1. bucs9115

    Clover Boots very slow

    Hey guys, Before I get into my problem let me just say for the record that I am aware that there are several different threads with a similar theme, most of which are marked as solved. However being relatively new and inexperienced When it comes to hackintoshes I was not able to follow a lot...
  2. dsaogpnb

    My X99-m WS Build runs extremely slow and laggy

    Hi, I am a newbie here and in hackintosh world. Here is my build: CPU:i7-6800K MOBO:Asus X99-m WS Graphic Card:AMD Radeon Pro WX4100 RAM: 4 * 8GB DDR4 HD: Hitachi 500GB regular HD driver By following this link , I can successfully pass the verbose and install the 10.13.6. But the process is...
  3. chiefbeats

    slower ethernet speeds...

    I recently had to re-install everything from scratch. Ever since, certain things have not been working correctly. One of which is slower ethernet speeds. I have a 1Gbps internet connection, and I'm only achieving about 360Mbps download and 375Mbps upload. I also had the service provider come...
  4. snikrs

    osx slow when boot from hdd, works ok from usb

    Hello, I did clean install and post installation with multibeast (legacy boot, sound and network driver, ssdt sandy bridge i7, iMac12.2 definition). It works fine if I start OSX from usb installer (created with unibeast), but if I start OSX from HDD everything becomes slow and unresponsive...
  5. jinjin12

    Newly Installed High Sierra Problems - Slow boot and no Sound (

    Hey guys, I just finished a Dual booted High Sierra/Windows 7 and i am experiencing several problems, the most important ones that i haven't solved yet are listed first. the two i list later i've solved, but i was wondering if anyone knew a more efficient way to solve them. Anyway, before we...
  6. Andres8456

    Slows Graphics :P

    Hello everybody! After install High Sierra, drivers and everything.. The videos, and sometimes interface is laggy hm... I tried reinstall drivers, kext, everything D: before, yesterday is working perfectly... I don't know happens Can you help me? pls Card: Msi 1050 ti Ram: 12GB ddr3 cpu: i3...
  7. domtech

    [Solved] Safari not loading pages

    Hello, I love Mac OS X Mavericks and I would like to use it as my main OS on my Hackintosh. However, Safari for some reason will not load pages and requires me to reload the page several times before it will open a link. It was working really well for a while and then suddenly started doing...
  8. SAMEH209

    GTX 950 UI lag/slow graphics on High Sierra

    I've successfully installed High Sierra (10.13.0) on my system using Clover: 2x Intel Xeon E5410 16GB Ram GTX 950 Everything is running fine except the GPU. I've tried the web driver's latest version and 378. but both are very laggy/sluggish. I've also tried installing Lilu and...
  9. anita432tyler

    Very slow booting HS 10.13.5

    Hi, i have problem with slow booting macOS. I have 2 entries in boot log: 6:828 6:445 EmuVariable InstallEmulation: orig vars copied, installed, CreateEvent VirtualAddressChange = Success, CreateEvent ExitBootServices = Success, set Status=Success and here: 17:532 7:540...
  10. domtech

    [Solved] Clover taking a very long time to open

    Hi, I am using clover on my Hackintosh, but for some reason it takes a really long time to show up. It never used to. It says things like "Welcome to Clover. Scanning entries." Its really annoying. If anyone has any suggestions, please help.
  11. Godotx

    Very Slow Ethernet speed in High Sierra

    Hello! using the x299 install guide i got mac os installed on my MSI x299 motherboard. Everything is mostly working as intended, however, the eternal connection to the internet is rather slow. I normally get about 250 mbps of speed connecting to the internet, but i have trouble even loading the...
  12. valf

    [Solved] Building Installer with Unibeast taking long time/not working

    I have a 64GB USB 2.0 PNY flash drive and for some reason can't get Unibeast to finish installing on it, gets about 40% done and halts. Any suggestions?
  13. mixmakmax

    CloverBootloader becomes slow after a while.

    Noob user and first help thread here! Hey guys, so I it's been a while since I successfully Hackintoshed my way around my PC and I can't be any happier than seeing MacOS running on my PC. However I've encountered an issue that keeps repeating itself and I can't exactly figure out what causes...
  14. tota

    Slow Read & Write speed New SSD!!

    Just got a brand new 1TB Sandisk 3D SSD and did a fresh install (HFS+) on my probook 4540s . When tested the drive speed with AJA system I get speed like 236 write, 256 read. Of course its better than a hdd. But what is bugging me is, it supposed to be at least 500Mbps. Any clue would be...
  15. drumandgeorge

    High Sierra Installer taking hours on Apple loading screen

    Hi there! Lifelong mac user, recently got annoyed at the price of a Mac Pro, and decided to build for the first time. I'm a developer so pretty tech savvy, but this is all pretty new to me. Went for a Gigabyte H270-G3 mobo, 8gb Ballistix Elite RAM, an Intel 7700k, and a Gigabyte GTX 1050 ti...
  16. christianmagill

    Nvidia driver issues, or is Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050TI 4GB insufficient for 4K + 2K?

    I recently updated my system with a 4K monitor (Dell P2715Q) to run beside my 2K monitor (U2715H). I also upgraded my video card to Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050TI 4GB (GV-N105TOC-4GL). After installing the new video card, along with Nvidia web drivers (378. and High Sierra...
  17. Tausend

    SSD Slow?

    Hello guys, I've noticed that my Hackintosh boots fast as it should boot with an SSD but when I copy, paste or cut the files it feels kinda slow also when opening some programs. I did some speed tests with Xbench and these are the results: PC Specs: - Motherboard: MSI B250M Mortar Arctic -...
  18. lai0n

    [Solved] Slow performance at 1050ti

    I have a Dual-OC 1050ti 4GB and the hackintosh is very laggy. Youtube, Netflix, resizing tabs causes mini-freezes, laggy. The WebDriver version is 387., CLOVER folder attached.
  19. kamuffelstef1

    Basic tasks feel laggy like on an old iMac / slow general system

    Hi there, recently I build my first hackintosh. generally everything went well except that the general usage of it feels laggy like an 5 year old iMac... simple tasks like using safari or finder is super slow. - used UNIBEAST for installation - used MULTIBEAST for installation - did not...
  20. noamtheking12

    Slow and laggy animations

    I've recently macOS 10.13.3 on my main build on an SSD. (My build is in my profile page) Everything seems to work fine. The resolution is correct, audio works as well, ethernet, etc. The animations seems to be slow and sometimes unresponsive. Any help or a solution would be much appreciated.