1. anotherdust

    << Solved >> What is the OpenCore equivalent of what the CloverBootLoader installer installs?

    What is the OpenCore equivalent of what the CloverBootLoader installer installs? I have read the entire OC web guide from Dortania but I don't understand why OC seems to be able to do without this installer. (Photo attached) With OC, we create our EFI with DSDT, SSDT, kexts and drivers... but...
  2. AndrewShostak

    Which smbios should I use?

    Hi everyone, I am using iMac18,1 smbios, but I think that is not the best solution. Which smbios you can suggest to me? my specifications: Laptop: Acer Swift 3 SF314-52 CPU: Intel core i3-7130U @ 2.70 GHz (Kaby Lake) GPU: Intel HD 620 RAM: 8.00 GB DDR4 SSD: 128 GB Sorry for my English :)
  3. Maestro_Dirk

    Big Sur 11.3 clean instalation on Asus ROG z370-e Gaming + i7 8700K + Sapphire RX 570 Pulse 4GB

    Hi there I'm using PC in configuration: MB: Asus ROG z370-e Gaming CPU: Intel core i7 8700K GPU: Sapphire RX 570 Pulse 4GB RAM: 16 GB one-stick memory I have installed on it MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 running with Clover 2.5K 5098 as iMac18,1. Then i've tried to update directly to Big Sur 11.3...
  4. gkl

    Is my PC macOS compatible

    I am new to hackintosh world i wanted to install bigsur or catalina on my pc . My pc specs i3 4160T 8gb ram Zebronics h81 motherboard Asus gt 710 ddr5 2gb are these compatible ? please guide me to install hackintosh
  5. ammutable

    Slow WiFi connection using Fenvi T919 [OpenCore]

    I've recently moved from Clover to OpenCore and I'm on BigSur (11.2.3). I have a TPLink (TL-WDN4800) 450Mbps wifi card that works using both IO80211Family.kext and AirPortAtheros40.kext. Thought about upgrading the card since I would like to have higher speeds, I'm working on a MacBook Pro and...
  6. venom0727

    Can someone help to me build my EFI Folder?

    I am using Hackintosh Mojave 10.14.1.I don't know too much about EFI DSDT patches and all also i do want to upgrade to catalina from this. So please help me to create EFI folder and upgrade to Catalina or BigSur. I am using HP EliteBook 840 G1 Thanks,
  7. dz0rpw

    Opencore Z97 Xeon Haswell, SMBIOS version question (I think)

    Hi All, Recently I changed from my trusty Clover build over to Opencore to try and get upgrading smoother and fix my USB3. The process (after a lot of reading) went smoothly give or take a few issues. Firstly I have an issue regarding my BIOS getting corrupted on unclean shutdowns but I’ve got...
  8. maxxx

    MacOs Big Sur - Hackintosh - Gigabyte Z590I - SSD high wear level

    Hello, I've been successfully installing Big Sur 11.2.3 on my system as the following: System: CPU: Intel i9-10900 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z590i Aorus Ultra RAM: 64GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR4-3200 Storage: ADATA SX8200PNP 512GB Config: Bootloader: OpenCore 0.6.7 SMBIOS: iMacPro1,1...
  9. puvellz


    Hello everyone! I have combo card wifi/bluetooth, but idk how install kext for work with that card. I'm search in the google about it, and search that topic -...
  10. iRezaMac

    Big Sur - Panic on Boot OpenCore

    hello guys.. hope this is correct place to post am new to Hackintosh and searched alot but stuck with this and can not configure it out.. an expert mac user but moved to PC installed successfully with Clover but OC gives me headache followed the guide on github as well as some Tube videos here...
  11. Faber93

    Problems with Music, AppleTV+ And Iphone in Opencore+BigSur

    Hello Guys! I have some problems with my hackintosh machine with opencore and BigSur. When I try to connect my iPhone or open Music or Apple tv apps the PC crashes and I need to reboot. I don't have problems with other USB devices like External HDDs, only with the iPhone. Do you have any...
  12. RAFFAY

    OC 0.6.7 macOS Big Sur 11.2 Battery Drain

    Title says it all. I have a working Hackintosh setup. However, the battery drains like crazy. It just last for 1hr. Can someone please have a look at what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks
  13. lalithkota

    External Display Weird Connect/disconnect loop problem - Acer Monitor - Opencore - Bigsur

    My external monitor won't connect to my hackbookpro. Connection-type : HDMI It gets connected to my laptop properly in linux. And it gets connected properly to other laptops in general. It got connected properly to a original MacBook also through a type-c to HDMI dongle. But when I connect my...
  14. zabalex

    << Solved >> I'm struggling with detecting my Fenvi T919 on my BigSur X299

    I just installed my Fenvi t919 on my newly built BigSur - X299-Designare EX. Started BigSur - no internet. Started investigating, first thing I did was to disable PCH as it was instructed in some other forum post over here. No effect, the wifi is not working. I'm attaching a screenshot The...
  15. Str4

    Big sur - Intel Black screen with internal graphics Intel UHD 630 but boot with GPU

    Hi, I installed Mac os Big Sur 11.2.2 on my Hackintosh, I use Open Core 0.6.7, I follow the amazing install guide from OpenCore. Succees for me with my config : Processor :Intel Core i9 10850K 3.60 GHz Motherboard :MPG Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI (MS-7C73) 1.0 ChipsetPont nord : Intel Comet...
  16. zabalex

    AppleUSBHostPort on X299 Designare EX prevents installation of BigSur

    Hello guys, I've been trying this Big Sur build for my new rig, and I'm getting stuck, the last entry before screen goes into a blurred mode is AppleUSBHostPort persistent enumeration failures:
  17. Ac1d

    Clover5131 can't upgrade to big sur

    I just upgrade clover to latest version.My os version is 10.15.7 I try to ota upgrade to big sur. But I cant find install macos big sur when booting my laptop. Anyone know how to fix this problem?
  18. gatorback

    Dell Optiplex 7010: Intel Core i5-3570 w/HD2500 Graphics

    Goal: I would like to run Catalina and eventually Big Sur on a Dell Optiplex 7010: 3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3570 Processor (6MB, 3.4GHz) w/HD2500 Graphics, It is my understanding the HD2500 is not supported in recent MacOS versions. Context: A Dell i7-3770 Optiplex 7010 was succesfully...
  19. RAFFAY

    Opencore: I2C Trackpad not working with SSDT-GPI0

    Hey guys, I'm trying to move away from SSDT-XOSI to GPI0 because it breaks booting with Windows. Can someone point out what am I missing here? Please find attach my EFI.
  20. gatorback

    Troubleshooting USB BigSur Installer

    An Optiplex 7010 is outfitted with Catalina. Big Sur installer downloaded and installed via Big Sur installed to USB stick via command line: Standalone Clover bootloader v5.0 35123 installed to USB stick per:reference...