1. sergi.color

    Random glitches on all my video exports (Z390 AORUS PRO, i9 9900K Coffee Lake, Radeon VII)

    Dear all, I was super satisfied for more than a year with my Mojave build following Blouse's guide. Then over the summer I left the computer open for over 6 weeks. I believe this was the problem. And I believe as well that the electricity was unstable over that period (now I have a UPS...
  2. hisartwork

    Animation/content creation build: Looking for Advice

    Hi all, First thanks to everyone here and the mods for such great advice and build descriptions! within the next couple months, I’m looking at creating my 3rd hackintosh since 2012. My current machine (based on storks Hero VIII build 6700k ) is still running great but as I’ve been doing more...
  3. Gen.MIDI

    Catalina - Asus Z390-A + Gigabyte RX 5600 XT - Dual Display and Hardware Acceleration

    I'm a total noob - not at building PC's but in the Hackintosh world. Quick hardware rundown and then I'll get to the graphics related issues. Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z390-A HDMI, SATA III, USB 3.1 ATX Motherboard Processor: Intel i7-9700K Coffee Lake w/UHD Graphics 630 Processor...
  4. patchmanimal

    Hackintosh Video Editing Machine 2020

    Hi guys, I am absolutely new to the world of building a Hackintosh and have finally decided to do it myself vs going out and buying brand new. I'd like to build a nice machine that will not give me any issues whatsoever during video editing with lag etc. My budget is around $2,000 - $2,500. I've...
  5. norton287

    Constantly losing signal to monitor after waking from sleep

    I have been having this problem for a while, I replaced the monitor and had the same issue. I even replaced the video card with the same issue. I have replaced the HDMI cable twice and it still happens. What happens after waking from sleep the monitor loses signal from the card every minute...
  6. jackowski

    Playback skips and freezes in iMovie and Davinci Resolve.

    Hi, Until now, I used MacMini 2012 with 2.5 GHz i5 processor, 16GB RAM, SSD and Intel HD4000 graphics. I build my Hackintosh to improve iMovie editing. I am very pleased with the overall operation and stability. I thought the new Hackintosh would be much faster than my old Mac Mini (i7 8th gen...
  7. cezar02

    31Mb of Video Memory on Dell 7566 Mojave

    Hi, I successfully install Mojave on this laptop, I followed the guide to install on a Dell 7559 because of its similar specs, what I can't get to work its the video, I've tried patching it with the WatheverGreen +Lilu kext's but it remains at 31 mb, Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  8. Amuraviev

    Need help to choose graphic card for 4k video editing machine

    Hello all, I need your advice on graphic card. I’m trying to build a machine for 4k video editing and color correction. Went through a few websites including this one and came up with options below, but still have doubts about graphic card. I’d like to go with 8 or 11 gb card budget...
  9. kenkenken136

    8k Video On Youtube

    Hi Guys, First of all, thank you all so much for having this wonderful community and I am very happy that I was able to build super fast hackintosh my self because of all resource here. I have a question. I was watching 8k video on Youtube today and realize it does stop every five second. Is...
  10. RiverD

    Need advice about compact & quiet components for 4K video editing

    Hi, I want to build my first hackintosh and before I do, check here with the community. The build should be compact & quiet with many parts hopefully working OOB or without to much hassle. A simple case with no lights flickering is welcome. I’m not concerned with overclocking. I’ll use it...
  11. Slickademo

    Graphics and performance future proofing

    I started out with a Radeon HD 7970 on my first Hackintosh and later got a second one. Seemed to be plug and play and they worked great. I later upgraded to a Nvidia 980 Ti and used web drivers and that card has been working good as well. Now I have a new Hackintosh and I'm still using my 980...
  12. chadelliott2012

    USB Video not working

    Hi all... I've been running into an issue since Sierra released and I'm just now having the time to fully troubleshoot. My USB cameras will not display video. Both were working fully in Yosemite. QuickTime and other applications recognize them, but only as audio devices. System report only...
  13. cerealpunk6

    HDMI audio changes @1 framebuffer to <00 04 00 00>

    Hello, i was following the tutorial to enable HDMI audio ( now HDMI audio works,but i don't know why only my framebuffer @1 keeps in 00 04 00 00 instead of 00 08 00 00 and this makes it looks my external screen...
  14. PeteCC

    Proven Build suitable for Premiere video editing

    I wonder if there is s current No. 1 build that can handle 4K video editing, including on Premiere? I would be thrilled to find a build that is tried and true -- one that has been built by multiple Hackintoshers, with a minimum of surprises. I'm not a techie, and would really appreciate...
  15. FRANCESCO012014


    HI, where can I found kext for amd radeon r7 200 series? Because when I turn on my Hackintosh HIGH SIERRA with the graphic card amd radeon r7 200 series I can't see anything; only black screen. thx for the help. following there's my configuration: CPU: Intel i7-4790 MB: Asus H87M-E SSD: Samsung...
  16. Tom Fagerland

    Video skips when I close a Safari tab

    So both in Iina and Plex, when I close a Safari tab or doing other massive GPU-demanding actions like making a window full size, the video skips. I have a GTX1060, and I shamelessly suspect the Nvidia drivers. They're version 387. (which is SO NOT semver), so I think I have the...
  17. cmyck

    Asus 329Q display, no UHD 4k, black frame

    I have installed the Nvidia Web Drivers but I get no UHD resolution to select in the display settings.
  18. Svenb

    [Solved] Premiere Pro "freeze/hangs" on export with RX 580

    Hi, yesterday I build myself a new hackintosh Now nearly everything is running except of one thing. When I edit a video in Premiere Pro everything works until I want to export the movie (export in Premiere and via Media encoder). When I start the export the PC is not reacting anymore properly...
  19. redmonadj

    macOS 10.13.6 Update nVidia driver for GTX 1050 ti

    Hi. Can anyone help me with this problem? After i let it to update to 10.13.6 the Graphical nVidiadrivers are not compatible anymore. If any help, i will apreciate. Thanks.
  20. jcrcarmo

    Audio OK but videos lagging about one second behind

    Hello everyone, Greetings from Brazil! I finally got sound working on my hackintosh install with an older version of VoodooHDA (the latest ones simply won't work), but when I play YouTube videos they lag out of sync, about one second behind the audio. I tried setting Clover Configurator with...