1. ajvaver

    Optiplex 780 help

    First off, I'm new to hackintoshes and know next to nothing (although I get the general concept). I wanted to use a optiplex 780 with 16gb of ram, but I was going to upgrade the cpu to a Xeon E5450 ( I know its 771 and the mobo has a 775 socket, but I was going to get one of the modded ones)...
  2. Greenclock

    USB Failure. Changing SMBIOS from iMac10,1 to (iMac14,1 or iMac11,3)

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out with USB issues on my El Capitan system. I am trying to change the SMBIOS on my Hackintosh to enable the in-place upgrade to OSX Sierra. I constructed this system a couple of years back. I have a Dell Optiplex 780 using the latest version of clover to...
  3. nowflex

    Web driver issue GTX 780

    So im not sure if its working because my About this Mac section sees the 780 with the 3gb of ram , the Geekbench score is 52527 which is in line with the performance of that GPU I seem to have video acceleration ( all motions are fluid ) but here are the 2 things that make me wonder if it has...
  4. Raven2142

    macOS Sierra USB won't boot

    Dell Optiplex 780 Series Set BIOS settings and USB creation to the letter as per the installation guide. BIOS is updated to latest version as per Dell website. What happens is when I go to select the USB device boot option in boot menu, it will just return an error that no boot device could be...
  5. mattg42

    NVIDIA 780 Boots into Black Screen with Monitor going into Power Save Mode

    Hi, hopefully someone can help me. I've recently upgraded my machine from a GTX 660 to GTX 780 and subsequently started using the NVIDIA Web drivers. With my old screen that used DVI, it worked perfectly - boot, sleep, wake from sleep etc. Then I purchased the Dell U2515H monitor that has...
  6. Gholameli

    Can i install hackintosh on this system config ?

    Hi, Can I install hackintosh on this spec? Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z87 CPU: Core i7-4770k GPU: Asus Nvidia Geroce GTX 780 RAM: GEIL 16GB ( 2x 8GB ) 128GB ASUS SSD Thanks, Jey.
  7. milolethbridge

    Nvidia 10.9.5 web drivers cause boot hang

    I'm having a real problem with this. After installing the 10.9.5 web drivers (official drivers were working before but was trying to get the nvidia control panel for more options) I now get a boot hang at 'missing bluetooth controller transport'. The NVDADriver readout showed 'Official' still...
  8. ekeezee

    Solid build for 10.9.4 Mavericks?

    Solid build for Mavericks? [Help] Hey guys, I'm planning on building a Hackintosh in the near future. I'd appreciate it if you can review my build and give me feedback. Anything i put below, please correct me if i am wrong. Keep in mind i am building specifically for Mavericks MOTHERBOARD...
  9. ElCrasto

    Freezing/Crash High CPU Useage Yosemite

    Hi, System: Intel i7 4790k Gigabyte x97z-ud5h Ballistix Sport 32Gb Gigabtye GTX 780 Ti Corsair Water Cooler H100 OS X Yosemite Finally got my hackintosh up and running, without randomly locking up, left it on over night and it was still working. Went to do some work on it 3D animation...
  10. ElCrasto

    Nvidia Web Drivers not supported Yosemite

    Hi guys, So I did a fresh install of Yosemite, using UniBeast, used -x -v to get into the Install. Installed fine, used Multibeast - Easy Beast with the Post Installation... I need to install my GTX 780 TI , so I actually did the whole Unibeast/Multibeast without the 780Ti in the...
  11. doylet84

    Gtx 780 low performance

    Hey everyone, I've just purchased a GTX 780 3GB Asus Reference Card and installed it without doing anything in my up5-th rig. I noticed right away though that I wasn't getting any performance from the card while rendering in iMovie. So i went ahead and downloaded the web drivers and cuda...
  12. Toborock

    Can't do 2560x1080 after Yosemite update (GTX 780ti)

    My 21:9 monitor worked flawlessly with Mavericks. But now I'm stuck on 1080p :-(:cry:. Any ideas?
  13. rubmm93

    [advice needed] gtx 780, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC, i7 4770k

    [advice needed] gtx 780, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC, i7 4770k or i7 4790k (Dual Boot) Advice needed: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC - Core i7 4770K - Asus GTX 780 (GK110B) - Dual Boot Components I7 4770k Amazon Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC Desktop Motherboard Amazon GTX780-DC2OC-3GB5 Amazon Introduction and...
  14. Sarcks

    New build: Hardware recommendations

    Good day all, My first build is coming up at the end of this month. I've been looking into hardware and reading countless posts on this forum and I would like to have some recommendations on the hardware I should be picking. For now I've tried to gather all the components that I prefer to add...
  15. morg

    GTX 780 fully working - Definitive answers?

    Hello all, Apologies if this has been posted somewhere else, I have tried to find answers for a while now and failed. Looking into upgrading my GTX 660ti to a GTX 780 and not finding any clear answers as to it being fully working/compatible. A lot of older posts about the newer chipset...
  16. BalSingh

    Asus Z97 Deluxe, i7 4790k, EVGA 780 GTX, 32GB Corsair RAM

    Hi, I am trying to build my hackintosh from the following components: Asus z97 - Deluxe Intel i7 4790k EVGA 780 GTX 32GB Corsair pro RAM I have created the usb disk using unibeast and put in the latest version of multibeast. I already have a hard drive with windows 7 in there, but have...
  17. jhicks154

    Help for a Noob

    Good Evening I am new to the hackintosh scene and I would like to install mac osx on my gaming system. specs below: gigabyte z97mx gaming 5 i5 4670k stock clock asus gtx 780 acx cooler 8gb ram windows 8.1 running on a 256 ssd maverick installed on 2tb drive ( will by another ssd if I...
  18. CaptainFrosty7

    GeForce GTX 780 vs Radeon 290/290x

    Ok, so I like the GTX 780, but I have been heard that the R9 290 and 290x have better performance than the 780. Is that true and if so is it worth it, because will os x support the AMD card? Also, do windforce or ACX make a difference because I think that the original casing that you see on...
  19. macdja38

    GTX780 Crashes Almost all games.

    I recently upgraded from a GT 640 to a GTX 780 EVGA possibly rev. a (refurbished) after a faulty HDMI cable scared me i got the system up and running with no issues, luxmark worked, preview works. I am running 10.9.5 I installed NVIDIA drivers. I have an HD4000 motherboard in ASUS Z77 I have...
  20. mattisere

    780 for Mavericks?

    Hello everyone! I'm new so go easy. I'm looking for a GTX 780 for my hackintosh and as far as I am aware reference cards are most compatible. However I would really appreciate any advice on ones with non reference coolers just reference pcb's as my hackintosh is optimised to run silently right...