1. x9andax

    building hackintosh for home server and coding

    I'm trying to building a hackintosh for using xcode and as a homeserver ( plex and self hosing nextcloud ) but idk i dont know if that idea will work so is there anyone who can help me ? with the setup to choose plus in my country the tools are limited ( no Gigabyte motherboard ) -Gigabyte...
  2. cryptooth

    Question: Hackintosh Catalina Server

    Hi there, I'm planning to retire the old NAS device. Instead, I plan to install Catalina Server on the Asus Z370P. Has anyone tried Catalina Server on Hackintosh? Do you have any special suggestions? Thanks in advance. Belek
  3. grafalison

    Server intel s2600cp

    Hello everyone, I need help. It used to be High Sierra, everything worked perfectly. Now, when installing, Catalina crashes into an error. I attach screenshots and a config, I will be glad of any help. Hardw Intel s2600cp Xeon 2*E5-2620v2 32gb RDIMM ddr3 4*8 ssd 250gb sata Vega 64
  4. szeldavid

    Dell PowerEdge T30 mini questions

    Hey all, I would like to run macOS Mojave on a Dell PowerEdge T30 mini. The specs: Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 v5 Kingston 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz DIMM ECC Unbuffered RAM Samsung 240GB SM883 SSD I believe I read somewhere that the integrated Intel® HD Graphics P530 is not supported by macOS and a separate...
  5. Luk0872

    Coffee Lake ITX Build: ROG Stix Z370-I Gaming – i3-8100 - HD 630 Mojave 10.14.6

    Coffee Lake ITX Build: ROG Stix Z370-I Gaming – i3-8100 - HD 630 Components Intel Core i3-8100 Coffe Lake Processor ASUS ROG Stix Z370-I Gaming...
  6. banderies

    Hackintosh an old workstation - parts compatibility?

    I have an old (2012) workstation in my lab that I am thinking of trying to Hackintosh. I know very little about computer building in general, and nothing about server/workstation parts. I was hoping someone on here could tell me if my parts were compatible: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1275 v2 GPU...
  7. aedan929

    How Can I Connect Ethernet Before Installation?

    Hi All! With macOS update High Sierra 10.13.3 it seems like a lot of people are having an issue with the error “Could Not Connect To Reocvery Server”, I am one of them. I am using a Dell Optiplex 780 with a Core 2 Quad, and an XFX Radeon 5450. I am willing to remove the GPU since I don’t really...
  8. PaidToTrade

    Unable to get QuickSync working - No dedicated GPU - 7700k

    Pretty sure my wife is ready to leave me with how much time I've spent trying to get QuickSync working. I'm honestly willing to kick someone some funds to get this active for me. The system is running great. MacX says that hardware encoding is enabled, but it seems like my FPS when encoding...
  9. SERGE2013

    [SUCCESS / THOUGHTS] High Sierra on DELL Poweredge R710

    I did direct install of High Sierra on DELL R710. It worked stable for 2 weeks then I got to the conclusion of no use of this build so shut id down. Details: 1. 2x [4x cores Xeon]] showed benchmark matching similar MAC's without any surprises (Geekbench 4) 2. 72 GB RAM looks too much for...
  10. SERGE2013

    DELL R710 YOSEMITE, RAID and GPU issue

    Hello, I just made DELL PowerEdge R710 finally booted into OSX using Clover but from the external USB drive because of the RAID issue: none of my HDDs are visible! I have 1x SATA SSD, 1x RAID0 SAS (2x HDD), 1x SATA HDD - NONE of them is available in Disk Utility. Also, I am using EVGA GeForce...
  11. DevilsInkpot

    Video-editing file server build

    hello forum! I was an active member of another community when the scene started out quite some years ago. I always thought about building another hackintosh but never found the right reasons. Now I need something I just can't find anywhere (at least not for a price I'm able to pay) and I like...
  12. HungrySoutherner

    Xserve Raid to JBOD/NAS Full Stock

    Ok so many have tried....few have succeeded but I think I have a good plan in place and am off to a good start. The plan is to convert an Xserve Raid to be used as a JBOD/ SAS expander back to a NAS server or Hackintosh raid controller. This will allow me to keep the case and all of the...
  13. Funkoyote

    Has anyone managed to install MacOs on a Dell Precision T5600?

    Hello, I am looking for information for installing MacOs on a Dell Precision T5600 Workstation. I have not found anything yet and I was wondering if there is anyone around here with experience in these towers. Thank you very much. Specs: Precision T5600 Chipset Manufacturer Model Intel...
  14. hmnaakash

    RLM License Server based application on sierra?

    Anyone have installed RLM License Server based application like The Foundry NUKE, Realflow on Sierra 10.12.2 or latest 10.12.3? RLM server not worked on Sierra 10.12, so I switched back to El Capitan. Please confirm..
  15. Jj7897

    Hack Pro, made out of a server.

    Hello internet, I recently came into contact with an IBM x3400 M2 with dual Quad-Core Xeons and 24gb RAM. I decided to make it a hackintosh, but there are some issues. The onboard graphics don't work, and it needs a graphics card, also, the onboard nik does not work. The machine has 24gb ram...
  16. rsalan

    [SOLVED] Refreshing an 8 core MacPro 1,1 (Legacy options in 2016?)

    Hey Guys, Curious which OS I should focus on running on a MacPro 1,1 in 2016? I know, it's old. But I just can't let this machine die. It's a MacPro 1,1 (2006) I pushed to 2,1 and did the 8core processor upgrade. It's currently running 32gigs of RAM, 5770 gfx & and booting on an SSD to Snow...
  17. warz00

    headless Plex sever build help

    I am building this to replace a legit Mac Mini 2012 with 2 external HDDs running as a (99% of the time headless) Plex server. I'd like to spend money where it matters and not on things like the video card. It's been about a decade since I last built ANY computer, so I would appreciate any...
  18. hmnaakash

    RLM License server issue on Sierra?

    I installed macOS Sierra without any issue but I switched back to El Capitan. Because RLM License server not worked on Sierra. I'm a 3D artist. Many programs and plugins like RealFlow, Arnold required RLM License server. Anyone have installed RLM Server on 10.12 or new 10.12.1? Tutorial -...
  19. benmehart

    Hachintosh Server Help

    I have some old 2009 Apple Xserves that I have been trying to keep running with decent speed over the years. I use them for my small business and they must be running 99.9% of the year. I only reason I haven't upgraded yet is because Apple doesn't offer any computers with dual power supplies...
  20. Pastlifeuknow

    Help for building a Storage Server

    I used word storage server because I want to avoid being suggested NAS products. I have yet to see a NAS that is extensible and cost effective enough for my current and future needs. Problem/Situation/Plea for help I want to build a extensible storage solution that I can easily upload and...