1. artemartemov

    Video Machine Suggestions

    Hey there, I am looking to do a CustoMac build for a friend who specializes in video editing and post production work. His budget is around $3000 give or take. If we were to really push it, what would you guys recommend?
  2. Moose9287

    4K+RAW Video Editing Setup

    Hello Hackintosh Genius'! I am looking to build a killer 4K+ RAW Video editing setup. Apple is just taking too long with their desktop tha tis likely to be very overpriced and proprietary. I need some advice. I run Adobe Premiere and the entire Suite, Some of Maxon Cinema 4D and also FInal...
  3. etchensketch

    What Radeon Card Should I buy?

    I want to replace my Nvidia 1050 2GB card with a Radeon Card simply because of better native compatibility/performance. I do not game. I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom on an Ultrawide 34" 21:9 3440 x 1440 display. I also work heavily with Google Chrome as I work as a Front End...
  4. JammyJams

    General Question on Types of Graphics Hardware

    Setting up my first hackintosh I notice that there appear to be three distinct graphics modes that I can boot into: Graphics handled by my NVIDIA card -- everything is smooth, high-res and responsive Graphics handled by the UHD Intel Graphics on the CPU-- everything is smooth, high-res and...
  5. iosiris

    HP 250 G6 High Sierra installed , some problems with post can you help me?

    Hi guys Hope you can help me I Just finish to install my new HP 250 G6 with High Sierra, and i just have some problems I use this guide to create the media and do the install process (the media was created on my iMac intel mid 2007, OS X 10.11.6) Guide used...
  6. Hitokiri

    No Video Playback - GA-H270-D3G | MSI GTX 1080Ti | Kabylake | NVme | Sierra 12.6

    Hi everyone, I've done my first build and overall it works fine but I have no video playback, meaning that I can load videos in Youtube or QuickTime, I can scroll them and see the images, but no play function. Do you have any clue on how to solve this ? Here's my build : - Mobo : Gigabyte...
  7. sunabozu

    Choppy video playback on High Sierra

    I installed it from scratch, using the same kexts and configs as with Sierra (which didn't have such problem). The issue is simple: after 10-20 minutes of playback I notice significant frame drop. I checked the Activity Monitor, but my CPU doesn't seem to be busy, it's less than 10% load. It...
  8. photogabi

    9to5mac's Hackintosh Build Advice Please

    Hi gang! New kid on the block here. So I was thinking of building 9to5mac's build here ( for a video editing station, but with a couple tweaks, mainly in the processor and...
  9. Andrew96ize

    Video Lags when playing fullscreen Youtube on Safari

    Hi :) This Morning I've installed for the first time macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on a PC Intel i7 7700k based. Everything working fine with correct kext files, but when I'm trying to play a video on Youtube with Safari browser, I've noticed there are so many video lags when I activate the full screen...
  10. joesvacanta

    Audio/Video making-editing

    Hi everyone, as said in the title, I'd like to build my very first hackintosh for audio and video making/editing I was thinking of: CPU: Core i7-7700K RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) CASE: Corsair Carbide 300R PSUS: Corsair RM 650x Watt DRIVE: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB + Seagate...
  11. PDE

    Elite 8300 for video editing -- GFX Card needs.

    Quick question about video editing, if anyone can help me out. I've ordered this machine, an HP Elite 8300 i7 SFF 16GB RAM, because I need something quick and functional, and it seems fairly easy to get up and running. My...
  12. yungyulli

    Install mac drivers on hackintosh?

    Hey i was wondering how that works? Is it okay to install regular mac drivers on my hackintosh? Will it mess up since i have PC hardware? Is that how drivers work? Im asking because there are drivers that you have to install to use certain video/photo applications. Thank you
  13. madfive

    Dell latitude E5430 graphic support - Help please!

    Hello! I'd like to ask for some help with the installation of OS X 10.11.6 on a Dell latitude E5430. The problem is, that I can't get to the installation screen. More precisely, when I get there the screen glitches out so I can't even start the installation. After connecting the laptop to an...
  14. D

    Cintiq compatibility

    Hi There, I was searching the forum and didn't come across similar questions, so here goes, I'm thinking of building a hackintosh that would be primarily used for my design work (photoshop, illustrator) and some video editing, possibly 4k (after effects, final cut pro x, maybe premiere). There...
  15. theyesguy

    Sierra 10.12.4 & 5 random Colors in desktop, AMD Radeon

    Hi, i got three video cards Intel HD 530 (Not possible startup with CPU G4500 Pentium) Amd Radeon HD5450 & HD5570 (they boot working well with MacOS 10.12.3) but after update Desktop changing Colors randomly. (for example: Blue Colors are red, and red are Grey changing randomly when i got move...
  16. jzehren11

    Looking for Input.

    What's going on everyone, been lurking around for a while reading some posts and learning from other peoples builds that pertain to video editing. Been working out a build list for a friend that does a lot of video editing on an outdated iMac. He has been wanting to upgrade without spending a...
  17. Hultar

    Audio and Video problems on Sierra 10.12.5 (HDMI and built-in audio)

    Hey the Hackintosh community ! This is my first post. I'm kind of a noob with hackintosh even if use mine for 3 years now and I got several questions for you. I'll really appreciate any help. By the way, sorry I put this thread both in graphics and audio category as it concerns both. First...
  18. ianplaysguitar

    Twin nvidia GTX 1060s in tandem

    tonymac86 has stated that using more than one pascal graphics card is fully supported since April 11th. Can anyone say if Final Cut Pro X will make use of both? It certainly seems to make very good use of the single GTX 1060 I have at the moment. I expect nobody has tried this yet - what can...
  19. mkozlowski1

    GTX 1070 Video Decoding/Encoding issue with Video Footage

    Hello all, I have invested into the hackintosh world to speed up my video editing process however I have now run into an issue with my footage becoming scrambled/distorted at certain points in the footage, I have been told it is most likely an issue with the GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070). Is...
  20. pdgonzalez

    Video lag when moving cursor on Sierra

    I'm running Sierra 10.12.4 on a first gen surface pro. When watching videos in a web browser, the video lags when I move the mouse cursor. Everything is fine when the mouse is still. Videos play fine in quicktime. Very strange interaction and I haven't been able to find a solution.