire

    Trying to use latest MultiBeast - "There is no (Chameleon Boot .plist) file on the target volume".

    This morning I made a bootable Mavericks USB using the latest version of UniBeast. I need to install an audio kext, so when I install the latest MultiBeast and go to select the driver, I get this error: > *There is no '/Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist' file on the target volume. Either place...