1. Boxer7

    Mavericks SMB2 Problem.

    I have Mavericks Server running 4 clients (2 Mavericks, and 2 Mountain Lion), if I try to connect to the Server to share files, or to use Time Machine no connection is posible. Validation password error occurred. Instead using afp:// (my Server IP) I use cifs://
  2. vraiment

    Mavericks Server, VPN is trashed

    I have a mac home server (real MacMini, no hackintosh). It had Mountain Lion and the Server app. I had correctly configured my router to forward the VPN ports to the server and everything worked well. Then I updated to Mavericks and the new Server app and, surprise! the VPN server no longer...
  3. BillApp

    $1,500 budget Hackintosh - Will it work?

    Will it work flawlessly? These are the specs I was thinking of. I'm willing to take any advice on different components. The computer will be used for gaming, video editing and graphics design. My friend is getting into server hosting for money and I was also wondering how easy this would be to...
  4. viper2pt0

    How to find what kexts are used by an application

    Hi all, this is more a general OS X question / problem than a hackintosh one, but I figured there would be no better group to present this to. I currently have a 2008 Xserve that fully supports Lion, but not Mountain Lion. The Xserve has 2 small 8 LED arrays on the front that light up to...
  5. SJamG

    Mountain Lion Server - From App Store?

    Hey everyone, Would anyone know if it's possible to install the server components directly onto my Hackintosh from the Mac App Store, would like to run my own cloud storage from my hack and was contemplating this rather than an OS rebuild. Thoughts? Cheers.
  6. wolfintosh

    ML VNC server

    Hi to all. im planning to use my build as a remote VNC server, i already own mountain lion server from App Store the question is how must i set up the app, in conjunction with port forwarding in my router. cisco wrt-54gl my specs i5 3570 nvidia gt640 10.8.4 6 gb of ram gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3...
  7. ubermick

    File server, HTPC, or NAS?

    Didn't really want to put this into buying advice, since at the moment I'm not set on what I want to do, but probably the best place for it... So my wife and I (who am I kidding, she's had nothing to do with it!) are renovating our downstairs room to serve as a second living room/man cave...
  8. ubermick

    Advice on an iTunes Media Server...

    Didn't really want to put this into buying advice, since at the moment I'm not set on what I want to do... So my wife and I (who am I kidding, she's had nothing to do with it!) are renovating our downstairs room to serve as a second living room/man cave. Recently invested in an audio system...
  9. kidnebraska

    [success] kidnebraska's HTPC/Server build: i5-3570K - GA-B75M-D3P - 8GB RAM - HD-4000 - OS X 10.8

    kidnebraska's HTPC/Server build: Core i5-3570K - GA-B75M-D3P - 8GB RAM - HD-4000 - OS X 10.8 Components Case Fractal Design Node 605 PSU Kingwin Stryker 500W Platinum 80+ 500W fanless Motherboard Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P CPU Intel Core i5-3570K CPU cooler Noctua NH-L12 GPU Intel HD Graphics...
  10. Tiuno

    Server! Server! an Apple please!

    So here's the deal I recently got into the whole server world, remote login, file sharing and all the cool stuff you can do with dedicated/semi dedicated machine. I started out testing with an old computer I had lying around, though I only had the possibility to run Debian on a USB flash drive...
  11. mebusvg

    [partially finished] i3 3225 HD 4000 GA-Z77MX-D3H rev 1.1 Mountain Lion Server

    After my first Hackintosh I really wanted a second one that could run ML server and one that wasn't using to much power, so I decided to upgrade the motherbord (asus p5q deluxe) and cpu (C2D E6750) from my second pc to a Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H rev 1.1 and i3 3225 and is now consuming something...
  12. EldinK

    Hackintosh Home Server for Mac and PC

    I want to build a home server so that all the computers in my home are able to access files all together, etc.. All the computers I currently have are: a MacBook Pro and a couple of pc laptops as well. I want to know if I could build a server so that Mac OSX and PC's can both access the server...
  13. ipodman9

    Hp probook 4530s won't boot

    i was trying to install mac osx server 10.7.5 update on my Hp probook 4530s but i forgot to run the probook installer and after reboot it stops at a error screen I have tried to fix by pulling out the hard drive and puting it into a enclosure and running the probook installer on it from a real...
  14. iampaulb

    Thinking of a Hack NAS

    1st HackMac for my media needs Hello all you hackintosh people. I have been thinking of buying myself a NAS for sometime, i just dont like the web interfaces you get with them. So as a true apple fan boy, i was thinking of building a hackintosh NAS. Something similar to the CustoMac Mini...
  15. timvrakas

    G5 U1 PSU Question

    I am Brainstorming for my G5 Build and i Had an idea! Why not use a Server U1 PSU? would it not fit in the original space? you would still have to have the short AC extender but still... might fit the bill I cant measure the size...
  16. Mr_MountainLion

    Dell, dual Xeon L5410 rack server - can it work as a hackintosh?

    Heya :) I have a DELL rack server, currently running Win 2008. My (real) MacPro broke recently and costs too much to fix it as it's a 2006 and I can just buy another one for the fix cost - which I don't want too. Apple 'says' it's the logic board but it still boots into Target Disk Mode and...
  17. DBP

    DBP's "lammergeier": i7-3770K / GA-Z77X-UP5-TH : photography beast

    DBP's "lammergeier": i7-3770K / GA-Z77X-UP5-TH : Photography Beast This build post is “rather large”, so I’ve split it into several parts to avoid problems with the spam filters. It's also had some rework later on (e.g. setting it up to use a GTX 650 and using monitors on both the HD4000 and...
  18. janeman1811

    Old computer as server?

    Hi, i want to use a very old computer (pentium) as a media server. Is it dangerous to have computers this old running all day? Like dp they catch fire easily or should there be no problem? Thanks Jan
  19. how0004

    Dual building Hackintosh

    Hi All, I have been lurking in the background for quiet sometime and i think im now ready to take on my own build/builds. I have been a Mac OSX user for around 7 years and I would now like to undertake my own build. The plans: I want to build two computers reasonably small in size, one...
  20. at0mac

    Hackintosh Server

    Hackintosh Server components? *updated* I am thinking about building a hackingtosh mountain lion server for the use as our home server. I have used macs daily the past 6 years and consider myself a pro user since the days of Leopard, but I have never build a non-apple mac before. I have the...