Boot flags and settings for Intel HD 2000(Beginner Advice)

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Aug 3, 2016
Intel DH61WW
Core i3-2100(Sandy Bridge)
Intel HD 2000
How do i install hackintosh with HD 2000
Please help me with all boot flags and everything.

(I just started yesterday so il need every help from the beginning)

Thanks :)
@nobodynose . Thanks for that man.
Can you suggest me a budget GPU for mavericks?
My options are GT 210 , GT 520 , GT 610 , GT 710 , GT 730 .

Thanks again. Your help is appreciated. :)
I would go with the GT 730 out of those options, provided it's a Kepler model and not a Fermi model. You'll have to look at the specs of the particular card you're thinking of buying to determine that; a GT 730 Kepler model's specs will include:
  • 28nm fab (Fermi = 40nm)
  • 1020 million transistors (Fermi = 585 million)
  • 384 cores (Fermi = 96 cores)
  • 902MHz clock (Fermi = 700MHz)
So it should be pretty easy to spot the difference.

Source: Wikipedia entry on Nvidia graphics processors

You could also go with an AMD Radeon HD 5450 (in the same sort of price range), there's a guide available for enabling a 5450 with OS X.
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@nobodynose Im thinking to buy a gt 210(im low on money :( )

What do u say?
@nobodynose I actually wanted the GT 710 but many forums talked of it incompatibility with mavericks.
Or maybe the GT 520?:crazy:
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