1. mlkt

    Very slow boot up.

    First of all, I apologize because English is not my mother tongue. Secondly, I've been reading posts for years and have done several installations over time but I think I'm getting old and this is starting to get on top of me. I have done a fully functional install of Mojave 10.14.6 on an HP...
  2. lukedoliveira

    << Solved >> System a bit sluggish and showing wrong CPU clock [Opencore; Big Sur]

    Hi there! I finally managed to transition from Clover to Opencore, and besides hardware DRM is broken due to the fact that I'm using the iGPU as the display output (since I have no dGPU), everything seems to work pretty well so far (Including iMessages, FaceTime, shutdown, restart, sleep and...
  3. Jaaime

    Clogged upload speed

    Does anyone why the uploading stops for a moment? I'm using the onboard Intel 82579LM ethernet card and I Installed the latest Intelmausi kext, and this also happens with the TP-Link UE300 USB network card. And when I run this same test on Windows, it works perfectly. Could it be an issue with...
  4. jhacked

    Slow Catalina on i5-6500 Desktop after some months (slow ssd speed almost for sure)

    Hi everyone, I finally decided to write something here (this is my first post) in order to seek help to do some good to my Hackintosh. I installed macOS Catalina 10.15.5 this August. I was astonished by its speed compared to my 2017 MacBook and so I decided to use it for work. Things went south...
  5. pignn

    Very slow typing text and periodical freeze with rainbow

    Hi all! I have working EFI for my board. Video works. But system is freeze periodical on 5 sec with appear rainbow and typing text everywhere is very very slow..(and paste and copy..) Can you help me? Thanks. Hardwire: MB: GA-B360M-HD3 CPU: i3-8100 GPU: intel uhd 630 1 NVME (2 partitions -...
  6. FLP

    Z170X-UD3 with Catalina - Odd slow down after login

    My desktop configuration running Catalina works well (Gigabyte Z170X-UD3) except after you enter your password to login, there are the following issues: 1. Some application take 1 to 2 minutes to start. Hackintool and Clover Configurator are 2 examples of programs with the large startup delay...
  7. Loxhero

    Need Help...from Sierra to Catalina with nVidia 980TI

    Hello good people of TonyMacx86. Here is my short sorry: 3 years ago I made a custom Hackintosh which worked well with macOS Sierra until now but the day had to come and I had to update my system. I finally did it, reinstalled it on a new SSD and after a few days off 'suffering' I finally...
  8. Baasjebram

    Extremely slow system while everything looks OK

    After a fresh installation of High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G11023) on my formatted SSD everything looks fine, except the system is really slow. Sometimes it takes seconds to open a finder window. The Hackintosh recognize my 6-Core Intel Xeon and GTX 980 Ti as normal. The APFS partition of the SSD...
  9. KyleGP

    Slow/Delayed Boot - Catalina 10.15.3

    Hi there, I have Catalina 10.15.3 installed on a HP Z220 workstation with a Samsung Evo 850 SSD. I'm using the integrated Intel 4000 graphics. All boots up and works normally, however there is a long delay during boot for some reason. Please see my video to see what happens: It seems to...
  10. memomemonline

    GIGABYTE Radeon RX 560 OC 4GB -slow -seems not installed or not working properly

    Hello there, pretty new here, I wonder if my setup is making some conflicts with my GIGABYTE Radeon RX 560 OC 4GB Honestly my hackintosh seems running with or without in the same way - slow in particular on cubase 8 and 9, the mixer is super slow. Not sure if this is related with the cpu or the...
  11. Gianno93

    Clover boot very slow Mojave [Solved]

    Good evening everyone, I'm trying for the first time to set up an hackintosh and I'm not able to manage my new problem. The system works properly (except for the fact that I have to adjust all the drivers for various HW) the only problem is that the Clover Boot menu needs a lot of time to spawn...
  12. incognitokewl

    Premiere Pro SLOWS down i7 8700k 32GB RX 590 nitro+

    Hi guys... I just built an awesome system with the help of this forum. Everything works fine except that in Premiere Pro v 14 while i try to do a simple render (using 5 multi cam 4k 30 fps files), I see that the system slows down miserably... when i check activity monitor CPU loads is only...
  13. luismsb

    ssd very very slow

    Hi. I have problem with an ssd or motherboard problem I don't know. The fact is that I install macOS Mojave on a mechanical hdd and everything is going well, in about 50 seconds the password screen arrives and Mojave starts normally. The problem is when I install the Kingston a400 240 gb ssd I...
  14. shumbola

    Clover boots very slow

    Hello, newbie hackintosher is here, so go easy on me ;) It passed almost two weeks from when I first decided to install macOS on my mini pc from aliexpress. It was not easy task, but at the end I've got Mojave installed and could login into OS. Here I list the list of post-install problems...
  15. soy.mats

    Laggy unresponsive with Mojave i7-5500 - Help please!

    Hi guys, I have the xps 13 9343 - i7-5500U + HD Graphics 5500. I have already done a fresh mojave installation with 3 diff configuration (one with Rehabman config following the well known guide, one taken from the XPS 13 thread from this site, and the last one from...
  16. 27md

    SLOW SSD >> 960 evo getting 500-900 write

    i am on mac os mojave this problem have been going for quite a bit i think from mojave or high sierra i tested on windows i get full speeds i tried enabling / disabling trim force not working
  17. playashu

    Mojave Running Slower Probably due to Some Problem with Memory Map Allocation

    I installed Mojave a few weeks ago on my laptop (dual boot with sierra) . Felt it was running a bit slower than sierra. Navigation through the system and animations were all smooth. But opening apps and switching between them felt slower. Like Chrome usually took around 12-20 sec to show up a...
  18. brianwong11031

    Filevault encrypts really slow!!!

    Hey guys, recently I turned file vault on. But I found it encrypts really slow!!! I have been waiting for 1 day and it still says over 1 day remaining. and the HDD speed was reduced from 200 MB/s to 20MB/s. Is this a kinda issue? Thanks for helping. Cheers, Brian
  19. FTFT1234

    [SOLVED] CPU running slow (only 1.2 GHz)

    Hello, my Hackintosh has an Intel Core i7 870 as a processor, which has a stock speed of 2,93 GHz. I've overclocked it to 3,2 GHz, which is stable in Windows (verified with Aida64). But when I check for the actual clock speeds in macOS Mojave with HWMonitor, only 1,2 GHz are displayed (which...
  20. N8261D

    Very slow clover boot up.

    My Dell Optiplex 7010 is booting up extremely slow, but it does work 100% when it finally boots. Time is probably about 2-3 minutes. Any idea how to shave this time down? Most of the time it spends is booting from the dell logo to clover and it takes a long time at the user settings and where it...