1. Flav19-89

    << Solved >> Catalina X99, MacPro7,1 SMBIOS, i7 6950X - Kernel Panics

    Hello everyone. I hope you’re all having a good day. I’m trying to do a clean install on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5. But I’ve not been able to even boot into the USB installer. My System Specs are: _ASUS X99 Deluxe II _intel i7 6950X Broadwell-E _AMD RX 5700 XT Anniversary edition _128GB of DDR4...
  2. kgp

    How to extend the iMac Pro to X99 [Successful Build/Extended Guide]

    Up and successfully running iMac Pro Broadwell-E/X99 with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 SU (17G4015)! Abstract and Introduction: For nearly one entire year, the former Broadwell-E/EP, Hasell-E/EP, X99, macOS High Sierra 10.13 Desktop Guide was the logical continuation of my Broadwell-E/EP...
  3. kgp

    The Perfect Customac-Pro: X99-A II, i7-6950X, 128GB G.Skill TridentZ, Aorus GTX 1080 TI Xtreme

    Being frustrated about the present Customac Pro hardware configuration proposed by Tonymacx's Buyer's guide, I decided to go for a new Customac Pro Build based on the Broadwell-E CPU, X99 chip-set and LGA2011-v3 socket with Mac OS Sierra beating records, running like hell, behaving absolutely...
  4. aarhin

    Anyone got the new 6850k working?

    Anyone got the new 6850k Broadwell-E 6-core CPU working on a hackintosh? I'd love to use this CPU, but I keep reading that it's unsupported. I've seen guides for getting x99 CPUs to work; however, do these guides work for ALL x99 CPUs, or just specific ones??
  5. metacollin

    [GUIDE] Full Power Management w/ Dual/Single Broadwell-EP/Haswell-EP CPUs on 10.12.

    EDIT: Updated info for 10.13 here. Ok, this is my first shot at a guide, so it might suck. Hopefully it doesn't. But it might. So, this is not a all-encompassing start to finish guide. This assumes you're at the point where you're trying to boot a macOS Sierra thumb drive (or the upgrade...

    X99 Chipset Advice (4K Editing Goal)

    I wanna preface that my main goal to building this Hackintosh is to get a STRONG 4K video editing machine to at least handle the load that 4K footage requires for rendering and such. That being said, these are the parts that I am interested in buying and sticking pretty closely to: CPU...
  7. aarhin

    Can I make a hackintosh with these components?

    I've been looking all across the internet, and I haven't found anyone who has attempted to build a hackintosh with similar components to the ones that I'd like to use. I'm thinking it's probably because some of these parts are brand new releases (namely the CPU and GPU). I'm pretty new to the...
  8. BerlinerNik

    Broadwell-E Compatible ?!

    Do you guys think Broadwell-E will be compatible out of the box ? The Chipset will be the same like Haswell-E ( X99 ). If you think it wont, how long does it take to run OSX on it ? Kind regards :)
  9. beelzebozo

    Intel Readies Four Core i7 Broadwell-E SKUs for Q2-2016

    Last month, a company leaked roadmap slide revealed that Intel was readying Broadwell-E (HEDT - High End Desktop) processors for a Q2-2016 launch. There was some speculation regarding cores vs pricing. According to Techpowerup, recently leaked documents revealed that Intel is prepping 4 SKUs...