1. MorrisKramer

    << Solved >> Opencore 0.7.6 Big Sur Installation Boot Loop

    Hello everyone, My old account from around 2010 has been deleted, I had to make a new one. I am having a problem installing Big Sur on my desktop. This is on my machine which ran Catalina Opencore perfectly fine for a couple of years, until I upgraded my GPU from a 5700XT to a 6800XT. This is...
  2. qnolic

    << Solved >> Asrock H570 BigSur 11.6 USB FIX HELP

    I got a build : Asrock H570 Intel i7 10700k Radeon rx 570 USB ports do not work, I added a ssdt-usb-reset.aml, mouse and keyboard start working but the flash drives and hdd do not see! hackintool doesn't help! ssdt from OpenCore web, useless too! Please Help!
  3. fpscka

    << Solved >> Big Sur installation crash at 12 minutes mark

    Man, I hate to do this but it's been about a week of trying and not succeed. I know that there is a lot of things messed up but I can't find any solution and I can't even understand what I'm doing anymore My goal is to have a dual boot system with 2 monitors. In windows, I want to use my 1060...
  4. mpsOsx

    << Solved >> Not able to connect all bluetooth devices

    I have an onboard bluetooth and wifi support on my Motherboard Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 with BLUETOOTH 5.0 So I added following 3 kexts AirportItlwm , IntelBluetoothFirmware IntelBluetoothInjector (Bluetooth on/Off doesn't show up without this) Working Wifi is working smoothly. HandOff...
  5. mpsOsx

    BigSur Instal Asus Z590-P, 10700K,Stops and shows broken letters

    I'm trying to Hackintosh a Z590 10700K system using Opencore. Here is GitHub link containing my final EFI folder and the build specs (EFI Folder link) This is a completely new build without any operating system installed When I boot the MacOsInstaller USB, it stops at below screen for Few...
  6. goldennous

    Kernel panic and reboot

    Hi guys, I've installed Big Sur on my ancient PC (C2Q Q8400, 4GB DDR2, ASUS P5QPL-AM, GT710, original Apple HDD connected to USB) and I keep getting kernel panic. I tried to replace but it didn't make any difference. Here's my EFI and a short video of booting.
  7. christopherlewis

    Getting Kernel panic!!

    I am installing Hackeintosh on my laptop and I am facing this error please help me out!! Laptop spec's:- Dell latitude 3510 Core I3 10110U 10th gen processors Intel UHD graphic 8 GB ram 120 GB SSD 1TB HDD ------------------------ I was following the opencore guide but couldn't fing the...
  8. Dragonborn

    Have someone succeeded in spoofing id of Intel Iris XE graphic?

    Hello, I've been recently experimented Big Sur on my new laptop(Xiaomi pro 14, i7-11370H, Intel Iris XE graphic) and managed to boot the installation. But there're still problems with IGPU and Batterymanager. I check a lot of posts and find many same cases because apple didn't compile a drive...
  9. farwind

    << Solved >> HD4600 mobile custom AppleALC but no HDMI Audio and HDMI plugging crashed

    Solved By igfxonln=1 igfxagdc=0 in boot-args and framebuffer patch below: Now, my HDMI Audio and HDMI external Display work well. MSI GE60 2PL i5 4210H HD4600(mobile) ALC892 OpenCore 0.7.1 and Big Sur 11.3 i have followed this...
  10. nachiketmore

    Big sur on i7-3770 with Nvidia GeForce GT 710

    I want to install on big sur on my desktop having i7-3770 CPU with Nvidia GT 710 2 gb graphics with Digisol motherboard "DL-H61MXP". Is it possible. I have already installed on dell XPS with ready made OC. Please help me. If not possible please help with supported Mac OS.
  11. igdev

    Video signal is interrupted after the system has loaded

    I've installed Mac OS Big Sur on my PC. Everything works great. But unfortunately, I have one problem. The video signal is interrupted after the system was successfully loaded. And monitor doesn't receive any video signal until I move my mouse and tap twice the button on my monitor. I've...
  12. Shridhar

    << Solved >> GT 710 black screen with working cursor on macOS Big Sur.

    Im facing issue with Nvidia gt 710 2gb ddr3 on macOS Big Sur. I see black screen once login screen is to appear with working cursor. I can enter password in dark and I could see HDD less blinking once its done. Same card worked on Mojave & Catalina before. Recently my GTX 760 stopped working...
  13. expl0itZero

    Asus Prime X299-Deluxe II with BigSur 11.4 on OpenCore Problems

    Hola everyone, am running a hack since 3 years now and used to use clover - which worked pretty ok. The past weeks i started to move to OpenCore and updating to bigsur on an experimental disk - and i tried to stay close to the guide. After a while i managed to get through the installer but I...
  14. TheKing464

    Intel 11th Gen IGPU with z590 Big Sur

    Hi, in this post, I'll be trying to boot BigSur with my I9-11900k IGPU please don't tell me that the IGPU isn't supported I know that but many users achieved this by facking the IGPU to the UHD 630 these are my specs Asus Z590-A I9-11900K 64GB Ram Crucial P2 NVME 250GB (May upgrade it later to...
  15. madazzle

    HELP: MacOS Big Sur on Skylake Desktop PC

    Hey, I really don't like to write on Forums but by now I'm really desperate. In the Attached Files are my EFI Folder and my Crash Dump and I really tried a lot like redoing it 5 times or removing Kexts but really nothing worked also ran it through SanityChecker with no big results. Also my...
  16. Nader70

    battery charging indicator issue

    Guys, i faced a problem with battery charging indicator in BigSur 11.4 on Hp Pavilion 15-cc102tx. - Issue: battery indicator is showing power source: battery when it either in plug or on battery and read-out percentage will not update during charging! - Note: 1- when it's un-plug draining...
  17. kaayapezzuti

    Help With installation, black screen after coding

    Hi guys, i try to found the same problem in the forum but i don't found Im trying to install mac os big sur I made all steps for prepare for install mac, but after read some codes the screen goes black. I send a video for you guys see exactly what rappen, may be you guys can help-me...
  18. sebyrey222

    [Solved] Problem with install bigsur

    Hello. I am having difficulty starting the installation of bigsur on my pc: mb asus 390 A-Prime - i7 9770k - integrated graphics card. I created the installation with opencore and I set the bios following a guide on the forum. I am attaching a photo of the lock screen. hope you can help me, thanks
  19. rogue0n3

    Big Sur freezes within 30min of booting since 11.3.1 (and in 11.4)

    Can't seen to find a thread that would talk about this - I had a fairly stable system with USBInject+UIAC combo for many months, but after upgrading 11.3.1 I can't sort out USB and power issues. I'm still running the rig described in my profile, with recent addition of the Inateck KT4004 card...
  20. psyone

    BigSur [opencore] kernel panic on boot

    Hello, I followed the opencore installation guide for kabylake processors, and read a lot of thread about the following kernel panic, but with no luck. Please help me, I'm lost :)