1. hackintoshnooby

    Beginner to Hackintosh, will my hardware work?

    Hi all, I have some old replaced hardware and I am thinking to try hackintosh. However I could find limited information on the successful cases with my hardware because they are too outdated. I am trying to install Catalina, if that is feasible.. Below is my hardware list: 1. Motherboard: Asus...
  2. Ch35s

    How to get Unibeast for Windows 10 User

    So I have spent quite some time on the forum now but there is nothing about Windows 10 users to be able to get UniBeast. I do not have any access to a Mac so it will be hard to do it. I know I can get one with gibMacOS but I would like to use Unibeast since it will be WAY easier than vanilla...
  3. OsamaAbdelbaset

    HELP!! I want install hackintosh on Lenovo z500

    HI to all ,, need help to install hackintosh on my lenovo-z500 (core i7 3632QM / 8G RAM DDR3 / NVIDIA Geforce 653M / 1TB HHD). and I need to know if i can install hackintosh with that specification !? and if there any step-by-step guide to installation ? THANK YOU.
  4. joan

    Hackintosh Asus Beginner

    Hello Guys, So, basically, I’m running into a problem. I am new in the hackintosh community and I’m right now trying to install High Sierra on my desktop (Win10). Here’s my configuration ; Asus Z87-A Motherboard (BIOS Version 04/19/2013) Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.20Ghz nVidia 650GTX EVGA SLI...
  5. chro15matic

    Dell motherboard compatibility

    Hello, I have a desktop computer with no operating system. My goal is to install El Capitan and dedicate this machine to avid media composer (video editing). I've run into some issues getting this to work, and I've tried troubleshooting to the best of my abilities. The main specs are...
  6. thenicknac

    Help a beginner with making a hackintosh?

    I've always been a Windows user, but after switching to an iphone, and being pleasantly surprised software wise, I'd like to try out Mac OS (or OSx, or whatever the hell its called these days). My system currently has: Mobo: ASRock z97 Fatal1ty CPU: Xeon e3-1240 v3 GPU: GTX 980TI. RAM: 16gb two...
  7. haschu0103

    [Solved] USB-Devices not working

    Hello there, This is my first attempt to install macOS, I'm trying to use version 10.13 High Sierra. I followed this guide, because I couldn't boot to the installer USB, it got stuck at some point. After enabling USB "Inject" and "FixOwnership" I finally got the USB to boot - the installer...
  8. JohanFranco

    Help! Can someone tell me if my build is compatible to build a hackintosh

    Greetings! im a total beginner, recently i took quite a liking into the world of hackintosh. Just wondering if my build is compatible, if not, what are the components that needs to be swapped out? thanks in advance here are all my PC specs: - Case = NZXT S340 ( White ) -...
  9. jamsberg007

    [Solved] Black screen on installation after apple logo

    Hello, I'm new to this type of stuff so go easy on me x) I'm trying to get Sierra running on my hackingtosh (Most important specs below). I have tried GraphicsEnabler=yes, and I've also tried safe mode and single user mode but with the same result. SPECS: - Mobo: Asus P9X79 Pro - CPU: Intel...
  10. Robby7

    Beginner here, please help

    Hey whats up guys, been reading for a while, but I finally signed up! I'm looking to build my first hackintosh, and was hoping someone could look over my parts list and give me the green light. Here's what I have so far: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM)...
  11. givbrar

    Noob here help me install mac os x on my pc

    Hi guys, i'm a beginner here and i don't know how to install mac os x on my pc. could you please help me know if my pc is eligible to install mac OS x my PC specs are - CPU - Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700 @3.00Ghz Ram- 4 GB Motherboard-Z41 Motherboard (local Company) GPU- Nvidia Geforce 210...
  12. MarkSprain

    Which graphics card "lasts" longest?

    Hey guys, I am very new to hardware and especially to hackintosh. Therefore I have got a question pertaining the graphics card: While researching I saw this link: It is mentioned there that some graphics cards are not supported...
  13. dmjaffe1

    HELP A N00B - HP Pavilion 510-p030 Desktop (Core i7, 12 GB RAM, 1TB HDD)

    ***DISCLAIMER*** This is about to be a super N00B (****)post. My knowledge when it comes to hardware is extremely limited, hence this post. I really appreciate anybody who has the time to read/answer. I recently purchased this desktop computer - It's an HP Pavilion 510-p030...
  14. epazotl

    Mac Mini Knockoff - Will this build work?

    So guys, my budget is between 600 and 650. Someone bought me a mini to replace my aging mini, and after finding out the RAM is soldered to the board on this model, I convinced them to let me take it back, and I'll build a hackintosh instead. I will never game on this machine, but I will watch...
  15. mrelenschi

    Please help me with a noob install guide for El Capitan..

    Hello! I am new around here and I wanna be a part of the Hackintosh community. I tried an install of El Capitan earlier this year on my PC but I bumped into more than 20 problems and after trying to install it took me 1 week, I kinda gave up. So, I'm asking you to help me with how to install El...
  16. RoniMangalus

    [THANK YOU] Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming5 and the RX 480

    This is the story of my first hackintosh build and the lessons I've learned along the way. I wrote this for people who might be in the same boat. I began with zero knowledge about Macs, except flipping the lid on the MacBook Air and switching it on. Today, I have a stable desktop hackintosh...
  17. denyuldrumma

    Is this a compatible Hackintosh build?

    I am planning on making a budget-ish Hackintosh to replace my aging Mid-2009 MacBook (An AWESOME machine, definitely gonna keep it after so I have an OS X laptop for school/travel). I am simply wondering if the following parts are compatible. From what I can tell, they are, but with...
  18. kungpaogao

    [Beginner] G4 Cube Build

    Hello everyone! I have waited to create this post because I hadn't really decided on a general layout for my mod. However, after a few weeks of thinking, researching, and actually purchasing my Cube, I think I have an okay plan for the mod. Because this is my first build, I would love any...
  19. pooldead

    Boot flags and settings for Intel HD 2000(Beginner Advice)

    How do i install hackintosh with HD 2000 Please help me with all boot flags and everything. (I just started yesterday so il need every help from the beginning) Thanks :)
  20. benf549

    Wondering if the following parts are compatible

    Hello there, I am thinking of putting together my first entry-level Hackintosh. I am on a relatively steep budget and put together a list of parts that seemed compatible to me. However, before I purchase them, I wanted to get the opinion of others to make sure that I am not paying for a useless...