apple logo freeze

  1. jezzalencko9

    High Sierra kernel panic... again

    Hi, This is perhaps a continuation of another thread I had about a year ago with a kernel panic on my setup that I ended up resolving ( For some completely unprovoked reason, today...
  2. reecevdw

    Stuck at Apple Logo with no progress bar

    I can not get Catalina to install on my PC. I just get stuck at an apple Logo with no progress bar, so I ran it with nv_disable=1 -v to show y'all the errors. I have disabled 3rd party USB 3.2 controller I have disabled VT-d
  3. wahlaoehh

    Stuck at Apple loading screen

    I can’t seem to get past the loading screen when trying to install my Hackintosh. Did abit of research, and some same to run in Verbose mode and upload the screenshot. Can anyone please help?
  4. GasperLoto

    Mojave install to HDD issue.

    okay, So after going through many threads. First thing First, thank you Cmn699 for all your help, YOU DA BEST! Check out Previous thread conversation below between Cmn699 and me to see where we started hopefully issues that are displayed in the tread can help you with your build. This is my...
  5. mrxhaos

    Stuck in apple loop when installing

    Hi, I am having issues trying to install sierra in my Hp 15-cx0056wm laptop. I will attach the -v screen error. I have tried so many different settings, boot args, but nothing seems to work. (Inject USB, fix header, common solutions found in other posts.) If someone can give me a hand...
  6. sainathmcs

    Alienware 15 r3 High sierra installation

    Hi, I am new to hackintosh. I am trying to install high sierra on my alienware 15 r3 i7-700hq, gtx1070, gsync, hdd laptop but I am always stucking at apple logo. Please see my clover file. error msg: ( Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10seconds
  7. nik135

    [bug] Lenovo Ideapad 530s -15ikb

    Hello all! Can you help me with trouble: I has apple freeze at logo screen, even with verbose mode. Trying boot from flash with clover. ps. Any version of mojave stuck at enter to graphics mode.Touchpad doesn't work. But cursor in top left corner sometimes change to busy cursor. In some trying...
  8. wowoowowo

    Installation USB hanging at apple logo

    I am trying to install High Sierra on my PC and its hanging on the apple logo at 1% loading, I have tried enabling verbose mode and the Clover bootloader hangs
  9. Matt21321

    Issues installing High Sierra

    Hi, I am new to working with Mackintoshes and I need some help. I have tried using unibeast to install the software, clover and others but I get the same issue. It opens up the clover boot, but when I tell it to boot on the flash drive, only the apple logo comes up and it doesn't go away. If...
  10. goldandblack

    High Sierra install hangs at apple logo

    Hi forgive my lack of technical ability and crude explanations. I have a HP Spectre XT Ultrabook Pro trying to install High Sierra on. Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-3317U I get to the screen with the option 'Boot macOS Install from Install macOS High Sierra'. When I click enter to install I am left...
  11. NeverMiss101

    After Itunes update, laptop freezes at the apple logo

    My alienware was working perfectly except for wifi and sound, but when i updated itunes, my alienware simply freezes at the apple logo. The same happens when i use my backup usb boot drive. Can anyone help me?:banghead:
  12. AlexLawless12

    Hackintosh Stuck on Apple Logo

    Hello everyone, This is my first time building a Hackintosh and I have gone through the early stages with relative ease. However, I seem to have encountered an issue with booting the software on my PC through the BIOS. This may be the cause of the problem, but I am attempting to Hackintosh a pc...
  13. deeps.boy

    Stuck at Apple Logo

    Hello guys, I have Gigabyte H270-Gaming 3 motherboard, Gigabyte GTX 1050 windforce 2gb oc edition graphic card, Intel core i7-7700 processor. I successfully install mac OS high sierra 10.13 without any problem and i download multibeast 10.1.1 and nvidia web driver 378. I...
  14. FlameFusion

    Hackintosh Freezes when boots into Mac os sierra HELP!!!

    So I recently built another hackintosh, and just got round to putting mac os on it a few days ago. However it freezes when I boot from the usb on the apple logo with the loading bar and doent load. BTW I created the USB Using unibeast on my friends macbook My PC specs are: Mobo:Gigabyte...
  15. JayVaghasiya

    Installation Stuck at apple logo with multi color ball in one corner.

    I have tried inject intel alone in graphics with option igfakeid: 0x04128086 and igplatformid: 0x0a260006. I also disabled graphics card using GraphicsEnabler=No. installation was stuck at apple logo for around 2 hours. I tried it using verbose and safe mode. here is snapshot of error...
  16. Mark99-19

    Cannot install El Capitan on my Acer Aspire 5742G

    Goodmorning at all, It's my first time with El Capitan Hackintosh. I'd like to install it on my notebook Acer Aspire 5742G. My configuration is: Intel i3-380M - Dual core (virtual quad core) @ 2.53 GHz ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370M - 512 MB DDR3 RAM 4 GB DDR3 (2x 2 GB) And no, it hasn't got...
  17. waelt

    Core i5 7500, ASROCK H110M-STX Stuck on Apple Logo no installation

    Hello, I'm trying to install Sierra on my recently built Hackintosh. The specs are as follow: CPU: Core i5 7500 MoBo: ASROCK H110m-STX GPU: built in I followed the guide to create a bootable USB drive with Sierra and when I boot to it and see the clover menu and choose "Boot macOS from USB" I...
  18. GuillermoFletes

    Sierra install stuck on Apple Logo Loading Screen

    I went into clover and selected my Mac OS Sierra USB to install Sierra and then it brought me to a loading apple logo and the loading did not move at all. Here are some photos. I use Intel Core i7-6700k GTX 1060 with ASUS maxiumus VIII Hero. Please help! IMG_2106 by GuillermoFletes posted May...
  19. josh97

    Not able to get to initial boot GA-Z170X-Gaming 7

    Hello, I've done a bit of thread searching but cannot seem to find exactly what I am looking for - apologies if there is a solution I overlooked. I just built my first custom PC for Sierra - noob to the community, but very eager!! I have Windows 10 already loaded on one of the SSDs, however...
  20. DiegoAF

    Black Screen if using -v or stuck at Apple logo if normal boot

    Hello, this is my first Hackintosh, i bought everything as said in buyer's guide: I7 6700K Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 5 MB Crucial 16gb Sport DDR4 EVGA GTX 960 I have tried every combinations GraphicsEnabler=yes, IGPEnabler=No, -x, -s, PCIRootUID=0 or =1, cpu=1, took the GPU out, nothing works. I...