How to extend the iMac Pro to X99 [Successful Build/Extended Guide]

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May 30, 2014
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Hi KGP, thanks, you have been instrumental. This is what a community should be like! very awesome.

- I managed to complete all your steps. (I skipped the section on APFS, and NVME)
- I got to the install after all EFI folder prep. First boot screen was 18 minutes. (Did not get the 34 first.)
- Booted into macOS. Completed the setup. Once I let it update, and reboot, I then got the 34 minutes.

My EFI Folder -

I also went to the of your EFI Folder on github. I only enabled bootstrap kext as right at the end you said
_xcpm_cpuid_set_info kernel patch is obsolete for Broadwell-E and Haswell-E and can remain disabled

_xcpm_bootstrap kernel patch seems still required for some Haswell-E CPUs, e.g. i7-5820k."

I used the FIRST folder in the list -
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
EFI-X99-10.13.6-Release-iMacPro1, Clover_v2.4k_r4706, AppleLC v1.3.2, Lili v1.2.7 6 months ago

Issues -
1. Display flickering artifacts. (I run a gtx 1070 TI.)
So far. I've logged in, tried to install the Nvidia web drivers, they installed, (although it seems broken, as it cant start the Nvidia control panel) but somethings awry with display artifacts and flickering that happens right from the get go, as soon as the login screen.

(I haven't setup the whatevergreen or Lilu kext. (I've done some reading that says Lilu helps. not sure what whatevergreen does, and whether they both need to be applied.) - let me know your thoughts or advice.

2. Mouse lag...Seems to skip some serious steps in motion.
again did some reading so i can play my part in the DIY anti laziness hackintosh movement lol.

These were some of the things i found on ******-

"I had significant artifacts and issues on High Sierra 10.13.5 Nvidia web drivers until I switched my system definition to iMac 18,3. All of my Nvidia web driver issues were immediately resolved. I'm unsure why but it made a huge difference on my configuration. "

Mouse lag - (the below would represent my issue closely"
"Mouse randomly jumps across screen

I've been having this issue for a long time now and I think it may be effecting my gaming as well. My mouse will sporadically jump about 150 pixels across the screen. Sometimes it's perfectly smooth but other times it just does it about 10 times within a few minutes and it's really annoying."

Thanks Again to you KGP and anyone who can assist.

some results - / solutions to investigate :-

Wifi / bluetooth interference.... Not sire about this one, i have quite a new capable mouse - Logitec Anywhere 2s ->

Monitor refresh rate? (I have a DELL S2719DGF, its a freesync 144hz monitor.

ad 1.) How do you expect 2.) to work without any working web driver?
ad 2.) is indirectly answered by ad 1.)

I dropped my Nvidia GPUs already right at the beginning of the 10.14 public beta development. I still support X99 by my respective guidelines but I stopped providing support for Nvidia due to many reasons, clearly and repeatedly outlined along my threads. And the latter also applies in your case. Sorry, my friend.
Jun 12, 2014
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Much appreciated for the response. Finally sorted. Once i uninstalled and re-installed a more recent version of the driver along with Lilu + whatevergreen it seemed to have sorted out everything and its working smoothly. Very impressed and happy with how great it feels!
Im continuing with the guide to finish your post processing.
One question is if you have Kexts to install, should you install them in the OTHER category. (As if you try install the KEXT from WITHIN clover, it requests a system version (10.13) and puts them in the respective folder. Whats the difference between this and placing them in OTHER?

secondly, Clover. I know your EFI folder has clover installed. How would we go about updating to the newest clover and what settings and files would we use. (other than / or replacing kexts with your current folder. If you would let me repost your guide here with full credits, i would love to do an EXTREME NOOBS guide using yours to help anyone else. Although im sure there arent many others still trying to setup a mac with X99.
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