1. tkan

    Slow performance with 1080 ti

    I have been trying for 2 months now to get my Hackintosh running up to speed for video editing. I did a test using Premiere Pro, and it renders 5 times slower than an old 2009 Mac Pro with a GTX 760 using the same exact settings and clip. System: Sierra 10.12.5 GTX 1080 Ti Intel Core i7 6700K...
  2. dachanders

    Screensaver very slow, slows down PC when it wakes

    I'm having a problem with the flurry screensaver. It successfully triggers after the defined time, but it is low fps and visibly affects the computers performance for a few minutes after it wakes. During this, window movement is slow, clicks do not register immediately, but mouse movement is...
  3. Piero2411

    Boot slow sierra 10.12.5

    Hi I have a problem with my hackintosh, when i start it for use a windows or mac i have see it very slow in a boot motherboard logo... and on a apple logo when i start hackintosh... it start with this problem yesterday, it havent make this problem first... what can i do? Thanks for the help
  4. bach99

    Sluggish Performance GTX 1070 Have Web Drivers Enabled

    Sometimes, especially after wake up from sleep, I get some sluggishness / lagginess from my GTX 1070. How could I remedy that problem? I thought full acceleration meant, well full acceleration. I have a Clevo laptop. It's a P650RS-G from subvendor Eluktronics. Clevo is a barebones laptop...
  5. tkan

    GTX 1080 ti vs. GTX 760

    Can anyone tell me why my old Mavericks hackintosh with a GTX 760 is running 10x faster with video editing than my brand new Sierra hackintosh with a 1080 Ti?
  6. forby

    Really Slow HDD Speeds on Sierra

    Hello :wave: I currently have a 7200rpm hard drive for data in my system and it's seemed like it's gotten incredibly slow since upgrading to Sierra (or something around that time). That drive has one NTFS and one HFS permission, since I'm dual-booting with windows. I'm consistently getting 80+...
  7. insalada

    Sierra extremely slow!

    Hi there, In my first attempt to install Sierra it worked fine but I couldn't get Nvidia drivers to work, so I performed another fresh install and could get graphic card to work keeping SMBios as iMac14,2 and updating only to 10.12.4 (not the latest 10.12.5). However, although now I have a...
  8. Cceptus

    Shut Down during boot after Graphics Card Upgrade

    Jumped my system from a 980ti to a 1080ti and now when I boot up the system to the hackintosh SSD, it loads the apple logo extremely slow then when it is about 3/4 way though, the system completely shuts down. Has this happened to anyone? I find it weird because it was just working perfectly...
  9. sabotage3d

    Debugging slow Sierra

    Hi, I am having slowness under Sierra it look like it is related to hard-drive. On Windows and Linux everything works super fast, on Sierra everything starts really slow and when I open a folder with Finder the files display with big delay. Even copying small txt file takes ages. What would be...
  10. C2Onyx

    [Solved] Sierra is much slower than Windows 10 in a dual system

    Hi, all. This is my first message. First, I want to apologise in case this is a dumb question, or is already solved. I’ve spent several days trying to find a solution. This is my system: - Processor Intel Core i7-950 - Mobo ASUS P6T WS PRO - 24 GB RAM DDR3 - Kingston SSDNow UV400 for Mac OS...
  11. interdasting

    Fenvi T919 slow speed after wake from sleep

    Just got a Fenvi T919. Works great on first boot: Put it to sleep for any length of time, wake it, and the speeds dramatically drop: The only way I've found to get normal speeds back is to restart the computer. Changing to different wifi networks doesn't help. Changing channels doesn't...
  12. marff

    Sluggish after wake/display went to sleep

    Hi there, I got a weird problem I don't know how to search for: Sometimes (I haven't seen a pattern yet) my hack will be very slow and it feels like it needs to catch its breath after waking up and in some cases I think when the display gets reactivated (but the computer didn't sleep yet). At...
  13. moosefuel

    [Solved] Hackintosh Killing RAM

    So this is a bit strange, I purchased four sticks of 4GB PC3 10600R memory for use in my Dell t3600-based hackintosh (I used a pulled motherboard) used off of eBay from a reputable seller. The system runs fine usually for a little while, then starts to bog down, a LOT. The graphics get choppy...
  14. TomMan7531

    Sierra Freezing after Startup

    Hi, So I have been having major issues with my install of Sierra. The issue is that all of a sudden when you start it up it boots to the homescreen very slowly and then after a few seconds it freezes completely, however in safe mode this doesn't happen. It seemed to do it after I did the...
  15. Mario94M

    SSD Slow boot time

    Hi guys, I've built a fully functional hackintosh with the specs you can see under my avatar...It boots in 25 seconds (from apple logo to desktop) on a traditional hard drive...Yesterday I replaced the HD with a Crucial MX300 SSD and I got the exact same boot time even if the whole system is way...
  16. JotaOliveiraa

    Sierra issues Post-Installation (Glitchy, super slow, 0Mb VRam, won't boot without USB)

    Hi guys, I just installed Sierra on my Hackintosh and you can tell right away that it's not working properly. The first page where you have to choose the user is all messed up. The background was all glitched out with different colours. When I enter my password and log in, the computer becomes...
  17. andr3ytp

    Opening notifications area its slow on macOS Sierra

    Even since I've updated to macOS Sierra, and try to open notification area its takes few seconds to open, after that It opens normally, its not a big thing but it started to be annoying. Let me know if any of you had this problem.
  18. fmff3

    Xcode lags, slow during debug - Sierra

    Hi, Installed Sierra on my new hackintosh build (i7, GeForce 7500, 32GB, SSD, Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 5), almost everything running well except for Xcode 8 while running a macOS app and paused in debug mode. Very laggy when switching between Xcode panes and the system starts acting very slow...
  19. CAVS

    Sierra really slow after booting up

    Hello everyone, I´m kind of new in to Hackintosh. I installed Sierra a few days ago and I had a lot of problems. Most of them are solved. I had no sound so I tried to install VoodooHDA. After that I had a kernel panic on the boot up sequence. I fixed that with deleting every VoodooHDA file I...
  20. Therom2

    Sierra lag on i7 860/Maximus3Formula/GTX780

    Hi, Here's my config : i7 860 Maximus III Formula GTX 780 2x8go ram DDR3 Card Silverstone PCI Express 2 SATA 6gbps SSD 850 EVO 500 Go Dongle USB>Jack natively recognized. I have a problem quite unordinary I just migrated to Mac OS Sierra, and everything works but the OS itself lags...