1. spaceman33

    Build Questions: A Rock Solid Thunderbolt DAS / Editing File Server in a G5

    After peeking around and messing with some installs on hardware I had already, I am looking to dive in and build one from scratch. I have a couple different considerations / possibilities, which I'd like to have do double duty as a video editing solution as well as personal backup. The reason...
  2. HunterCrafter1

    Hackintosh-Mini Server, parts advice

    So i'm attempting to build an OS X 10.9 Server, i think i've found most of my parts but i'm fuzzy on what processor. This is going to be used for centralized backups, file server, and mainly a Minecraft server with as many as 20 players but that could go up. i'm thinking of using a Intel...
  3. Isnyman

    Can I install Yosemite on my Server?

    Hey guys, got a Server in my Buissness and wanted to try Mac OS X on it.... So its just a try to get OS X on it for testing only :D Specs: CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2697V2 Prozessor (2,7GHz) 12 Cores, 24 Threads RAM: 244 GB ECC Memory with 18048 MHZ Drives: 1200GB Intel DC P3600 Series...
  4. firefistace

    choosing motherboard for computer

    Should I make a hackintosh using a server motherboard or normal motherboard? Will it make a difference? All I want is to make a computer that will last a long time and can support major gaming and video rendering.
  5. OuSnaaksie

    Help with Intel Server board

    I have an old server standing at home and want to install Mavericks on it. I don't know much about the server other than it has a Intel Server Board S5000VSA and 2 Xeon CPUs. I think it has about 4Gb DDR2 RAM. Any help would be appreciated or pointing me in the right direction.
  6. tymek

    Can I install (any) os x on a HP Proliant DL380 G5 PC Server?

    Can OS X run on this machine? it has intel xeon E5440 cpu (2x) and 8GB ram. And I mean the normal os x, not the server version.
  7. N00Bster

    Audio Midi Setting showing "MIDI SERVER FAILED" HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! VIDEO!

    Yosemite Usb Not working. I updated to yousomite from mavericks and now The Midi stuido in the audio midi setting in the utilities folder keeps failing and giving me the message "MIDI SERVER FAILED". I tried uninstalling all the midi drivers I thought were the problem but that did not work...
  8. ccr05

    Upgrade to Server via Server App?

    Hi! Currently my Hackintosh has been running smoothly for a few months now. I love it :). I've upgraded to a SS Drive and everything with out any compatibility issues. What i would like to know now is: would it be possible to upgrade to the Server version (Mavericks) with the Server App? If so...
  9. xerabo

    Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H fine for a OSX Server?

    Hi, i´d like to bulid a OSX Server and i am looking for a cheap (mATX/ITX) but solid & (if possible) out-of-the-box working installation (with WOL). The Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H seems to be a good solution. Would you agree? Thanks for your help & advice. Chris
  10. claywd

    Poweredge 1950

    I've been looking at building a new Hackintosh server for a while now. But honestly, why aren't we just installing on reconditioned servers? I'm an I.T. Admin and would prefer to run OSX as my host OS in most cases with Server 2012 & Linux Virtualized. So what I'm asking is if there is...
  11. coppereye

    Mavericks Server

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question. I'm a newbie so please point me in the right direction if its not. Again I suspect I know the answer but here goes:- I'm completely new to Hackintosh - but I'm not new to Mac's or PC hardware (at least pre Windows 7). Following...
  12. theFrenchMan

    OS X Server v3.1.2 (Mavericks 10.9.3)

    Hi, I have a issue where I can mount OS X Server v3.1.2 shared folders/drives using Apple + K (afp://server.local), but on occasions the mount points are not showing up when I click on the server icon in the Finders sidebar. This seems to be a intermittent problem as the drives can show if...
  13. bballspartan08

    Already Have hackintosh built, Do I need a separate NAS? Or should I use File Sharing/or install OSX

    Hello everyone, so I've had my hackintosh built for about 4 months now and running great other then ebios read erroe but i think thats due to having a card reader installed that might not be compatible built parts listed below: Z87x-UD5H 8GB Ram (Probably going to upgrade to 16gb soon) i5...
  14. chadthman

    Hackintosh Freezes during Time Machine backup to OSX Server.

    So I built a new hackintosh (GA-Z87MX-D3H) with one ssd and two 4 TB hard drives in RAID 1. The purpose is for it to hold media and backups though Time Machine. I put the osx server tools on it and then configured it to accept Time Machine backups. With my current desktop (Z77-UD5H) I have...
  15. Siggl

    Haswell Home Server Build

    Hi community, I'm about to start my first own hack and I am thrilled to beginn. What I already have: -4 2TB HDD 3gb/s and 5400rpm -1 120GB SSD 6gb/s -several optional HDD's I could use What I want to build: A small/medium home server which distributes content to all my other devices. As the...
  16. spitf1r3

    Caching Server not working on Mavericks

    Hi, I've installed OS X Mavericks using Unibeast-created USB drive. Then I've installed required drivers using Multibeast. After that I had problems with app store - I fixed it with 
 <string>Yes</string> then used "Chameleon" to generate valid...
  17. Boxer7

    Mavericks SMB2 Problem.

    I have Mavericks Server running 4 clients (2 Mavericks, and 2 Mountain Lion), if I try to connect to the Server to share files, or to use Time Machine no connection is posible. Validation password error occurred. Instead using afp:// (my Server IP) I use cifs://
  18. vraiment

    Mavericks Server, VPN is trashed

    I have a mac home server (real MacMini, no hackintosh). It had Mountain Lion and the Server app. I had correctly configured my router to forward the VPN ports to the server and everything worked well. Then I updated to Mavericks and the new Server app and, surprise! the VPN server no longer...
  19. BillApp

    $1,500 budget Hackintosh - Will it work?

    Will it work flawlessly? These are the specs I was thinking of. I'm willing to take any advice on different components. The computer will be used for gaming, video editing and graphics design. My friend is getting into server hosting for money and I was also wondering how easy this would be to...
  20. viper2pt0

    How to find what kexts are used by an application

    Hi all, this is more a general OS X question / problem than a hackintosh one, but I figured there would be no better group to present this to. I currently have a 2008 Xserve that fully supports Lion, but not Mountain Lion. The Xserve has 2 small 8 LED arrays on the front that light up to...