Stuck on apple loading screen with progress bar when I try to install Mac os Mojave

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Jul 2, 2019
Hello all,

I've built my first Hackintosh, and I am currently trying to install the OSX for Mojave. The first time I set it up on a USB and then plugged it in, I clicked on install. Then the apple logo popped up and it started going for a little bit and then stopped. I attached a picture of the progress below:


I figured my problem was either my USB or my BIOS settings. For my BIOS settings, I went on multiple forums and looked at what they did. This is what I've done:
-Load optimized settings
-Disabled VT-d settings
-Disabled secure boot more
-Enabled CSM
-OS Type to Windows 8/10 and Other OS (I tried both)
-Turn off internal serial and parallel port
-Turn off network stack for boot
-Set XHCI Handoff to enabled
-Disabled wake-on-LAN
-Disabled decode over 4G
-Set DMVT pre-alloc min to 64MB and max to 128MB
-Set USB legacy to enabled
-Activate XMP Profile 1
-Set ERP to enable
-Disabled platform power management

I've gone through two different types of USB installation, one with unibeast and the other with clover configurator. Both have landed me in the exact same position, leading me to believe it is not the fault of the USB, although I could be wrong.

Here are my specs:
CPU - Intel - Core i7-9700 3 GHz 8-Core Processor
MOBO - Gigabyte - H370 HD3 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
RAM - G.Skill - Aegis 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory
GRAPH CARD - MSI - Radeon RX 570 8 GB ARMOR OC Video Card
POWER SUPPLY- Corsair - CXM 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and its frustrating the hell out of me.

Thank you sooooosoooosooo much to whoever takes the time out of your day to help me, its much appreciated <3
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At the clover boot screen, press your keyboard space bar and select to boot verbose (-V), this will run text, which should stop and indicate where the installation is failing. Post a clear photo where booting is getting stuck.

The following guide has the UEFI/BIOS settings for you to use.
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