1. Mojave84

    Transfer Nvme drive from i7 6700k to i9 9900k

    Hello, I have Asus z170 pro gaming, i7 6700k, Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb, rx 580 OC @ 240hz - Mojave 10.14.6 working perfectly. But something bit me last night and I purchased Gigabyte z390 M motherboard and i9 9900k Now how can i transfer the nvme drive to this new setup, and what are the...
  2. insurgensy

    [NVMe] Addlink S70 1TB NVMe PCIe SSD confirmed working

    Hey guys, Just got Addlink S70 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 1TB SSD. Didn't find any info on compatibility, so took the risk! Successfully installed it into my XPS 9570 and have Mojave 10.14.6 working perfectly. For some of you in...
  3. flynnwinch

    NVME-caused kernel Panic

    Hi, So I just bought my first NVME SSD, a Samsung EVO Plus 970. As soon as I installed it, I started having kernel panics. My computer would only stay on for about 5 to 10 minutes. I am booting from an SSD, the NVME was simply plugged in and empty. I uninstalled it after about an hour of this...
  4. float168

    Solved > Mojave Installer Would Not Show Up, Stuck at "IOReturn IONVMeController::CreateSubmissionQueue"

    Goal To install macOS Mojave 10.14.6 with Samsung M.2 SSD 970 EVO Plus. Issue I have followed UniBeast installation guide, but the installer would not show up. The images of log with verbose mode are attached as "log-1_1.jpg" and "log-1_2.jpg". I found "AppleNVMe Assert failed" and...
  5. mrSmith

    Samsung 970 EVO Plus Speed OK or Not ?

    I have a Mojave-based system installed on 970 EVO Plus. All looks good on every speed tests, like Blackmagic (see a screenshot). Also I've installed iStat Menus which shows me that the write/read speed is limited near 450-500 MB/s during moving/copying files from external USB 3.1. or unpacking...
  6. StevoTheStag

    LiteOn CX2 NVMe drive not showing during installation of High Sierra

    Hi guys, So I'm trying to install macOS High Sierra on my Dell XPS 8910, I have successfully done this, but it was on a spare mechanical sata hard drive, now that I have comfirmed that macOS runs fine on it I want to install it on the internal NVMe ssd, however it does not show up in disk...
  7. Slickademo

    PCIE Problems (Solved)

    Gigabyte Gaming 7 z370 Mobo. Just recently switched to a dual RX 580 setup to run 6 monitors. I got it working however with 2 graphics cards AND my Alpine Ridge thunderbolt card it won't boot. If I remove the thunderbolt card it will work just fine. I am running F10 bios. I've tried removing...
  8. kirilv777

    NVMe as 2nd Drive

    Hello, At the moment I'm using 250GB 2.5" Samsung EVO SSD ( 125GB High Sierra, 125GB Windows 10). I'm planning on getting NVMe SSD as 2nd Drive for the Windows, and leave full 250GB for the High Sierra. My question is is there anything i have to change/add in the Clover before installing the...
  9. craighazan

    HP EX900 M.2 X4 NVMe: 250 GB $36.99 @Newegg

    [UPDATED] The sale at Newegg has ended, but is continuing on Amazon for the same price!. There is a 1-2 month wait though. Just bought the HP EX900 250GB to replace my blown HP EX920 250GB!. I think these are slightly slower than the EX920, but it's still going to much faster than a...
  10. asleb

    Solved > USB enclosure for M.2 NVMe drives (nice)

    I have been searching for an external enclosure to put my NVMe M.2 drives so I could copy and prepare for installation without having to have them installed in a PC. Of course there is no problem with a 2,5" SSD but now most of us are using M.2 drives. All (cheap) encloures I found on Ebay and...
  11. backsofangels

    Not getting the full speed from Samsung Evo 970

    Hello everyone, I built my very first hackintosh and it works quite smoothly at the moment. But I have noticed something that my SSD is not working as the others, when I measured my writing/reading speeds, I am getting very stable 1.500~ each writing and reading speed but I believe my reading...
  12. peanutman

    How to disable specific NVMe M.2 slot via DSDT (hide unsupported 970 Evo Plus)

    As you might know the Samsung 970 EVO Plus variant causes major issues on hackintosh installs. I want to keep it plugged into my motherboard for use in Windows. However, if it's plugged in, macOS is going to try to index this disk eventually and it will crash macOS even though it's not the main...
  13. dandelionclock

    [Guide] Dell XPS 8930 Mojave 10.14.6, RX580/UHD630

    This is a new write-up based on my earlier guide on High Sierra on the same system: Dell XPS 8930 High Sierra Guide 10.13.6 (Nvidia 1050 Ti) A lot of discussions are still made on the old thread along with some very useful comments. You may want to check that thread out even though you are...
  14. Original G5 fan guard.

    Original G5 fan guard.

    The rear fan guard sits in place nicely, I'll fit one fan in the top slot. that will enough to keep the processor and case cool.
  15. G5 Rear. No Cutting!!!

    G5 Rear. No Cutting!!!

    I replaced the rear fan guard. Excuse the USB 3 dongle, when the right angle USB 3 cable arrives, Ill either put inside or into the top PCI slot.
  16. Mounting G5 Heat Shield

    Mounting G5 Heat Shield

    I figured out a way to mount the G5 heat shield over the cables.
  17. USB 3 & Ethernet

    USB 3 & Ethernet

    Connections from the inside.
  18. Power Supply and Processor.

    Power Supply and Processor.

    Cooling power supply.
  19. SATA Connections.

    SATA Connections.

    SATA Connections.
  20. Original 2004 PowerMac G5 DP Heat Shield

    Original 2004 PowerMac G5 DP Heat Shield

    Original 2004 PowerMac G5 DP heat shield mounted over the power cables.