1. israelmuca

    [almost.SUCESS!] Lenovo M700 Tiny -i5-6400T/Intel HD 530-

    Hey guys! So, recently I posted another thread about this machine, had no idea how to proceed with it. I ended up following bits and parts of a lot of different guides, learned a lot in the process (and also had some good luck, honestly) and it's finally up and running! I'm using Clover, no...
  2. ben9923

    Can't fix the Skylake menu bar glitch on HD520

    *First, sorry if it's not allowed to post threads about the glitch, just delete my thread or something of you need :) I didn't really get help in the pinned thread (Well, I did, but nothing helped) :( So I added the needed code to my config.plist from here...
  3. JMacIV

    Sierra, Skylake Sleep/Shutdown Issues

    Hey guys, I have put off posting for a few days to try and solve on my own, but cannot figure it out. Build: GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 (F8 BIOS) i7-6770k (HD 530 disabled in BIOS) RipJaws 16 GB DDR4@ 3200 MHz GTX 560 Ti 2 GB Crucial M4 250GB BCM94360CD 10.12.1 Some components of this build are older...
  4. tb1111

    looking for boot flags

    Hello, I'm working on installing Sierra on my PC, I saw the video guide How to install Mac OS Sierra on PC - Unibeast - YouTube and I'm looking for the right boot flags. my PC: CPU: i5-6500 (Intel Gen 6 Skylake) Mobo: ASUS B150-PLUS D3 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC 2GB SSD: Corsair Force...
  5. pawneshwer

    Getting kernel panic while installing OS x Sierra on my Laptop

    Getting kernel panic while installing OS x Sierra on my Laptop. tried many methods but same panic. using Unibeast to create bootable usb installer. (also tried direct update from el capitan but same panic.) Laptop config: Intel HD520 Intel i5 6200u AMD Radeon R5 m330 currently using El Capitan.
  6. mfeitsma

    Asrock Z170m Extreme4 can't boot Sierra installer

    Hi there, I'm trying to install macOS Sierra on my Asrock Z170m Extreme4 (EVGA GeForce GTX 970), but the installer won't boot. I tried the direct update guide tony's made, since I've been running El Capitan for a while with no major issue's. After this didn't work (boot without caches and/or...
  7. jakeglav21

    Audio not working

    I have a hackintosh that I built around 5 months ago and have not been able to get the sound to work out of any ports. my current sound set up is I have my Blue Yeti plugged in via USB and my speakers through the headphone port of my Blue Yeti. This is what my MOBO has to offer in audio...
  8. dradis

    Iris 540 graphics in new MacBook pro. Will this support HD 530?

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but i can't find this exact question asked. I know support for Intel HD 530 graphics is currently limited (flickering, no wake from sleep), but I noticed that the new macbook pros with touch bar that just came out a few days ago use Intel Iris 540. I realize that...
  9. conradolpz

    IT'S COMING - HD 530 fix by PikerAlpha

    I don't know wether it can be useful or not.. but I extracted it from a MacBook Pro 13,1, the only one available in the Apple Store, here in Barcelona. Is it possible to extract some info from it, or learn something from it? UPDATE: It seems like user PikerAlpha managed to understand more...
  10. XanderW

    GA-H170-D3HP - i7-6700 - Intel HD530

    XanderW's Build: GA-H170-D3HP - i7-6700 - HD530 Components Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H170-D3HP CPU Intel i7-6700 GPU None so far, just waiting for better 1060/1070 support, so I'll add one later. RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL16 Storage Samsung 850 evo SATA SSD 500GB...
  11. Lucius99

    Help! Which OS(Yosemite,El Capitan,Sierra) should you choose with this conf?

    Hi,I'm a new member from Italy . Who know which OS (Yosemite,El Capitan,Sierra) i should choose? My configuration is: MB = Gigabyte z170x Gaming 7 CPU = Intel Skylake i7 6700k GPU = GigaByte 980Ti RAM = Corsair LPX Vengeance 16GB PSU = Corsair RM850i CPU Cooler = Corsair H80i GT Does...
  12. macintoshvatsalya

    [solved] Need Help ! Lenovo Thinkpad e460

    I am trying to install hackintosh on my thinkpad e460 but I am unable to boot . I am facing KP on graphics . - I am not selecting inject intel but still facing KP (kernel panic). Thanks.
  13. Cmfusco11

    Success Sierra 10.12 & 10.12.1 GA-Z170X-UD5 TH, i7 6700K Skylake Gigabyte GTX 970, iMac 14,2

    Cmfusco11's Build: GA-Z170X-UD5 TH - i7-6700K - Gigabyte GTX 970 Components I7-6700k Skylake GIGABYTE GTX 970 GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-UD5 TH...

    Getting stuck waiting for AppleACPICPU, can't figure this out

    UPDATE 3: It'z werking! Holy cow! What did it in the end was to use Pike's AGDPfix (in .app form), I also had to make a separate config.plist file to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) (because apparently Recovery Mode doesn't work on Hackintoshes.) But first I was unable to open...
  15. albertodlh

    Can I get 4K@60Hz out of HD530 on a mobo with integrated displayport?

    I have been using a 750Ti + the nvidia web drivers to get 4K @ 60Hz, but I'm planning on upgrading my hack to a Skylake and would like NOT to have a dedicated graphics card this time. I don't really play games or do heavy video work and I'd like my hack to be as small as possible. Has any of you...
  16. lx23

    Install 10.12.1 error

    My Laptop is MSI GT72S 6QF-065CN,it works well in 10.11.6,but I can't update or install 10.12 it always stuck "using 64-bit bootcache playlist",more detail please see attached files