1. valf

    [Solved] Building Installer with Unibeast taking long time/not working

    I have a 64GB USB 2.0 PNY flash drive and for some reason can't get Unibeast to finish installing on it, gets about 40% done and halts. Any suggestions?
  2. mixmakmax

    CloverBootloader becomes slow after a while.

    Noob user and first help thread here! Hey guys, so I it's been a while since I successfully Hackintoshed my way around my PC and I can't be any happier than seeing MacOS running on my PC. However I've encountered an issue that keeps repeating itself and I can't exactly figure out what causes...
  3. tota

    Slow Read & Write speed New SSD!!

    Just got a brand new 1TB Sandisk 3D SSD and did a fresh install (HFS+) on my probook 4540s . When tested the drive speed with AJA system I get speed like 236 write, 256 read. Of course its better than a hdd. But what is bugging me is, it supposed to be at least 500Mbps. Any clue would be...
  4. drumandgeorge

    High Sierra Installer taking hours on Apple loading screen

    Hi there! Lifelong mac user, recently got annoyed at the price of a Mac Pro, and decided to build for the first time. I'm a developer so pretty tech savvy, but this is all pretty new to me. Went for a Gigabyte H270-G3 mobo, 8gb Ballistix Elite RAM, an Intel 7700k, and a Gigabyte GTX 1050 ti...
  5. Tausend

    SSD Slow?

    Hello guys, I've noticed that my Hackintosh boots fast as it should boot with an SSD but when I copy, paste or cut the files it feels kinda slow also when opening some programs. I did some speed tests with Xbench and these are the results: PC Specs: - Motherboard: MSI B250M Mortar Arctic -...
  6. lai0n

    [Solved] Slow performance at 1050ti

    I have a Dual-OC 1050ti 4GB and the hackintosh is very laggy. Youtube, Netflix, resizing tabs causes mini-freezes, laggy. The WebDriver version is 387., CLOVER folder attached.
  7. noamtheking12

    Slow and laggy animations

    I've recently macOS 10.13.3 on my main build on an SSD. (My build is in my profile page) Everything seems to work fine. The resolution is correct, audio works as well, ethernet, etc. The animations seems to be slow and sometimes unresponsive. Any help or a solution would be much appreciated.
  8. thescott223

    GTX 1060 3GB using the latest Nvidia Drivers Lag High Sierra

    Hey all. I'm running a i5 7600k, with a Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB. Everything is working as intended, EXCEPT for the graphics card. Now, I've installed WebDriver-387., and it installed everything fine, but everything feels really slow and sluggish. Opening webpages like youtube lag...
  9. djos06

    Slow Boot on El Capitan with Hackintosh

    Hello, I need help to understand why my hackintosh boot is very, very slow. Everything is working fine on it but the boot is too slow ( i have a SSD) Here is the video of the boot in verbose mode : And Here is the system.log file containing all the logs of the boot : Jan 21 14:15:12...
  10. ShaneNolan94

    Upgrade Time!

    Hey all, I haven't upgraded my hackintosh in a long time and it's currently just too damn sluggish for my everyday needs (music production, video editing, gaming). I've already began my search for my first Solid State Drive which I know is the right start but was just wondering if anyone would...
  11. Jippa_Lippa

    High Sierra feels "sluggish", compared to Sierra. Does it happen to you as well?

    Hello. Being a hackingtosh lover i always try to challenge myself and test the new operative systems from Apple, after a couple of updates have been released. I have been using Yosemite for ages and despite not having any major bugs, i had many little problems here and there, but it worked; i...
  12. cpo1002h

    [Solved] Legacy Clover Sierra Build on x58 - Extremely Slow

    I've just finished my first build on an old computer with 10.12.6 using legacy Clover and Multibeast. I used 14,2 and the build succeeded without a hitch. I also ran ssdtPRGen to generate an SSDT for my i7-960 processor but the GeekBench benchmark is incredibly slow. What could I have done...
  13. midmin

    Slow Internet speeds - BCM94360CD OSXWIFI combo

    Hey guys, Is anyone experiencing slow internet speed issue with using the BCM94360CD that is part of the OSXWIFI kit? Currently running it in High Sierra- BT and WiFi connections are all working however, Speedtest is throwing a very slow download speed on average of 10Mbps. When running the...
  14. nervirasme

    System massively slowed down by Safari (or Chrome)

    Hi guys, I made a new hackintosh with High Sierra 10.13.1, and everything is running fine except one thing - Whenever I start Safari (or Chrome) the performance of the whole system gradually goes bad - browsing gets unresponsive, youtube or any other videos become choppy and laggy, but apart...
  15. FaNIX

    Desktop feels laggy and chrome very slow

    I installed High Sierra 10.13.0 last night after being on 10.12.6 for a good few months and it was extremely stable and I had no issues. After doing a clean install of 10.13.0, I installed the latest nvidia drivers and that's when I noticed that the overall use of the system appears to be very...
  16. ksimpson1986

    os Sierra long boot time? sluggish?

    Hi everyone, iMac (27inch late 2013) macOS Sierra 3.09 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SE 1024 MB Gigabyte MOBO I have the latest osSierra installed for the last 8 months or so, but i've set it to the side because it runs just way too slow. I'd really like to figure...
  17. dmrkillah

    [Solved] Very poor write performance with Samsung SM951 NVME on HFS+ with High Sierra

    Hi, I have updated directly from Sierra to High Sierra, chose to opt-out of APFS and stick with HFS+. Everything went mostly fine, however I have noticed a very poor system perfomance, especially when writing data to disk. I ran Blackmagic speed test and the write speeds are only ~200MB/s...
  18. weplay00

    Wifi stopped working randomly

    Hi guys i've got my hackintosh machine working pretty well. Except I have these problems: first the wifi is not working, i have lan working but the wifi one day stopped working, I really don't know why and how, do you have an idea? the wifi card is a tp link. Second my external hard drives...
  19. Peadub

    Fenvi Wifi is slow

    Hy Guys, i have build my Hackingtosh last week and it works like a charm. Thanks for all your hard work. But... My download speed is slow. Normally I have a 5 MB/s connection but now it's just about 900 KB/s, my laptop has normal speed. This is the second installation. On the first one the...
  20. rl2802

    USB 3.0 slow on Asus X99 in Sierra

    Hey everyone, I just completed my build running 10.12.0 on an Asus X99-A 3.1 board with an Intel i7 5820k, EVGA GTX 970, and 32gb of RAM. I managed to get USB 3.0 recognizing drives and devices, but the read/write speeds are extremely slow, around 25 MB/s for both. It's jumped up to 33MB/s but...